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    Joyce Goodman and Peter Mingils on Health and Nutrition News "Casual Myths"

    in Health

    This week they will be talking about "Casual Myths".

    Is it time to step out of your Comfort Zone? 

    Are you afraid to take a chance to try doing something that you really want to do that you feel can make a difference in your life? It takes courage...

    Do you ever hear the questions you ask yourself?  Like:“ There are so many things I want to do.   If I do what I really want to  – what happens if I fall short of my plans?  Are my expectations too high?  What will people think if I don’t do the things I said I was going to do”? I would be surprised if you hadn’t asked yourself those questions.  Do you know how much we sabotage ourselves?  

    Joyce Goodman hosts a show with Peter Mingils on the Building Fortunes Radio "Health and Nutrition News" segment every Tuesday at 8:30 PM Eastern on http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com

    Building Fortunes Radio....
    Learn how everyday people do extra ordinary things to build a fortune.


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    Busting Breast Cancer Myths with Dr. Véronique Desaulniers

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    Showtime:  Tuesday, January 20th at 6pm PT / 9pm ET

    Dr. Lo is back after a brief healing hiatus! 

    Join us as we interview Dr. Véronique Desaulniers, author of the bestselling book, Heal Breast Cancer Naturally. 

    On this show we will discuss common myths that hold women in fear regarding their breast healthc. 

    Some of these myths include: 

    • Womens’ hormones cause cancer

    • The BRCA gene is a death sentence

    • Toxic drugs prevent cancer

    • You have no control over breast cancer

    • Breast Cancer cannot be “cured”

    We will also discuss specific nutrients that are vital for breast health, the value of using thermograms, and tune in for the 7 Essentials to prevent and treat breast cancer naturally.

    A show not to miss!

    Hosted by Dr. Lauren "Lo" Noel of Shine Natural Medicine

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    Social Media Myths BUSTED - Find out how!

    in Business


    With Karen Rowe

    Social Media Myths BUSTED - Find out how!

    My Guest this Tuesday is Laura Rubinstein. Coach Laura Rubinstein is an award winning Social Media and Marketing Strategist, Certified Hypnotherapist, bestselling author and speaker. She is the President and co-founder of the Social Buzz Club (www.SocialBuzzClub.com ) and creator of the Savvy Social Media Success System. Her profit-generating strategies and popular blog at TransformToday.com make her a highly sought after speaker and consultant.

    Laura has optimized marketing plans and developed branding strategies for more than 1,000 businesses, celebrities, speakers and authors across the globe helping them create more profits and brand popularity. Her passion for working with entrepreneurs comes from her childhood and being raised in a household where her father and small business engineering professional worked from home and developed his thriving business. 

    Log onto www.blogtalkradio.com/Jim-Nemley on Tuesday, January 13, 2015 at 7:00pm EST.  Its' Time To Get Writing!  With Karen Rowe.

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    I am Resistance - Talk 36: The Four Deadly Myths

    in Culture

    People are resisting all over the world, but it is enough? One of the things that keeps people docile is the view that that can find peace and harmony within this toxic system. It is a way to defuse responsibility. It reminds me of what Marilynn French said about Sartre and solipsism. Let us talk about that and the Four Deadly Myths that we inhabit in this dimensional reality.  

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    Constitution Study Radio, 25 Myths - Myth #1: Co-Equal Branches

    in Politics Conservative

    Through the Constitution with Douglas V. Gibbs

    Today's Episode: Myth #1, Co-Equal Branches.

    Join Douglas V. Gibbs of Political Pistachio as he journeys through the United States Constitution. We study the concepts, principles, and direct text of the U.S. Constitution from the original point of view of the Founding Fathers.

    New episodes each Sunday Morning at 9:00 am Pacific Time. Go to Constitution Study Radio for all podcasts of past episodes.

    Current Series based on Doug's book, 25 Myths of the United States Constitution, which is available on Amazon, and CreateSpace.  You can also purchase: The Basic Constitution.

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    Common Copyright Myths: What You Need To Know

    in Books

    There are plenty of myths and misinformation surrounding copyrights. Some of the most common myths people believe can be very detrimental when it comes right down to it. It's important to know the facts about copyright to protect your work. Today we'll be going over three of the most common myths, were they came from, why they aren't true, and how to make sure you're protecting your writing. We'll be going over the advice from an article by Steve Trustrum today, weeding out the myths and explaining the facts. 

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    The Debunk of New Years EVE-2015

    in Entertainment

    New Years Advice by: Vikki

    1. Cut down on drunk texting, or at least try to.

    2. And if you do end up drunk messaging an ex, just shrug it off. Don’t spend the entirety of your next day hungover, hating yourself.

    3. In fact, learn to shrug things off more often. Let 2015 be the year of ¯\_(?)_/¯.

    4. Stop dieting: Just eat more fruit and veg and drink a ton of water.

    5. Although, it’s probably about time to stop eating all your meals in bed. Greasy pizza stains are a nuisance to get out of sheets.

    6. Figure out how to re-create your favourite takeaway food at home.

    7. Stop FUCKING and Sucking Get Married throw in your Harlot Card!

    8. Figure out what makes you tick, what you actually feel passionate about, and delve further into it. Never stop learning.

    9. Learn to reshuffle your schedule so you have more time for creative projects, and make sure you finish those projects.

    10. Pick a European city to visit this year.

    11. Ride the scariest roller coaster you can think of.

    12. Stop beating yourself up about missing the gym, instead find a form of exercise you actually enjoy.

    13. Dance alone in your room whenever you get the chance.

    14. Take a social media break.

    15. Delete people who still send you Candy Crush invites.

    16. Dive off of the highest diving board at your local pool.

    17. Also, jump into a pool/the sea/a lake fully dressed this year – you’ll feel so badass.

    18. Have dessert for breakfast and breakfast food for dinner.

    19. Ditch phones when you’re eating with other people.

    20. Stop worrying about when to text someone you like.

    21. Sing out loud whenever you feel like it.

    23. Worry less about what people think.

    24. Give more compliments.



    in News

    King yashua continues on his divine mission of restore Ma'at and decapitating the religious myths which has our people as a collective in a mind state of slavery and less than!!!!

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    Myths of the UCC pt. 2

    in Legal

    This will be a continuation of last Sunday's show. We will be finishing off any myths on the UCC if their are any after last show.

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    Ferguson and the Myths of Nations

    in Culture

    This show will be a discussion of the myths that nations, races, and civilizations use to perpetuate themselves.  All too often a belief in something that may not be true is seen as a positive, life-sustaining good.

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    GAY: Clarifying the myths and misconceptions.

    in Lifestyle

    I have come across so many people who place all gays in the same box. They assume that because a man is gay that ALL men are his type. They assume that gay men really want to be women. They assume that gay men are soft, feminine, and lack testosterone. Where did those misconceptions come from and what needs to be done to change them? On tonight we are going to discuss and clarify those assumptions, as well as shed new light on the gay 'experience' (for lack of a better word). 

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