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    Wed. June 10, 2015…10p C/ 11 p E…CALL/CHAT/LISTEN ~ 347-637-3074

    Tonight at The Lotus Place we will discuss the viral video of out of control cops and white residents attacking and endangering teenagers at the now famous graduation pool party held in the community of  Cincho Ranch in Mckinney,TX.

    Although the cop who assaulted teenager Dajerria Becton has resigned, the question raised now is when and what charges will be filed against him and the women who delivered a barrage of racist comments to the teenagers while physically attacking the them.

    The case of Ezel Ford  will be discussed as the oversight commission reveals mixed views on the brutal killing of Ford who was shot and killed in the back by cops in LA.

    Wed. June 10, 2015…10p C/ 11 p E…CALL/CHAT/LISTEN ~ 347-637-3074


    Join in the lively discussions that always take place at THE LOTUS PLACE!               








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    Mind Pool

    in Current Events

    Keeper stands up from his chair. He is pissed off and looking for change in America. Do not miss this episode of Mind Pool!

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    Sinister Death

    in Film

    Show #2, Back with more Vengeance and more EXTREME METAL, for the Doom/Death/Black Metal fans!

    Featuring such bands Nefarium; Thornspawn; Denial of God; Lurid Reign; Tortue Pit; Sodomizer; Whore of Bethlehem; Stigmhate!

    But wait there's more in this 120-minutes of crushing Billboard weakness bringing more offensive intensity!

    Lord of Pagathorn; Ghoulgotha; Exhortum; True Black Dawn; Vomitile; Frozen Dawn; Xul and still even more!

    Highly crude and rude!


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    Mind Pool

    in Current Events

    Keeper hosts! As the count down to Jade Helm continues. More people are paying attention. From stocking supplies quietly to being full on belligerent. Tell us what's on your mind. No names required.

    Robert Kilpatrick has been the Program Director for WINN since its creation. He is a father of three boys, 17,15 and 10
    Currently living and working in the Common Wealth of Virginia, Robert moved from California. Having learned mostly from the school of hard-knocks. Formerly on the board of directors of the, "We The People" movement for Article V. His secondary career, bringing truth to people, involves bringing to light the unwanted knowledge that corporations control our political system, not everyday Americans.

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    Sinister Death

    in Film

    Premiere Show of Death / Doom / Black Metal with Grindcore too! While many take the time to worship on Sunday & become sinners rest of the week. We bring the most intense metal with an offense, crude, crass, language for the masses to overwhelm the weak!

    Just a sample of the bands present in the broadcast: Inverted Pentagram; Godless; Carpathian Funeral; Womit Angel and Luciferian - and that is just the 1st 30-minutes. 

    Then Violent Hammer; Dying Eyes of Sloth; Death Vomit; Bloodsoaked; Gore Obsessed...

    There's More! Anu; Evil Oath; Wintercold; Ceremonial Castings; Beltane

    and So Many more for all to enjoy!


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    The Mystery of Death

    in Christianity

    Death is a fearful, often traumatic event. Sometimes it is preceded by suffering, the result of the infirmities of age, disease or injury. Often death is shocking and unexpected. Family and friends suffer the pain of loss. The Scriptures refer to death as “the last enemy” to be conquered (1 Corinthians 15:26) and point out mankind’s innate fear of death (Hebrews 2:15). Death remains one of life’s greatest mysteries. Religions offer a variety of answers, some seemingly credible and some

    beyond belief. Their explanations often contradict one another, adding to the confusion and uncertainty about what happens after death. A very common idea is that people are born with immortal souls. Many believe that after death the soul is conscious and proceeds to a literal place or condition of bliss or torment. Others teach that at death the soul is absorbed into a “greater consciousness.” Some expect to be reincarnated, coming back to earth as another person or as an animal.

    Can we pinpoint just what death is? Do we have immortal souls? Are we conscious after we die? Are we destined to go somewhere to experience some form of reward or punishment?

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    Mind Pool

    in Elections

    We covered Hillary Clintion now Jeb Bush

    Do you really know him? What is your vote?

    Please feel free to comment or call in...

    We would love to hear from our audience!


    Tongihts host are Bobby Beesinger and Mr. Articl V Ernest Lee


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    Mckinney pool party & Farrakhan's Justice or else Million Man March

    in Current Events

    Join us this Sunday at 2pm PT as Blackistand Radio discuss the topics and dynamics surrounding the Texas pool party incident that went viral and Farrakhan and the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March themed Justice or else!


    You will hear a clip of the Pig of an officer terrorizing the 15 year old and other party attenders. Also I will give you my perspective of the situation and analyze what happened. Call in and listen and/or give your thoughts.


    Also you will hear select clips from The Breakfast Club interview of the Honorable Minister Louise Farrakhan and a portion of his Justice or else speech.


    Don't miss this one. Be sure to call in, or listen via the chat room and join the discussion!

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    Biotopes - Death Valley California

    in Environment

    Coming up on Friday June 19th at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst, Ray and Ken will be discussing climate, geology, history and more importantly some truly fascinating wildlife that call this remarkable place home. Extreme conditions and some very amazing plants and animals thrive in Death Valley. 


    Faulting is the one of the main reasons Death Valley exists. Movement along faults allow the mountains to rise and the valleys to sink. Death Valley is located in the southwestern portion of the Basin and Range geomorphic province. The Basin and Range province has a long and active geologic history, including faulting and regional tectonic movement. Fault-bounded uplifted ranges are separated by down-dropped sedimentary basins. 





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    Racist Mayhem at the Pool Party!!

    in History

     Black kids where invited to a pool party and all hell breaks lose!!!