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    Bishop Dr. Louise McCullough, DDiv

    in Religion

    Bishop Dr. Louise McCullough, DDiv., at 9 AM (EST) /12 Noon

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    Bishop Dr. Louise McCullough, DDiv

    in Religion

    Bishop Dr. Louise McCullough, DDiv at 9 AM (PST) / 12 Noon (EST)

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    My King's Service Worldwide Fellowship Network w/ Bishop Dr. Loyce McCullough

    in Religion

    My King's Service Worldwide Fellowship with Bishop Pastor Dr Loyce McCullough at 9 AM (PST)/ 10:AM (MST)/ 11 AM (CST)/12 noon PM (EST)

  • My King's Service Worldwide Fellowship with Bishop Pastor Loyce McCullough

    in Religion

    My King's Service Worldwide Fellowship with Bishop Pastor Loyce McCullough today at 12 noon

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    Happy Birthday Evangelist Brucilla Ann Williams - Celebration - Rhema Word

    in Religion

    Happy Birthday Evangelist Brucilla Ann Williams - Celebration - Rhema Word 2:30 PM (PST)/3:30 PM (MST)/4:30 PM (CST)/ 5:30 PM (EST) - Celebration Tribute - Musical Prelude - Vocalist & Songwriter, Prophetess Lady Carol Stafford - Song: “Miracles” - Invocation - Mistress of Ceremony ~ Celebration Tribute ~Intro & Presenter of Guest Speaker - Song: “God Is,” by Reverend James Cleveland (1979) - SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER - Arch-Bishop Dr. Marcia Karen Abrams, MDiv, DDiv. - Scripture Reading: John 4:44-54,  John 6:5-14, & Mark 6 KJV - Acknowledgements & Expressions - Yes I Care Ministries International (YICMI) - Ecclesia & Guest Callers - Sis. Debra Johnson, ~  The Honoree's  - Family - Sis. Virginia Slaughter - Sis. Yolanda Willis, AMOFM - Praise & Worship Vocalist -Sister Jeanette Thompson, - Sis. Chere Jakes - Mother Cheryl Taylor - Mother Mildred Richard - Mother Barbara Henderson - Prophetess Cheryl Robinson - Prophetess Lola Williams - Prophetess Darlene Davis, - Bishop Dr. Pastor Loyce McCullough - Bishop Dr. Andrew Watkins, Ph.D. - Dr. Pastor Lee Parker, & Dr. Linda Parker - Apostle Bishop Dr. Shaolin MB Abrams, Sr., DDiv, DC, D.Min, Ph.D.- Apostle Prophet Tim L. Johnson. We Are Happy & Excited, you’re here! - Words of Appreciation & Gratitude ~ Our Birthday Honoree:  “Evangelist Brucilla A. Williams" (YICMI) - Closing/Final Remarks - Arch-Bishop Dr. Marcia Karen Abrams, DDiv ~ Benediction/Closing Prayer - Arch-Bishop Dr. Marcia Karen Abrams, MDiv, DDiv - Honoree


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    in Spirituality

    Are You Ready To Lose That Weight For Good ?

    Announcing a rare opportunity to be part of a weight loss series that will change your life, your health, and body. Two experts are joining together to help host a group of people around the United States and world to lose their body fat, change their figure, regain their health and turn around their life.  

    Join us this Monday for a special show featuring Alisa Slattery and Deborah Dachinger

    ( Success and Goal Achievement Expert)

    ''If we could show you a way to lose that weight, slim down to your ideal size and achieve the slimtastic body you want – would it be worth it to attend a successful program to get you there? The Thintastic Program includes Weight Loss Protocol, Maintenance Program, Live Your Life Program, Online Royal Court Meetings, PLUS 6 calls (worldwide) to help your insides, with unlimited calls to get your outsides where you want to be. ''

    Debbi has done The Queen of Weight Loss program for herself, and asked Alisa to partner with her so they can offer an inside-outside fully comprehensive program.  This programs works!

    Alisa and Debbi are opening their coaching course for those men and women who want to end the battle and start to lose weight successfully, easily, and permanently!

    Crack the CODE to permanent weight loss NOW!





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    Third Rail Radio A Rebelution Radio Joint

    in Culture

    Self Reliance:  There’s now no shortage of  ‘green options’ for us to choose from and we’ve been given the impression that as long as we behave in certain ways and buy the right products, we’re doing the best we can. This simply isn't true. And is in fact the slippery slope that leads right back into the system we are intent on escaping. The goal is to buy less. Use what you have. And apply pragmatism and common sense.

    We reject it because of its inherent inequity, lack of thoughtful design, and it's inevitable self annihilation. The farm and it's residents have set out to redefine what resistance to the system looks like. No longer will we fight the battle for quality of life, for the survival of our species, in the streets of the urban dystopia. Whose streets? Goes the chant. Not mine. They can have them. Those streets are the capillaries and arteries of the machine. The machine that is steadily churning this world, our environment, our humanity, steadily down the conveyor belt towards the end.

     No longer will we have our heads busted In by the lackeys and jack boot thugs of the barons. Pepper sprayed point-blank eye lids pried open by leather gautlets; hog tied and dragged down the street face bouncing on the concrete; ridiculed by the goose necking mindless minions watching their televisions and pointing their fingers. No longer will we be incarcerated for exercising our right to peaceful civil disobedience. Conveniently forgotten for an extra week or two in a putrid, dank cell, for a simple  misdemeanor. No longer will police thug batons meet their mark. Have the streets. They're yours. We will be in the field, in the workshop, in the development center, building something new. Something better. For I have finally learned, destruction and creation are mutually exclusive; they cannot be undertaken simultaneously. This is the totality of Revolution.    

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    Soap Nation Live with Michael Fairman with Guest Co-Host Kimberly McCullough

    in Television

    Soap Nation Live with Michael Fairman returned with an all new episode on Thursday night, August 7th. This 2 hours broadcast featured our very special in studio guest co-host, General Hospital's Kimberly McCullough (Robin).  During the show we welcomed soap star guests: Finola Hughes (Anna) of General Hospital, Gina Tognoni (Phyllis) of The Young and the Restless, and Galen Gering (Rafe) of Days of our Lives for some lively segments. And as a surprise for Kimberly, her on-screen daughter Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma) called-in as did one of Kimberly's former leading men on the show, Michael Sutton (Ex-Stone).  Listeners called in to pose questions and commnets to the guests and one lucky caller won tickets to all the individual soap star events at the upcoming Fall Getaway Orlando GH Fan Event.

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    Money and Marriage: The Delicate Dance

    in Women

    It has been said that money issues are the number one reason for divorce. 

    Couples often find that pressure builds up most when they have conflicting money habits. Poor spending habits create mounting debt. Failure to save creates stress and anxiety when emergencies arise. Differing desires and dreams can often funnel the money a couple earns into two different directions. Eventually, the arguments over money take precedent over all other topics and the marriage goes downhill fast. Are you and your spouse at this point right now?

    Tune in today as we chat with Finance Coach, Debbi King, author of The ABC's of Personal Finance: 26 Essential Keys to Winning With Your Money. She's here to help you give your marriage a money makeover!

    Call in, 646-716-6910 or log in to our Javammunity chat room during the LIVE broadcast. 

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    Empowering Youth Through Entrepreneurship: Eagles on the Rise

    in Business

    A.M. hosts special guest Sean P. McCullough of Young Eagle Entrepreneurs on the discussion of empowering youth through entrepreneurship.  A sure "treat" for all entrepreneurs!  

  • 02:17

    Power Over Tomorrow & Wednesday Night News w/ Hosts Tyrone Mitchell & K.LaShea

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation! Join us tonight for a dynamic & informative show.   Source Nation!  Forbes Magazine revealed in a recent study, a fascinating and unsettling discovery.  Many widows run into serious financial difficulties after their husbands die - and the problems go far beyond not having enough money to live on. Tune in to hear how one woman, Kimberly Richardson, President & Founder of Widows of Opportunity, is changing the lives of many widows everywhere. Join Tyrone S. Mitchell as he speaks with Kimberly Richardson. Don't miss this show.  You've heard it here, from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.I the 1st hour.

    In the 2nd hour Host K.LaShea speaks with two women who will share their story about the Depo Provera Drug and how it has affected their lives. You don't want to miss this show, Call in with your questions @ 619-924-0933.  You've heard it here, from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.

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