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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio with Deborah LeeAnn ~ The Art of the RSVP

    in Women

    One of the forms of Integrity in Leadership shows up in being responsive and true.  We say "Yes" when we mean it, and "No" when that is our truth.

    So, why is it so difficult to find people who honor the RSVP request?  Anyone else tired of scheduling an event and no one RSVP's?  Maybe asking more than once for a response? 

    Yes, I'm guilty too, of failing to respond, waiting to check my calendar and then forgetting. 

    With so many forms of communication, it makes the process even more of a maze...let's talk about this lost art and how we can all be better at it.


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    Cloverleaf Radio Presents: Drummer Les Warner "The Cult"!

    in Rock Music

    Cloverleaf Radio's hosts The Host with the Most Jimmy Falcon and Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling's Gremlina welcome (former) Drummer of Legendary Rock Band The Cult, Les Warner! JOIN US!

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    Edge Insights with Deborah Lynn 11

    in Spirituality

    Join Well Known Twin Cities Psychic Medium and Author Deborah Lynn11 in discovering why and what it is you are working on in your life on earth.  Learn how to manifest your life on earth as it is in your heaven.  She is unlike other psychics as she names, names.  Either from your past or future, or living or deceased. Deborah 11 can be reached at www.deborahlynn11.com

    Thank you for your interest in the Edge! Please go to edgemagazine.net to view the latest issue of the Edge. 

    For information on advertising in the Edge please contact Cathy Jacobsen at 763.433.9291. Or via email at Cathy@edgemagazine.net

    For article submission please contact Tim Miejan at 651.578.8969. Or via email at editor@edgemagazine.net

    And for further information regarding the Edge Talk Radio contact Cathryn Taylor at 612.710.7720 or via email at Cathryn@EFTforYourInnerChild.com  

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    A Conversation With Deborah Beauvais, Founder/Owner Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network

    in Self Help

    Join Dagny Grant and Beth Donnelly for a fun and fascinating conversation as they speak with Deborah Beauvais.  Deborah is the Founder/Owner Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network, a syndicated Holistic Boston based Internet Radio Station created out of love with a vision to consciously serve humanity.

    Deborah mentors souls to go within to identify their own individual Light, to find unconditional love for self and others.  She is an intuitive, healer and facilitator of Light as a Reconnective Healing™ and The Reconnection™ Practitioner trained by Dr. Eric Pearl. Deborah is founder of Kids 4 Love Project, an enrichment program for Schools and Wellness Centers, and Kids 4 Love Project Radio Show~ celebrating kids making a difference. Hosting her syndicated radio show Love By Intuition since 2004, Deborah feels the time is now for humanity to focus on healing our planet through self-love, compassion and serving others.

    To learn more about Deborah's work or to connect with her, go to either http://www.dreamvisions7radio.com or http://www.lovebyintuition.com 

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    State Convention for the Constitution Party of Tennessee & Bill Warner, Phd

    in Politics Conservative

    In the first hour we will be joined by Mike Warner of the Constitution Party of Tennessee and Massey Campos, the director of the Institute on the Constitution’s (IOTC) American Clubs who is one of the guest speakers at this years convention. We will talk about this year's state convention for the Constitution Party of Tennessee and related issues. In the second hour we will talk about Islam with Dr. Bill Warner, author, public speaker, blogger, educator, human right's activist, and scientist. Dr. Bill Warner uses objective thought and simple mathematics to analyze the Islamic doctrine. 







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    Deborah Wilson Smart on Women of Wisdom

    in Motivation

    On Women of Wisdom today, Best Selling Author, Win Kelly Charles welcomes Author, Publisher, and Publishing Coach: Deborah Wilson Smart. She is an entrepreneur and author whose life mission is to serve the Lord through her work and life ministries. Born in Norristown, Pennsylvania and raised in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a Christian, who is not afraid to share her love of Jesus Christ. Deborah seeks to help creative individuals bring their dreams out of dark obscurity into the light. To get more information on Deboah visit: http://onesmartladyproductions.com, http://gladstonepublishing.com, and http://onesmartladyproductions.org. And be sure to visit www.wincharles.com to learn more about your host. FOLLOW this program www.blogtalkradio.com/wcawomanwithcp

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    Divine Feminine Energies with Deborah Knighton Tallarico

    in Spirituality

    Deborah Knighton Tallarico, aka El'elia Christos, is a soul psychotherapist, spiritual counselor, teacher and guide, crystal~sound healer, visionary, divine channel and planetary priestess. She serves as a spiritual mid-wife for individuals and groups, helping beings heal the very depths of their Soul, clearing their past so that they can truly honor the Divine Being that they are, guiding them back to their Heart, to their connection with Spirit, Mother Earth and the Divinity within themselves and all things.

    Since she was a young child she has had great empathy for the suffering of others, and knew she had a divine mission to be of service to the Earth and all beings.  Deborah holds this vision and prayer for humanity in her heart and believes that LOVE is the most powerful healing elixir in the Universe that will help us through these times. When we come into sacred relationship with all beings, with Mother Earth, Great Spirit, and the Divinity within ALL of life, we will truly raise the vibration and consciousness on Earth and co-create a New Earth. 

    Deborah co-directs the Spiritual Renaissance Center, in South Portland, Maine with her husband Leo, where she tends the Temple of the Heart, a beautiful crystal healing temple where she provides her counseling and healing services, facilitates Path of the Goddess priestess circles, sacred ceremonies and spiritual groups. She is passionately devoted to assisting in the return of the Divine Feminine and the awakening of the Christ-Magdalene Consciousness on Earth.   www.spiritualrenaissance.com     www.templeoftheheart.com



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    Author and Super Success Coach, Deborah Riley-Magnus is a special guest.

    in Politics

    Author and Author succuss coach, Deborah Riley-Magnus will on the George Wilder Jr. Show.

    The talk of our times.
    More on, do it for yourself.
    Things in the news
    Smart Quiz Question/What ocean is on the East coast of the United States?

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    TCB Presents: Hallelujah with Min. Kim Warner

    in Christianity

    Join Minister Warner and phone guests from Inner Faith Weath Builders, Inc,  for an exciting spiritually uplifting broadcast.  You can connect with Min. Warner and the Inner Faith Wealth Builders Team through their Bible Study Global Connection Confernece each Wednesday at 6pm Pacific Time by callig: 510-881-1212, enter code 818-864-188.  Email: Ifwbuilders@gmail.com Phone: 805-225-3159.  Correspondance: 5778 D Lindero Canyon Rd. #431 West Lake Village, CA  91362.  

    Launch Your Ministry RIGHT! Contact Bishop Terry Criner at Holy Tabernacle Outreach Mission, Inc. for details: 888-523-HTOM, opt. 2.  If you have a creative and/or unique ministry called of the Lord Jesus, we want to help you get started.  This IS your sign.  Launch Your Ministry Now. 

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    PTRN~Raise The Horns Radio(Deborah Blake)/PVS (New Music)

    in Spirituality

    Wednesdays are Great Rite Radio Night on PTRN as Jason Mankey moves to Wednesdays and swaps the 7pm slot with Dr Susan and Michael.  

    It's Horns and Humpday here on Wednesday.  Jason Mankey's "Raise the Horns Radio" and Dr Susan and Michael Greywolf discuss sex and relationships on "All Acts of Love and Pleasure" at 7pm Central on Wednesdays

    Followed each week at 8pm Central by Pop Culture Pagan Trends, Music, Books, etc.   "The Pagan Variety Show" with Pamela Kelly.Join Pamela and guests as we talk about music, books, festivals, conventions, tattoos, mead... 

    7pm Central Jason and Deborah Blake as will discuss her latest books for your summer reading lists.  Everyday Witchcraft just came out in March is a follow-up to The Goddess is in the Details, one in the Sabbat Series for  Midsummer Sabbats book for Llewellyn, a new Baba Yaga Novel too.  Perhaps even a chance to win a book tonight!  

    8pm Central  Pamela Kelly plays new tunes from Damh The Bard, Bell Book and Canto, Brian Henke, and more of your favorite Pagan Artists.

    Humpday just got more interesting on Pagans Tonight!


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    Live at the Cowboys of Color Rodeo with Russel Smith and Warner Erving

    in Social Networking

    2015 LIVE!!!  LIVE!!!  LIVE!!! Get Ready here we go again in Dallas, TX.  Mr. Network (Russell Smith) and Warner Erving will let you the experience the fun and excitement of the Cowboys of Color Rodeo in Dallas, Tx. This competitive rodeo features over 200 culturally diverse cowboys and cowgirls competing for cash prizes.  Head out to the Cowboys of Color Rodeo to see traditional rodeo events including bull riding, calf roping, steer wrestlin', bronc bustin' and barrel racing.  Cultural entertainers and ceremonial dancers will also perform at the rodeo. Mr. Network will share updates all day before on the the event page listed: