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    Decision Making

    in Education

    We will discuss how to develop, and practice, good decision making skills.

    As usual, we will also discuss two delicious recipes for sharing. The "safe" recipe will be SnowPeas and Red Pepper Stir Fry, and the "adventure" recipe will be Sausage and Tomato Pasta.

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    WIOA: Smart Decision Making

    in Jobs

    Thursday, March 12  |  1:00 PM EST

    Much has been said about smart decision-making in the development and implementation of national, state, and local public policy.  But what does that mean for workforce boards as they move towards WIOA implementation?  Scott Johnson, CEO of Social Solutions, says that WIOA creates the 'perfect storm' -- a time of significant change that delivers an opportunity for boards to rethink how they are managing performance and measuring outcomes.  You are invited to join host Ron Painter as he interviews Johnson how higher impacts can be achieved if boards 1) eliminate duplication of efforts, thereby conserving resources;  2) redirect efforts to activities that deliver measurable results; and 3) change the frequency and intensity of how we collect data and evidence. Don't miss this this discussion of how workforce organizations can take steps now to begin managing to outcomes in the new age of WIOA.


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    Parenting, Decision Making and Consequences

    in Goals

    Decision making is an important part of healthy development.  How do you make decisions? Do you consider the consequences of your decisions?  How often?  How does your decision making style impact that of the children and others you influence?

    Let's talk about decision making on the next episode of Discussions with Delia

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    ProGrow Show - #2 Power of Decision

    in Motivation

    Decision is another word for "choice". The current state of your life today is 100% based on your choices. You have created your reality and only you can change it. Be aware of our own mindset. You are the one holding yourself back by not properly evaluating the cause and effect of our every decision and choice. 

    Brian Tracy, in Universal Laws of Success, states that the Law of Choice (or decision) is one of these Universal Laws of Success. Brian states this universal law is this, "Your life is the sum total of all your choices up to this present minute. Since you are always free to choose what you think about, you are in complete control of your life and everything that happens to you."

    Join the discussion and listen in to this topic facilitated by Melody Campbell, Senior VP of Partner Relations at CCSalesPro. Our mission is to "enable committed indenpendent sales partners for success" in the merchant services industry. 

    Do you want to succeed in selling merchant services? James Shepherd has trained hundreds of sales professionals and will get you on the fast track to reaching your goals. Check out our training subscription:

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    '' The Godly Decision- Making of Joshua'' Rev. Frankie Dorsey

    in Religion

    Scriptures; Joshua 24:14-15; 1 John 5:14-15; Luke  14:15-33

    We invite you to come and join us every Tuesday and Thursday @ 10:00 Am Est. Listen in

    @ 347-237-5593 or you may join us online @ www.blogtalkradio.con/in-his-presence-ministrywe

    May Gos bless you and may heaven smile upon you!!!

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    jrilshow: Name a tough Decision that you would have a problem making?

    in Radio

    Hellooooooo and welcome to the Saturday edtion of the jrilshow.  Tonight we are asking you to look deep within and think about a decision that it would be difficult for you to make?  Great music, great conversation, and most importantly...a whoooole bunch of laughs TONIGHT on the jrilshow!

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    Effective Decision-Making - The Key to Moving Forward in Your Business and Life

    in Marketing

    We're faced with decisions every day -  from simple things such as what to eat for breakfast to really difficult decisions like business deals, and life changing situations. Decision making is just a part of life.

    But the question is, are you making effective decisions? How do you know if it’s an effective decision or just a good one? When it comes to making big life decisions, do you research options, talk to trusted advisors or just go with your gut?

    Sharon Hibbard, the entrepreneurs "business GPS system" joins Adam to teach us about effective decision making. Learn the difference between an effective decision and a "good' decision. And you'll pick up some new skills that will empower you to make decisions that will propel your life and business forward in the right direction.

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    April 29th - what's up and making a difference

    in Radio

    "take action" reports -- feel free to call in and share who you emailed or called and what happened
    guest interview - from a very cool non-profit organization
    fake commercial
    good idea or news items
    council meeting recaps (from at least Provo and possibly other Utah cities; please call in
    personal making a difference storie
    local issue - what to do about it
    state/national issue(s) - what to do about it
    if there's time, more comedy or good idea segments

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    Decision Making

    in Lifestyle

    Join your host Christopher and Amanda for a personal discussion on decision making. How do you make life's hardest decisions? Who do you rely on for advice - friends, family, self? Who gives you the best and worst advice? What's the best advice you've ever been given?
    In the first 30: Oscar nominees, television updates, flu epidemic, california high school shooting and much more. 
    Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page.

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    Step Three, Decision Making for Rummy's

    in Spirituality

    In the first step, we overcame our denial and accepted our powerlessness and unmanageability over our lives and over alcohol .We surrendered to win.


    In step two, we came to believe that a power greater than ourselves was the solution, that it could restore us to sanity. In Step Three, we discover how to make use of that power by turning our will and our lives over to the care of that power.

    Step three in essence is: I can’t, God can, I think I’ll let God.

    The Twelve and Twelve states: The effectiveness of the whole A.A. program will rest upon how well and earnestly we have tried to come to a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood him. Step Three has to be determined and persistent to be effective. In A.A., we all have had to come up with a higher power, for some just slightly higher and for some,  the God of their fathers.

    For most of us the only time we thought about God was only in an emergency, the God of 911.

    - See more at: http://rumradio.org/step-by-step-2/step-three/#sthash.xAFZjSpC.dpuf

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    DECISION MAKING: Image v. Substance / Delayed v. Sustainable

    in Education

    Decision Making:  Image v. Substance / Delayed v. Sustainable

    Are your choices image oriented or of substance?  

    Are you creating a delayed action or a sustainable action with your choices?

    This week on Classroom DNA we will discuss the making of substantive decisions discussing the following:

    Family Economics:  Being realistic about revenue in and out
    Prosperity:  Becoming whole
    Conflict Resolution – resolving issues through the process of considering the highest good of people involved and what is sustainable
    Daily Nourishment for the Family:  Feeding the soul not just the adorning the body
    The Sabbath:  Fellowshipping, Sharing Wisdom and Skills
    Career and/or College including Entrepreneurship

    After this discussion we want you to have a better understanding of your Household DNA and how to make decisions, which strengthen the relationships within the family thereby creating strong family.

    Also, I will give my perspective and what I learn from the Tom Joyner Family Reunion.

    Listen, Talk, Learn and Act.

    Invite young people to listen.  Listen weekly.  Call in 347.855.8603 or post a question/comment in our chat room

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