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    Ep 93 - DeeJays & Musicians

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    We're using all four corners of the boxing ring this week.  In this episode we'll take a look at DeeJays, both club and broadcast, and their relationship with musicians and live music supporters.  We have a panel comprising each category.  Nina Sturgeon, long time original music supporter and advocate has worked in just about every facet of the broadcast radio field.  DJ Skid Mark also joins us to represent the club DJ and karaoke corner.  Bobby Lee has been both club DJ and musician.

    We'll explore the dynamics of these very interesting relationships, the love and the tension, and reinforce our common love for the central theme:  music. 

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    In the Stream: Archaeology

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    Join "In the Stream" producer and host Jessica Dylan Winter as she welcomes the crew of Archaeology to the show.

    Archaeology is a collective of artists spreading the art of dj'ing through turntablism. Deejays Depth (Alex Gerhardt), D/Cypher (Landon Yerby), Bownce (Kevin Kocak), Reazin (Rene Aguiar) and Rok is Dead (Bradley Brown) make up the crew of Archaeology. They play many varieties of music, but their collective heart is in DNB (drum and bass) and jungle. The deejays have been in the scene for at least 15 years. Together, they hand pick from their libraries, tracks of old and new, to form one unified body of sound.

    Listen to the crew talk about their journey to come together to bring underground electronic music to the people of South Florida and how they're bringing vinyl back to the forefront of their genre mixing.

    Dive into the stream to hear what Archaeology has to say!

    See Archaeology live at Respectable Street Club, 518 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33401, on Wednesday, Feb. 25, 9 p.m.-3 a.m. when they present "The Art of Hip Hop & Jungle" featuring George the Infinite + Somejerk and more!

    The show will close with a short, guided meditation.

    Follow Archaeology here:


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    Is The Evolution Of Hip Hop Being Televised?

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    Is The Evolution Of Hip Hop Being Televised? Is the graffiti being painted creatively incognito just before our very eyes?Is it possible we are engaging into the music presentations, with our eyes wide open shut? Are the new up and coming artist being bamboozled by the foolery of the powers that be i.e. Jay Z, Lil Wayne Eminem and etc…? Its a transition happening in the live performances and presentation clearly being televised in the face of the general public.I always said, “Music is meant to be heard and not silenced” Unfortunately, it appears that today’s Hip Hop Artist is too stuck on yesterday’s methods of marketing themselves via their live performances and presentation. The language in my opinion is limiting your marketability and your interaction with potential corporate partners. Today it’s imperative to provide your audiences with an awesome and unforgettable show with potential sponsors in mind. I believe, Artist need to provide more than a press play  Show CD showcase. They need to utilize  live instrumentation and step out beyond the box they were previously placed in this will only demonstrate to the paying public that you are truly a full fledged content provider. If you remember the 4 element of Hip Hop, Break Dancing, Graffiti, Emcees and Deejays, well Unfortunately, those elements have shrunk and if we are not carefully crafty, I believe the Emceeing could eventually fade as well!

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    Chief Rocker Busy Bee (David Parker) first entered the hip hop in 1977.  He earned his reputation and amassed a large following in early battles around New York, including winning the New Music Seminar’s MC World Supremacy Belt in 1986.

    He made a record in1980 called “Rappin’ All Over” as a member of the Marvelous Three (which included DJ Smalls and AJ (later AJ Scratch- Kurtis Blow’s DJ).

    He’s a member of Afrika Bambaataa’s Zulu Nation.

    One of his most famous and high profile roles was in Wild Style.  As one of the main characters, he is featured in a battle against Lil’ Rodney C of the Funky 4 + 1 and Double Trouble, as well as at the show in the film’s finale with DJ AJ.  Be sure to check out the funky fresh suit he’s wearing on stage at the amphitheatre.

    He was also involved in one of the most infamous battles in history against kool moe dee.  Copies of this battle have been traded around for last twenty years 

    He had an early 12″ pre-Sugarhill Records was “School days” in 1980.  On Sugar hill he made “Making Cash Money” in 1981 and “Busy Bee’s Groove” in 1984.

    His biggest record to date is “Suicide” in 1987 which was produced by jazzy jay and appeared on Strong City  

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    Keep Calm Sundays Bruck-Out

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    Watch MFTV every Wednesday and Saturday night on RTN 10 and TW 97.4 at 930PM!!!

    w Dj Beanz aka Tony Bandana & Special Deejays!!!


    More Fire!!!

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    Versatile Radio Throwback with Amoretto and Dj Realist

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    From Los Angeles, CA, moved to Ft.Worth,Texas. Got influence by the 1404 family ..then met DJ Technic From Cartune Records and he has helped DJ Realist ever since they met. Is Part of a DJ Krew - 1404 Xperience & Unforgiven Deejays/Unforgiven Records and His very own "Realist Productions" Djayed At "King Of The Street's DJ Battle" also Djayed at many Clubs/Bars/HouseParties Started Co/Hosting Mixtapes In Early 2012 Has Worked With Juvenile, Juan Gotti, and many more along with Local Artist's In Ft.Worth, Texas

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    The Celebrity Link- Jamaica DANCE HALL DJ OF THE 1970S

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    Visiting the Jamaican dancehall of the 1970 and paying tribute to some of the DJs that made their contributions

    Deejay (alternatively spelled DJ) is a term in Jamaican music for a reggae or dancehall musician who sings and "toasts" to an instrumental riddim (rhythm).

    Deejays are not to be confused with disc jockeys from other music genres like hip-hop, where they select and play music. Dancehall/reggae DJs who select riddims to play are called selectors. Deejays who are more likely to sing are sometimes called singjays.

    The term deejay came about as a result of the act of some selectors (as they were called) of the 60s and 70s such as U-Roy or King Stitt toasting to the version side of popular records of the time. The version came about when the record company produced the 45 record with the song, the flip side of which had the instrumental version of the song. This gave the deejays the chance to make up on-the-fly lyrics to the instrumental music. This occurrence gave rise to deejay toasting and the term has been used in that context ever since.

    Toasting, chatting, or deejaying is the act of talking or chanting, usually in a monotone melody, over a rhythm or beat by a deejay. Traditionally, the method of toasting originates from the griots of Caribbean calypso and mento tradition.[1] The lyrics can be either be improvised or pre-written.

    Toasting has been used in various African traditions, such as griots chanting over a drum beat, as well as in Jamaican music forms, such as Ska, reggae, dancehall, and dub. Toasting is also often used in soca and bouyon music. Toasting's mix of talking and chanting may have influenced the development of MCing in US hip hop music. The combination of singing and toasting is known as singjaying. more here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deejay_%28Jamaican%29


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    Live: Jamaica International Reggae Super Star BIGGATON a.k.a Kevin Roye

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    Kevin Roye a.k.a. Biggaton was born on April 17 and grew up in Mandeville. He attended the Mandeville All Age School from where he gained a scholarship to Holmwood Technical High. He began deejaying while at Holmwood Technical High with the help of his friends. Biggaton said, "I was once suspended from school because I would not stop deejaying. While I was going to school a friend of mine introduced me to a band by the name of Traffic Jam and I have gotten the privilege to perform on a lot of anti-drug school concerts and stage shows all over Jamaica. They also released my first song Equal Living". Biggaton is well known in Jamaica and internationally.

    He has performed on many stage shows such as Rebel Salute '96 in Mandeville, Garnet's Silk Birthday Bash '96 in Ochio Rios and Luciano's Birthday Bash '96 in Central Village St. Catherine. Biggaton has toured the Cayman Island between June 18-23, 1996 with deejays Buccaneer, Dirty Birty, Alfrancis, Major Bones and D. Radcliff. During the year 1999 the conscious artist release tunes call "What a Ting" a song on the compilation album named "Istick in the cloud" https://www.facebook.com/biggaton




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    6.08 The Oscars and the Grouches!

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    Thanks to the smash-hit Wonder Show webseries, Jim and Mike are invited to attend the Oscars!  Unfortunately, they have to go in with the C-List actors on the rusty brown red carpet.  But who's to complain?  Not our deejays, who instead embark on a spirited discussion of Anchorman 2, Cinerama, Star Wars and, oddly enough, the Oscar nominees...of 1953!  Somehow it all makes sense in context, even when it doesn't!  (Don't forget to play it backwards to hear the hidden jokes!)

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    Interview with DJ Shoeshine

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    Well hello my loves!!! Hope you all had an amazing day! We so appreciate you all spending this time with us tonight! It's Thursday night and boy do we have a show for you tonight! Louisiana native DJ Shoeshine will be coming through to kick it with us! He has been extremely busy while out here trying to make a name for himself and it's definitely paying off! Tune in as he tells us his story and offers some dope advice for any upcoming or aspiring deejays!

    TOPIC OF THE NIGHT: Why are so many people enticed with the glitz and glamour of this industry? Is instant fame more important than true success?? Call us up and let us know your thoughts!!

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    Frankie Canale-Dow is a rising star in the world of Pop, Jazz, and Easy Listening music. Her remakes of such famous standards, "Dream a Little Dream" and Pink's "Glitter in the Air" has gotten the attention of radio deejays and listeners worldwide. Her charming ethereal vocals offer a refreshing spin in the world of today's Indie music. 

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