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    Shadowing Allen Robinson

    in Sports

    Mind of Mansion Ep 194: Matt Kelley @fantasy_mansion debunks the shadow corner factor fallacy. 

    When to using cornerback-wide receiver assignments. 

    Don't bench Julio Jones.

    Tyrod Taylor or Ryan Fitzpatrick on DraftKings? 

    Is Andy Reid pre-programed to assign a workhorse back? 

    Spencer Ware has more long term value than Charcandrick West. 

    How to be right and wrong about Jordan Matthews. 

    Don't be scared to started Dorial Green-Beckham.

    Advanced metrics, prospect evaluations, and fantasy football information were provided by PlayerProfiler.com

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    Debunking The Biggest Myths About Trading & Investing

    in Finance

    in this broadcast, Oliver Velez, debunks many of the beliefs people have regarding trading, investing and the financial markets in general. Erroneous beliefs, false ideas and ineffective systems such as "diversification," the "3-to-1 risk/reward theory," the idea that the markets are complex entities, and the notion that you can study your way to trading success are just a few of the many generalizations that have been holding back traders for many decades, and Oliver Velez will spend an entire hour picking the biggest ones apart for you. You'll likely be amazed at how many of these generally well accepted axioms don't make any sense at all for today's trader. Tune in to Live Trading Talk with Oliver Velez this upcoming Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. ET. 

    To have your questions answered on the air, email them to radio@ifundtraders.com.

    Take the journey into the world of professional trading with Oliver Velez by emailing journey@ifundtraders.com to receive information on how to get started, trained and entirely funded. Put your capital away. 

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    Cynthia's Soul Music

    in Spirituality

    This week on Cynthia Soul Music will be faeturing the songress Laverne Lady Liberty Spruill. Lady Liberty recently released her first song called "Liberty".

    LadyVerne brings expertise and value to Gospel with her fresh approach to ministry. Coming from a musical family, she learned at an early age how God can use music to change lives. Her mother was a choir director and tutored LadyVerne in the ways of music ministry. LadyVerne traveled with various choirs and groups, from local events to The JFK Center and Carnegie Hall.

    LadyVerne debunks the notion that Christian Music and Ministry are boring and stagnant. She exhibits passion for Christ. When how she stays energetic and effective throughout her ministry and life, Lady Verne said, “Stay thankful, appreciative and grateful.”

    Being an independent Gospel artist is something she is proud of. She enjoys the freedom it affords her ministry. “We can still keep our creativity & let God move the way He is moving,” said LadyVerne. She wants to remain approachable no matter what arena. LadyVerne believes maintaining flexibility is important in order to be led by the Holy Spirit while ministering.



    Her CD single “Liberty” and its accompanying music video have made waves across the country and around the world with the help of YouTube and other social media. LadyVerne believes the track is a perfect tool for Mission Work. An artist with a heart for God’s people, LadyVerne plans to donate some of her CDs and DVDs to local libraries so that people can borrow her projects and receive a blessing.


    Find out more about LadyVerne’s Ministry by visiting her website: http://www.myPPK.com/get/ladyverne


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    The Incredible Power of Self-Healing with Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

    in Self Help

    "The doorway to perfect health opens inward." – Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

    Join us as Sister Jenna welcomes Dr. Fabrizio Mancini to the America Meditating Radio Show!

    The body has an incredible ability to heal itself. But most of us are in the dark about what we can do to tap our personal self-healing power. Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, a world renowned Chiropractor, health and wellness expert, internationally acclaimed educator and President Emeritus at Parker University, debunks the myth that our healing must come from the outside in through traditional medicine.  He is the author of the best-selling books, "The Power of Self-Healing," as well as "Four Steps for Living a Fabulous Life," and co-author of "Chicken Soup for the Chiropractic Soul" and "The Well Adjusted Soul."

    A frequent guest of radio and television programs, he has been featured on Dr. Phil, The Doctors, Fox News, and numerous syndicated morning shows.  He also hosts a popular radio show, “Self-Healing with Dr. Fab" and has served on the Texas Governor’s Advisory Council on Physical Fitness. He has been featured in various documentaries. His commitment to keeping the Hispanic community informed of healthy habits has led to numerous appearances on CNN Español, Univision, Telemundo, and Mundofox.  Website www.drfabmancini.com  

    Get the OFF TO WORK CD by Sister Jenna.  Like America Meditating on FB, Download our FREE Pause for Peace app, follow us Twitter


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    Late Nights with the Conservative Brian Correll

    in Politics Conservative

    Show 9.14.2015:

    I will have guest Stephan Whiteman on the program to talk about the Trump phenomenon
    Four Troopers Injured During Texas Traffic Stop; Manhunt Underway for Possibly Armed Suspect
    Teacher in 'British School" tricks pupils into writing letters of support to Al-Queda fighters
    Host Mispronounces "Taya Kyle" and Miss Alabama calls out Trump
    NPR debunks why Donald Trump is the choice of the "Religious Right" and also talk about the Hungarian Churches that support the evil Right-Wing government
    Hillary Clinton is now resorting to faith and family in her campaign, talking about D.C. church's 200th Anniversary
    Also a new billboard in Kim Davis's hometown is mocking her
    I will play you the "Rev. Al Sharpton Song" from the Anthony Cumia Show


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    RNN- Return of the Black Robed Regiment and Updates

    in Politics

    Patriotic Preachers  Bringing back the Black Robed Regiment  America's "patriot preachers" were the backbone of our Christian foundation c.1787. Pastor/Politician? Dan Fisher debunks the myth of separation of church and state.

    The Republic News Network is a broadcast of the Republic for the United States. The purpose of the RNN is to reach out to the American People with our message of hope, that the American Republic has been restored. Thursday evenings each week we engage experts in business, industry, military, law enforcement, faith, intelligence and other patriotic Americans in an effort to inform the American People of important current events and at the same time educate our guest and listeners about the restored American Republic.

    RNN Schedule: Live on Thursday Evenings 9pm EDT/6pmPDT

    Check the Republic website often for General Information and Updates to keep you informed about the interim government restoring operations under the Constitution for the United States of America.

    Opinions stated by various contributors to the RNN are not to be considered as endorsed by officers and members of the Republic for the United States of America. Listeners are urged to use their own discernment to draw their own conclusions.

  • Community Investor: Preparing for Success in Real Estate Investing

    in Real Estate

    Are you prepared for success as a real estate investor? Join Larry Muck as he debunks guru thinking and tells you how to be ready to borrow money for your real estate investing activities.

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    The Wellness Blueprint

    in Self Help

    Join Dr. Maiysha and Coach Elliott this Friday with their special guest Dr. Kaayla Daniel is The Naughty Nutritionist® talking Be Souper!  Make Bone Broth your #1 Health Secret and it sound delicious! See you Friday morning at 9a (ET)!


    About our guest: Dr. Kaayla Daniel is The Naughty Nutritionist® because she outrageously and humorously debunks nutritional myths. She is author of The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America’s Favorite Health Food and co-author (with Sally Fallon Morell) of the bestselling book Nourishing Broth: An Old Fashioned Remedy for the Modern World.   Visit Dr. Daniel’s website drkaayladaniel.com to receive her free report Fats of Life and to subscribe to her free newsletter Naughty Bytes. 

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    Paula White's "Day Of Pentecost" History Lesson Is A Complete Disaster (116)

    in Christianity

    Prosperity Gospel halfwit Paula Furr-Knight-White-de-Cain has done it again!  She has made a complete mess of her "Day of Pentecost" history lesson by insisting that Christ's twelve apostles made Gentile believers observe Jewish feast days like the day of Pentecost.  To "make her case" Paula employed Acts chapter 21.  She used this Lucan chapter in an attempt to prove that Paul, "the apostle to the Gentiles" also taught non-Jewish converts to observe Hebrew feasts days.  The only thing Paula White proved is that she is a certifiable ignoramus for a careful read of Acts 21 debunks all of her dimwitted assertions.  Tune in as Wolf Tracker reminds us all that "READING IS A FUNDAMENTAL!"

    Wolf Tracker cordially invites Paula White to be his special guest on this program.  She can call in by dialing (347) 308-8221.  He wants to give her the opportunity to debunk everything he has to say!  Wolf Tracker also invites all of the leaders and members of New Destiny Christian Center Church to tune in also.

    Wolf Tracker is a tireless protector of Christ's global flock and an avowed enemy of all Prosperity wolves who masquerade in sheep's clothing in order to fleece gullible saints!  Please spread the word by telling others about this Christ-honoring, wolf-exposing, sheep-protecting internet radio program!

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    Hormone Harmony how to balance your hormones to Live Your Best Life

    in Health


    Millions of women are struggling with hormone imbalance, an epidemic that is disrupting countless lives during menopause and much earlier in life — a fact that is widely unrecognized. Join me this week as I chat with Dr. Alicia Stanton and she demystifies the subject of natural or bioidentical hormone therapy and debunks the myth that menopause is the primary trigger of midlife symptoms such as: constant fatigue, mood swings, weight gain, forgetfulness, hot flashes, sleep difficulties. You will find out the chief lifestyle triggers of hormonal havoc that are ignored in health care today; why six key hormones — insulin, cortisol, thyroid, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone — must be in balance; how to restore harmony by making practical lifestyle changes that cost little or nothing; and, when necessary, how to get medical help. While aimed mainly at women, this interview will also discuss men and their journey through andropause.


    Dr. Alicia Stanton is one of the country’s leading experts on women’s health and hormone therapy. Dr. Stanton is Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, a Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, a Diplomate of the Board of Anti-Aging Medicine and an Advanced Fellow in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. She has a special interest in hormone balance and its effects on menopausal symptoms, weight gain, PMS, energy levels and stress. Her experience also translates well to help manage her male patients and their hormonal issues, including low testosterone, adrenal fatigue and low libido. Her practice is dedicated to anti-aging medicine and maintaining optimum health through nutrition, fitness and bioidentical hormone therapy. Dr. Stanton is the author of Hormone Harmony: How to Balance Insulin, Cortisol, Thyroid, Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone to Live Your Best Life

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    New York Times Debunked! - The Hack Attack

    in Health

    The New York Times was recently schooled by the Great Dr. Barry Sears.  Tune-in to see how he easily debunks the claims that Fish Oil is not effective.  THe NYT shows their "Hack" colors when they ...well hack at the good work done by the Great Barry.