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    FTH #84 Live From Vegas!

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    Agents Ibbot and McFall are on deployment to Las Vegas and Agent Klotz was left to mind the Helicarrier. Actually while the boys are at a conference for the New Media Expo and record live on location. While there were some technical difficulties for the live show everything is in place here for the podcast including an all new All Hail the King. On with the show!


    PVP 20 almost done!

    Spec Ops 25: Done!


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    Music provided by The Beginning at Last - Follow them on Facebook

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    @KEMTopTalk welcomes guest Steve Santini Author and Escape Artist

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    We are pleased to have our guest Steve Santini join the show. Below is Steve's bio:

    - Collector and historian of rare and dark antique relics.  "World's Most Extreme Escape Artist" : Ripley's Believe it or Not!  Master locksmith and expert on ancient and historical locking mechanisms and devices. Has escaped from more historic prisons, jails, and dungeons than any other modern day escape artist including several maximum security "Death Row" condemned cells and the 11th century dungeon of the Swiss national historic site castle, Chateau de Chillon. 15 years of performing experience as a stage hypnotist and mentalist. Creator of numerous original mentalism and escapology effects for magicians. Television personality (Has appeared on numerous T.V. series and television news shows) Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Stan Lee's Superhumans, etc.Profiled by literally thousands of media outlets and sources both nationally and internationally.Television writer and producer. Creator and star of "Deals From The Darkside"

    - Several times published author: (The Science and Story of Titanic, Titanic: Touchstones of a Tragedy, Devices of Human Restraint, A Gentle Place, Entertaining With Escapes, The Graveyard Poet, The Catalog of Cruelty, Concealments: Hiding The Tools of the Escape Artist's Trade, Interchange: An Escape Artist Guide To Multiple Handcuff Releases)

    - Inventor: (Of several unique restraints and restraint security improvement devices used by law enforcement) One of which, the Hiatt Thompson "Blue Box 2" the first security cover for hinged handcuffs is in production and is currently sold internationally

    Everything: www.santinicentral.com

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    MLM After Hours on MLM Inside Deals and Zeek Receiver

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    MLM After Hours on MLM Inside Deals and Zeek Receiver.

    This special segment on MLM After Hours is worth scheduling in.

    MLM After Hours  Monday Night 10:00PM Eastern Time
    Go to: http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com

    Peter Mingils will be hosting today show, there are many aspects of this industry that change and evolve and need to be understood and explained.  If you want to increase your knowledge, Building Fortunes Radio can help.


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    AMH Talks DEALS FROM THE DARKSIDE with Steve Santini

    in Paranormal

    Syfy has a great new show that combines American Pickers, Oddities, and The Prestige - Deals From the Darkside, which follows mohawked collector and historian Steve Santini on his quest to locate, authenticate, and buy history's darkest artifacts.
    Be it a deck chair from the Titanic, Jack the Ripper's knife, a hangman's noose, Houdini's handcuffs, or a Victorian cat o' nine tails, if there's a notorious, mysterious, or tragic tale associated with it, Steve wants it for his one-of-a-kind collection, from which over 60 objects are on long-term loan to the National Museum of Crime and Punishment in Washington, DC.
    In addition to collecting, buying and selling dark relics, Santini is a master locksmith and performer whom Ripley's Believe It or Not! dubbed the world's most extreme escape artist. And if that isn't enough, after a botched water escape in the late '80s, Santini discovered he could feel paranormal energy connected with people, objects and places, which fuels his quest to find relics connected to powerful psychic events.
    Join us - it's going to be something!

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    Whispers From Heaven ~ with Psychic Medium Lorie Johnson

    in Entertainment

    WANT TO BE A GUEST ON MY SHOW ? PRIVATE MESSAGE ME ON FACEBOOK OR AT PSYCHICLORIEJ@aol.com or visit my website and click the facebook short cut  and just add me ! WHISPERS FROM HEAVEN IS BACK ON SUNDAY JUNE 29.2014 for one question readings, do you have paranormal issue lets talk !. AT 8 PM EST. I WILL BE GIVING READINGS ,.


    WANT TO BE A GUEST ON MY SHOW ? PRIVATE MESSAGE ME ON FACEBOOK OR AT PSYCHICLORIEJ@aol.com or visit my website and click the facebook short cut  and just add me ! 

  • Whispers From Heaven ~ with Psychic Medium Shaman Lorie Johnson

    in Entertainment

    Special Guest Dc Love 

    we are here to guide , bringing your loved ones for the special messages we all most wish for . we are here working with the Angels and the Higher power of the guidance of our gifts , which we love helping those who come and seek that message from a loved one . needing to understand what path you should take ? we are here to help guide you . 

    remember we are not doctors , not lawyers , nor couselors , nor are we saying what information that comes through is true . it will be up to you once information is given , to go by your own intuition and gut feelings to do or not . remember once a reading is given it is yours , we can not change your mind on something , please never stop taking your medications nor stop seeing mental help or any doctors . 

    Thank you for being with us here on Whispers From Heaven . 

    we are not liable for anything you choose to do after recieving guidance from any psychic , tarot or any reader from Whispers , 

    your life is yours and you need to believe in your own intuition and live a life which is healthy and that keeps you happy and safe always . 

    please remember to follow the show and listen in to archive down load the show your on , please like the show , if you wish not to be on the air with us come on by and visit our chat room which you can also ask your one question in there and we will make sure it is answered . if you are wanting a full reading , guidance Healing or also mentoring , please visit my website at www.psychicloriejohnson.com 

    God Bless 

    Love and Light 


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    From The Basement To The Boardroom

    in Self Help

    "FROM THE BASEMENT TO THE BOARDROOM" is hosted by business/tax expert Brian Joubert and Tony Fleming. Brian & Tony give business tips, tax tips and mindset growth on how to build a proper blueprint for SUCCESS! Also, they get to release their passion for helping other entrepreneurs, which gives potential, inspiring, and existing business owners an outlet to be highlighted and profile their businesses.

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    EYM ~ From Paper to LIFE

    in Entrepreneur

    From Paper to Life

    What do you plan to do with the rest of your Life?
    Do you know what your next move is and how you are going to accomplish that Dream?
    Have you written down the VISION?
    What Actions have you taken to Follow through?
    What are you waiting on?
    REMEMBER this is YOUR VISION so don't expect others to Build or See it!

    JOIN The Journey: CLICK HERE! To see More Information!

    Let's talk about it on the next "Empowering Your Mind" Blog Talk Radio Show MONDAY April 13th, 2015 at 5:30 PM Central Playback (712) 775 7085  362143# Call will be available for 48hrs After you can visit Website: EYM Blog Scroll to the bottom of page and CLICK "Empowering Your Mind" button

    Hear you then Call in and chat with the host Madelyn Bass Listen ONLY Audio Call in (347) 850 8831

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    From The Front Porch With Professor Carl Tone Jones

    in Current Events

    Peace and Blessings Family, 

    This week on the Porch we will have a report about our first Saturday School Session with the Community Clean Squad. We will also talk about current events with more coverage on the Walter Scott and Eric Harris killings and a different spin about where this recent turn events has us going in dealing with the shootings of unarmed Black people all across America. 

    So, make sure that you tune in to this week's episode of From the Front Porch with Professor Carl Tone Jones on The Initiative Radio Network at (914) 803-4571 at 6:30pm Est Friday evening. You can also listen to the live broadcast by clicking on the link below.

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    Quantum Energy Healer, Frequency Master-Dr. Kimberly McGeorge

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Kimberly McGeorge, N.D., C.N.H. has over 24 years of clinical experience in both the alternative health and energy healing field. She has worked on thousands of clients in person and remotely around the world. A popular teacher and lecturer, Dr. Kimberly does very limited private consultations every year. She has worked with popular paranormal groups as their consultant regarding varies energies in people and property. A talented remote viewer, Dr. Kimberly is commonly consulted for many different issues in her client’s lives. With thousands of testimonials on file, Dr. Kimberly gives the glory for her healing and intuitive abilities to God.

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    Transitioning from Instability to Stability

    in Christianity

    Greetings to all God's people thank you for your continue support of the ministry just know you are one step from Victory if you do not give in or give up. Today's show will be focusing on Women transiting into their devine purpose but first you must leave somethings behind.We will discuss more in depth what are the dangers of taking your past into your present.

    1. Forgive- get rid of the unforgiveness and allow God to heal you from the inside out.

    2.Know your self worth ask God to give you a Holy confidence.

    3. Start where your at discover your true passions.

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