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  • 01:27

    Valley Happenings September 24th 2015

    in News

    What is happening in local schools. What about the special ed program and it's successes. Local and national elections. What is the deal with the rescue squad in New Market, is there a county takeover planned? New format for the show is being planned. AFP events and the Pope.

  • 01:49

    Shenandoah Valley Happenings October 8th 2015

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    Ferdinand talks about the 2 forums put on by the local agencies. Both incumbent board members told the common untruth by misleading tax increases. Theme of schools, we NEED more money!

  • 01:40

    Happenings from the Valley Sept 17th

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    IS the reason Supervisor Helsley pushing for new county parks because he has a 50K investment in First Bank who holds the note for the park in Strausburg. 4 of the 5 people running for Clerk of the Court were at the Shenandoah County Constitutional Conservatives meeting last saturday. Ferdinand asked them....... Today Ferdinand sent an email to the Director of Special Education.

  • 01:31

    Shenandoah Valley Happenings October 1st 2015

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    Breaking news, shooting at an Oregon College. 13 dead 20 more wounded. Local election forums starting Monday. What is the ArrowSmith program and how does it help SpecEd kids. What are some of the results from a local school. Shenandoah County election forums. Is a felony indictment coming for  the finance chief at the RWS jail, or is too big to jail b/c of frfiends in high places. And why did the board try to keep it out of public knowledge? Why is the school about to lose 844,000 in funding this year, why did they seem surprised, who should have seen this oming?

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    Shen valley business

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    Meting from tuesday

  • 01:55

    Stand Up Hudson Valley #27

    in Politics

    Join hosts John Allegro and Emily Convers for episode #27 of Stand Up Hudson Valley.  This week, our guest will be a real estate expert who will discuss "Blockbusting."  What it is, what it isn't, and what you can do  if you believe you are being "Blolckbusted."

    We'll also provide updates on the Skoufis DEC/Annexation Bills, and the KJ Annexation in general.

    "Stand Up Hudson Valley" is a live, call-in podcast.  Remember, not only is public comment allowed, it's encouraged.  Even if it's not on the agenda!

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    September 10 2015 From around the Valley.

    in News

    Millions to be spent on more parks. Guess how many cars were in the county park on Labor Day...

  • 02:02

    Sinister Death

    in Film

    16th show, and still bringing a brutal intense show, with no BS, straight-forward metal, ready to steady your problems and take on the individuals attacking you for you beliefs, likes and interests. None of their business, what you like and enjoy! A show presenting the freedom for rage! 

    Featuring extreme metal for extreme fans! 


    Playlist available under the post for 16th show of SINISTER DEATH - 10/1/15 

  • 02:04

    Stand Up Hudson Valley #26

    in Politics

    Join hosts John Allegro and Emily Convers for episode #26 of Stand Up Hudson Valley. The show will air on Sunday June 14, from 8:30 PM - 10:30 PM.  

    This show will be dedicated to the Joint Public Hearing / SEQRA Hearing, which was held on June 10 in Kiryas Joel.  We'll provide a synopsis and updates about the annexation.  Listeners can call in with any questions or comments throughout the show.  

    Stand Up Hudson Valley is a live call-in podcast.  Not only is public comment welcomed, it's encouraged.  Even if it's NOT on the agenda!

  • 01:57

    Ferdinand,s No Bull Zone Shenandoah Valley Edition

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    More discussion of the events from the County Meeting on tuesday. The school board is holding a meeting on Wednesday at 7PM to discuss overcrowding. Strausburg's 3 candidates for Board of Superindendents. Why is Frederick county spending 43,000 per student to build a new high school? Trump did what???

    New vaccine schedule from CDC. The DNC is employing illegals? Really!


  • 01:30

    Stand Up Hudson Valley #25

    in Politics

    Join hosts John Allegro and Emily Convers for episode number 25 of "Stand Up Hudson Valley. " the Kiryas Joel annexation hearing is just days away. Please tune in for some important background and information on this attempt at an illegal land grab.

    Stand Up Hudson Valley is a live call-in podcast. Not only is public comment allowed, it's encouraged. Even if it's not on the agenda!