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    Deanna Proach – Actress/Author

    in Books

    Deanna Proach was born and raised on the southwest coast of British Columbia, Canada. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in History at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George, BC. She currently resides in Sechelt where she is writing and acting.

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    Interview with Deanna Proach

    in Entertainment

    Conversation with Deanna Proach, Author of To be Maria (Fiction/Young Adult) - "Seventeen-year-old Anya Preschnikov dreams of one day becoming a famous actor, but she's faced with two problems: her one-parent, dysfunctional family neglects her and has no money to support her, and at school, she's the target of her peers' contempt. Anya believes that in order to secure her stepping stone to stardom, she must dress like the rich girls and be surrounded by a large network of friends. All of this changes, though, when Maria Hernandez comes to Peach Valley Senior High. Rebellious and headstrong, Maria instantly gains the acceptance of her peers - yet she sees in Anya what everyone else does not: her physical beauty and immense talent. So when Maria extends her hand of friendship, Anya is elated. Her lifelong dream seems like it's about to become a reality - until it falls short one Saturday night at a party when a boy's rude comment sends her into a rage. Desperate to belong somewhere, Anya and Maria set out to find new friends outside of school. They soon meet Alex and Marissa, a young couple who eagerly welcomes them into their world of parties and drugs. 
    The two young women soon find themselves forced into a situation that could have very tragic consequences if they don't escape it soon..."   Twitter: @deannproach  

  • Dating and Relationship Coach DeAnna Lorraine

    in Entertainment

    DeAnna Lorraine  is recognized as one of the leading and most trusted female dating coaches in the world. Her appraoch to helping men and women from inexperienced, unpopular, shy, socially awkward, and single to instilling confidence has gained her the nickname "Ms. Hitch".

    We will talk to Lorraine about helping people find love and happiness.

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    Milwaukee Candor with Deanna Alexander

    in Politics Conservative

    County Supervisor Deanna Alexander joins me today on The Earl Hall Show. We will discuss more developments on the Bucks Arena deal and other business going on with the County Board.

  • Feng Shui for Fall

    in Design

    Ahhhhhh....falling leaves, bonfires, smores & apple picking all are in the air!  As well as a changing out of our lighter summer textiles to heavier blankets & throws to help warm the fall chill.  In today's episode, learn how to implement Fall's Feng Shui Life Area (from the Bagua Board) & how to use in your decor as you change out your entryway decorations & tabletops.

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    Author Deanna Proach on Conversations LIVE

    in Current Events

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Deanna Proach to Conversations LIVE to discuss her literary journey and new book TO BE MARIA. http://desstories.blogspot.com 

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    Milwaukee Candor with Deanna Alexander!

    in Politics Conservative

    Join us this week for our first segment of Milwaukee Candor with Deanna Alexander! This new feature on the Earl Hall Show will air on BlogTalkRadio every Monday at 10am to keep you informed on issues facing metro Milwaukee.

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    Red Tents as Seedbed for World Peace w/DeAnna L'am

    in Spirituality

    DeAnna L'am, internationally recognized pioneer in Menstrual Empowerment, author of Becoming Peers - Mentoring Girls into Womanhood and A Diva's Guide to Getting Your Period will chat with me tonight about the importance of Red Tents as a Seedbed for World Peace.  DeAnna will introduce the Red Tents to the VSF audience, including their indigenous origins, and explain the connection between Red Tents and World Peace.  DeAnna will tell us about her unique experiences of women in Red Tents in the Middle East, as well as what's missing in women's lives and how women can fill this void and change the world

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    Deanna Wharwood Show with Guest Dr. David Goetsch

    in Business

    Dr. Goetsh was a member of the United States Marine Corps.  Dr. Goetsch is Emeritus Vice-President of Northwest Florida State College where he served full-time for 36 years and still teaches on a part-time basis. His administrative responsibilities as Vice-President included the College’s six branch campuses/centers, business and industry relations, military relations, local government relations, and legislative relations. Dr. Goetsch holds professorships in three different disciplines: Business/Management, Political Science, and technical education. He is the author of more than 70 books. Several of his books are bestsellers in the collegiate market and have been translated into foreign languages (Korean, Malaysian, Hindi, Spanish, Japanese, and Indonesian).

    Dr. Goetsch holds a Doctorate Degree in Organizational Leadership, Four Masters Degrees (Management, Human Development and Counseling, International Relations, and Educational Leadership), a Baccalaureate Degree in Business/Technical Education, and an Associate Degree in Engineering Technology. Dr. Goetsch is Vice-Chairman of the Florida Defense Support Task Force. Dr. Goetsch has been Northwest Florida’s “Economic Development Volunteer of the Year” three times (1992, 1996, and 2008).

    Dr. Goetsch was selected by the United States Department of Education as America’s Outstanding Technical Educator of the Year in 1984. In 2009 he was recognized for “Outstanding Community Engagement” by the Carnegie Foundation.  Upon his retirement from NWFSC, the Gallery in the SSC Building (third floor) was named the “Dr. David L. Goetsch Gallery” in honor of his service to the College.

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    Spingola and Friends

    in Education

    Deanna shares the second half of The Myth of the Innocent Civilian by Harold Thomas (2002)

  • Spingola and Friends

    in Education

    Deanna shares the first half of The Myth of the Innocent Civilian by Harold Thomas (2002)

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