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    Our Children - Are we Influencing them Correctly

    in Lifestyle

    Special Saturday Episode of LargeInCharge Radio

    Our Children - Are we Influencing them Correctly?

    When you’re raising kids it is not a complete science, we are all kinda bumping around trying to figure it out.

    Tonight we are going to talk about some debatable thoughts on how we Influence our Kids.

    From the way they we speak, the way we dress, the way we reward them with smiles and laughs.  We are teaching our children what type of behavior is acceptable or not.  What is expected of them, and what behavior is considered good or bad.  We reward them with our attention, are you paying attention to the message you send?

    Bring your views, thoughts, and examples of what you feel is acceptable or not.

    Special Guest: Moses L. Rickett

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    Genesis: In the beginning--GOD

    in Christianity

    Episode 46 Genesis: In the beginning--GOD

    On this episode of G220 Radio my guest will be Anthony Silvestro, who will be starting a monthly series with us to go through the book of Genesis on the first Tuesday of each month. In the beginning we will deal with creation, so much to cover in the first couple chapters of Genesis, we will do our best to teach from this amazing book of beginnings.

    As Christians there are areas in which we may have disagreements with other believers and have healthy conversations with one another, some of those areas are sometimes Eschatology, Method of Baptism, etc. However one area that sometimes is thrown into the mix as a debatable topic is that of Creation, Old Earth vs Young Earth. Personally I dont believe this is really an area that is debatable and I believe this series will be helpful to you in understanding why.


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    Slippery Slope Watch the Smooches Rope! OPEN Mic Poetry

    in Poetry

    You can gain a lot by listening to our SPEAK Spit Smooch Open Mic Live Poetry...we have been creating a broadcast platform that will help you through the week with a #HeavyBEVY of #smooches written, spoken, and debatable...it's our way of watching the #slipperySLOPE...join us & watch the SMOOCHES Rope...tonight at 11pmET...

    Follow Us: @smoochesradio

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    Sports Talk with Benson

    in Sports

    Tonight on Sports Talk with Benson we'll discuss many topics including Power Rankings, BMOC: CFP Playoff Field, Matthews Family, Winter Meetings, In KD's Shoes, and more! The Warriors made our No. 1 spot an easy choice. But they aren't the only team that has impressed us. Did the committee pick the right teams? That's debatable. Whether it did the job it was asked to do is not. When Jake and Clay Matthews face off Monday night, the NFL's most decorated family will be on display. Which big names will find a new home as the winter meetings get started in San Diego? Walking to his Detroit-area home, Anthony Cupp had his KD shoes stolen off his feet. But on Sunday,  the 13-year-old received a new pair -- a signed pair, no less -- presented to him by Kevin Durant. Fans you too can be a part of the show if you call in at (347) 857-4527

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    Service and Compassion a Path to Happiness featuring Kokomon Clottey!

    in Relationships

    Tune in to a Happiness Index on Blog Talk Radio with Kokomon Clottey!  Kokomon continues to open a dialogue on service for our global community.  Service has different meanings for many people. However, true service according to the ancient teachings of wisdom traditions is a path to happiness as well as greatness. Examples of great leaders are, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha, Jesus, Martin Luther King, Jr. Mother Teresa, Princes Diane to name but a few. All these leaders have one thing in common they served and went beyond a call of duty. Conceptually, did the deep service that these icons gave to the world offered happiness to them.  This can be debatable. Sometimes it may take many years before society (people) realized the enormous contribution one has made to uplift the human condition and it may appear that they did not receive the happiness they deserved. The challenge is that one cannot take the road to happiness by being of service; it is the other way around, one must take the road of service to realize true happiness. The Dalai Lama said  "If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion."  Therefore, we can assume that true happiness comes from being of service and practicing compassion. If we can practice compassion for all beings, we can be happy." Join us on the "Happiness Index" and discover true happiness.    

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    Real Talk All The Time Presents, Battle Of the Sexes, PART 2

    in Radio

    Tomorrow night we will revisit one of the most debatable topics explored on #RTATT, BATTLE OF THE SEXES Part 2. Prepare yourselves for a passionate, explosive conversation. The topic will be hot, the opinions will be strong, the voices will be heard. Rob Hall, H.J Morgan and D.S Rivers will get it in as usual at 7:30 pm est. Fellas bring ya "A" game, Ladies "B" on point it going down again....... And as usual join us for our Weekly commentary on Sports, Entertainment, and Politics. Real Talk all The Time. 100% real unpolished and unrehearsed. Real Talk for Real People. The call in 347-637-3010.

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    USA Financial Radio - Original Airing date 09/13/2014

    in Finance

    This week we discuss... insurance with our USA Financial roundtable answering 'fact, fiction or debatable' questions; the true costs of life insurance; retirement transition decisions on Social Security & insurance; and lesser known Social Security tips & tricks.

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    Intoduction to the Technician Quest broadcast.

    in Science

    Christopher Frampton explains the prospect of the Technician Quest show. Including a discussion on the rage of topics that have scientific aspects. Content is centered in subjects of science including current events. The introduction to the scientific method used in experimentation and discovery. He also explains that callers are free to express opinions if there is a reason explained. All political debates are moderated on a non-biased technical perspective only. Although callers will have political opinions and strong debatable ideas, Chris will challenge any idea, established systems, or logic with the analysis of realistic, theoretical, practical, and predicable projections of the resulting outcomes. He encourages other technicians and scientists to challenge him for the best practices to archive perfection.

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    Worth the Wait?

    in Motivation

    Sex has become a debatable topic when it comes to dating relationships. Does the time span to become sexually intimate with your partner really have a significant impact on the future of a relationship?

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    Do Best Friends Make Good Lovers?

    in Relationships

    Tonight the "It's Real Talk Radio" crew will be discussing a very interesting/debatable topic: "Do Best Friends Make Good Lovers?" There are so many things to factor in when it comes to best friends taking it to the next level and it's probably safe to say most of us have either tried a relationship or at least thought about trying a relationship with our best friend before, but did it work? Are you still together? If it didn't work, what went wrong? Did it impact your friendship and are you still friends today?

    These questions and more will be addressed (from our perspective) on tonight's show, so if you have experienced this topic or maybe have a crush on your best friend and don't know how to come out and tell them (or don't know if you should risk taking it there), definitely tune in and feel free to call in to share your opinion or experience with us.

    Also we have the debut of our newest co-host Kcee. It's going down tonight y'all and as usual we hold no punches; make sure you tune in! Our call in # is 347-838-9540, and remember to press 1 if you have a question or comment for the hosts; otherwise, continue to hold and listen to the live broadcast.

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    An Evening With John Johnsen (Rebroadcast from May 16,2009

    in Paranormal

    John Johnsen (Grendel Films) is a veteran producer/director/cinematographer/videographer of nature films and has taken viewers who generally don't know his name on many excursions into the back country to see the lives and behavior of bears, cougars, elk, and all manner of woodland creatures; all of the recognized, scientifically named and cataloged, academically-approved-of types of fauna. Now, officially in retirement, though, Johnsen has begun stepping out of the "factual parameters" set by scientific orthodoxy and headed off in the "Monsterquest" direction. Collaborating initially with Marlon (M.K.) Davis, the photo analyst who has done so much on the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin Bluff Creek bigfoot film footage, he launched Grendel Films with a documentary short on Davis and his bigfoot work. Then he met a writer-woodsman-Fortean researcher from western Kentucky named Bart Nunnelly and documentary project number two was soon up and going. This time the subject was NOT something anthropologically debatable, but, rather, something just plain WEIRD. Yet this something weird came as anecdotal accounts of strange encounters across parts of the U.S. by average Americans, common folk, who avow doggedly to have seen things that are just NOT supposed to be. We are essentially talking what seem like "were-creatures" here, and entering the realm of Linda Godfrey's books "The Beast of Bray Road" and "Hunting the American Werewolf". Fortean strangeness. We encounter here two folkloric Kentucky "monsters" (neither of which is Bigfoot); the "Spottsville Monster" of Henderson County, which terrorized the Nunnelly family in the 1970s, and the "Beast of the LBL" (Land Between the Lakes), another "something" that has a legend trailing back to the days of Daniel Boone and which may---MAY----have slaughtered a family of campers in Kentucky in the early 1980s.

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