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    FantasticFrank with Debra Kasowski, The Millionaire Woman

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    Be Rich from the Inside Out with Debra Kasowski, The Millionaire Woman!
    Debra Kasowski –The Millionaire Woman is a passionate success driven inspirational author, motivational speaker, energetic leader, founder of The Millionaire Woman Club, a networking group in Edmonton, Alberta, who helps highly motivated individuals and organizations to achieve the success they desire.
    Debra believes that richness begins from the inside out. She enjoys celebrating the passions of women (& men) and feels that every woman can be a Millionaire Woman.
    Debra Kasowski has also been known as the “mamarazzi” – she loves to take pictures, one of loudest and proudest mothers on the bench at the arena, and knows that life is about endurance through her experience as a triathlete. 

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    Rich from the Inside Out with Debra Kasowski

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    The Feminine Soul Radio Show welcomes the founder of the Millionaire Woman Club, Debra Kasowski. Tune in to hear Debra share her secrets for becoming “rich from the inside out.”
    The Millionaire Woman Club is a global community of women who are highly motivated and passionate about helping women become “rich from the inside out.”
    Debra is also a founding member of the Evolutionary Business Council and a transformational speaker who inspires her audiences to take action. She is published in Today’s Business Woman Magazine and has been featured on the online magazine Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise, as well as radio and television media. She is the co-author of GPS Your Best Life: Charting Your Destination and Getting There in Style with Charmaine Hammond released by Bettie Youngs Books fall of 2012. Foreword written by Jack Canfield. Debra's newest book is: "The Entrepreneurial Mom's Guide to Growing a Business, Raising a Family, and Creating a Life You Love!
    Debra and her husband started the “Spirit of Christmas”Shoebox program from one of her bucket list ideas. The pro­gram has recently doubled in capacity and provided gifts and breakfast to more than 1,200 children.
    Connect with Debra at www.themillionairewoman.com
    And grab your free copy of the Divine Feminine Messenger’s Success Kit at www.femininesoul.com

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    Millionaire Woman - Rich Inside & Out: Debra Kasowski

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    Debra Kasowski,  Founder & CEO of The Millionaire Woman and best-selling author, join us to discuss top tips from her newly released book, "The Entrepreneurial Woman's Guide to Growing a Business, Raising a Family, and Creating a Life You Love."    Debra is an RN, tria-athalete, and mome, who believes women need  to make changes in their lives by focusing on being  "rich from the inside out."   Debra is committed to empowering women in the business world and helping individuals move through what holds them back from achieving the success they deserve and desire.   Visit  http://debrakasowski.com   Connect with Deb at:  Facebook  Twitter    Website    

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    Evangelist Debra A. Jackson, is the author of "Fulfilling my Destiny from the runway to the pulpit. She shares in her book about her journey on the runway and behind the scene as a model and promoter. She battle with depression and suicide , taking the time from the runway to fulfilling destiny, She shares how she spent time to seeking the word through journaling and listening to the word through music, finding gifts within untapped and she says she received a "healing for her spirit, soul and body. On Kingdom Focus with Debra Jackson Live she speaks from the heart with words of exhortation and inspiration.  She ministers music to soothe the mind and heals the soul. She invites her listeners to call in , inviting guest authors, special guest artist, and people from all backgrounds.  Evangelist Jackson inspires her listeners to read, write and share their stories, Entering into 2015 her goal is to challenge and mentor 5,000 souls, Her next book is entitled Destiny Fulfilled, success stories shared by inspired author..  This book will be release in spring 2015. Self published through Kingdom Puplisher , founded by Evangelist Jackson. 

    email:djlive.kingdompublisher@gmail.com visit www.kingdompublisher.org


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    Debra Kasowski~Women in Business~LGRCC

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    Tonight we’ll be chatting with Debra Kasowski; she is a founding member of the Evolutionary Business Council, a transformational speaker, she has a BSc in Nursing and has practiced nursing for over 17 yrs. She is the co-author of GPS Your Best Life and is launching a solo book this spring called, “The Entrepreneurial Mom’s Guide to Growing a Business, Raising a Family, and Creating a Life You Love!” Read her bio on the guest page; http://letsgetrealchattinwithcatherine.com/

    We’ll ask her about what inspires and motivates her and how she moved from a career in nursing into these other aspects of life. She’s a very busy woman and I think it’ll be fun to find out how she does it and why! We’ll also find out more about her new book too. This should be a fun exploration

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    The Book Tea With Deidra Hughey: Maybe She Is Right by Debra Shade

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    Stretching the walls of erotica to places beyond imagination, Debra Shade is the author of Maybe She Is Right, a novel which takes you into the heart of a sex addict to keep you turning page after page, and the experiences in the book into your own bedroom. ?Described as a literary author and producer, Debra Shade has set out to take Maybe She is Right and create a film production, entitled Deviant Desires, filming all 17 sex scenes written in the book. The third book in the Maybe She Is Right series is on its way and will continue where sexpert and educator Debra Shade left off taking sex addiction and abuse and turning them into an arousing, but respectful tales of exploration and danger. 

    "Haunted by a troubled past, Debra “Dee” Johnson’s life becomes even more unsettling after she finds herself in front of a judge for a crime she can’t remember committing."

    Book Trailer for Maybe She Is Right Viewer Discretion Advised!

    BUY Maybe She Is Right.

    Follow @avidreadershows on TWITTER 

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    Debra Landwehr Engle, author!!!

    in Motivation

    Original airdate:  October 2014

    Most of us have had our epiphanies, our "aha's" and revelations. But how many of us follow through? Deb Landiwehr Engle did, and is delighted to share the process with us. Come be inspired as you listen in on a very private, very special preview of her newest book.

    How many "significant moments" catch us for an instant and then melt away? Debra Landwehr Engle received an answer to a plea to a higher power for help. The response  was soon reinforced by a significant moment leaving her compelled to follow the experience wherever it would take her and write about it. That decision, plus the discipline and passion of a well seasoned author, resulted in a very special book. Ms. Engle eloquently takes on her journey as she anticipates the book launch. Come be among the first to learn about it!  

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    Look Good! Feel Good! with Debra Norwood,Laughter Lawyer USA

    in Self Help

    Join Debra Norwood, Laughter Lawyer USA for her Look Good! Feel Good! Show featuring Positive people, places and causes! Today's show: Finding Inner Strength with  Dr. Katherine Puckett , PHD,MS,MSW,LCSW of Cancer Treatment Centers of America . Dr. Puckett has been appointed to the position of National Director of Mind-Body Medicine to assist CTCA in coordinating and enhancing mind-body programs and services across the regional centers. Her many credentials  include being a certified laughter leader with the World Laughter Tour, and a member of AATH! Our radio show will explore the standard of care treatment delivered in CTCA, including their integrative care which incorporates mind-body medicine to help manage stress during cancer treatment.  In a nutshell, Katherine Puckett and  the mind-body medicine team at CTCA  help meet their patients emotional and physical needs which can mean the difference between feeling alone and finding peace and learning how to connect with their inner strength! Tune in and  find out why CTCA is also a proud sponsor to the upcoming AATH Conference in Philadelphia, on May 28-30,2015! 

    Friend Laughter Lawyer USA on Facebook and follow her on Twitter @laughterlawyeru


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    Debra Zimmerman, WMM Shares Tips for Funding, Outreach & Distribution

    in Film

    Debra Zimmerman, winner of Hot Doc’s 2013 Doc Mogul Award, shares tips for success! Visit her website to learn about her workshops at http://www.wmm.com/filmmakers/workshops_registration.shtml.

    For information about Carole Dean and From the Heart Productions please visit www.FromtheHeartProductions.com.


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