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    Tonight, we will be talking about alot of new items that are for sale. We will have our co-host tim and host Brent on air talking about the different items that are for sale. we would like to incurage our callers to call in to the station and tell us what they think they would like to hear about on the show. including but not limited to the different types of items that they may be interested in...

    As we start into the shows we will learn more about our listeners and viewers. We want to talk about some very important topics but also want to know what topics you as a listener would like to talk about related to business and or shopping. so please also dont forget to like us on facebook at Best Deals KY.

    We will see you at the show and hope to hear from our viewers and listeners, dont forget we will be giving away something interesting but you have to be caller number five to win the prize and you must listen to the show to hear the secret word of the evening...

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    Turn Up Tuesday Featuring the Turn Up Kings DJ Darkside and SirB

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    Tonight the Turn Up Kings at it again with Turn Up Tell Da Truth Tuesday. You got some truth to tell come share on  whatever it is we having a tell on. Live at 7pst 9cst 10est call (347)857-4391 if you missed the last show we the Turn Up Kings here the Second time together. King DJ Darkside and HK SirB G Mackson back at it...... Hmmmmm never no whats going to happen.

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    When it comes to money, every little bit adds up. That's what everyone always says, but everyone also has their limits.

    For instance, if you see a penny on the ground, these days, you wouldn't necessarily pick it up, even though, hey, it's free money.

    You've probably also heard a dozen times the tired but true advice that if you gave up your daily drink from the local coffeehouse, you could save well over a thousand dollars a year.

    There are all sorts of money-stretching strategies we can do — but probably don't. If you're looking for little ways to improve the health of your bank account, here are five ways you could get some more bang for your buck, if only you had more time or energy.

    Unplug electronics.

    While lights are easy enough to remember to switch off, it can be easy to forget (or to feel it's not worth the bother) that you could also be unplugging your laptop, your PC, your DVD player, your microwave oven, cellphone charger and an array of other electronics when you aren't using them. Because your electronics, when plugged in and turned off, are still using electricity.

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    Grilliant Ideas Radio- Everybody's Gotta Eat-Even Some From The Darkside

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    Grilliant Ideas Radio Is At It Again!

    Thanks for Making Us #2 Last week in the Food Category!

    We appreciate our listeners, even though we aren't sure why you do! We will keep doing what we do!

    Food- Everybody's Gotta Eat..and even some from the dark side..Though some folks don't like to admit it!

    Come to the Dark Side with Food Fun and our Foodie Friends!

    Eat, Drink, and Be Grilliant!


    Check Out Hot Box Grills too! www.hotboxgrills.com

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    Tales From The Crib

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    On this Episode, your host Windy will share with you another story that is well it's just funny. As well as share with you an original song. Yes that is right! Per request, she will be playing and singing Old Fashioned Remedy one of her originals. So sit back get your laugh on and enjoy some music on this weeks episode of Tales From The Crib.

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    15 Deals Worth Killing For On Black Friday

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    Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Black Friday! Nathan breaks down the top 15 deals picked by USA Today and whether you should kill for them. Get ready to stomp a person! Also talks the distance between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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    Best Deals In Town Shop on the Show and Get it Shipped FREE...

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    This will be our first episode. We are Best Deals LLC also known as Best Deals KY on Facebook, we have just started our facebook page and now have over 430 likes already. that will change in a week as we are growing fast. we have been selling items on line at amazon and ebay. We have also sold to our  followers on facebook. just recently we have decided to have a store front (physical Location Store Front).

    We wanted to try out the blog talk radio, to sell our items on the show. we can take credit cards and paypal. our story is: we buy name brand General merchindise that ranges from several major retailers throughout the united states of america. we buy them at such a low rate where we can then turn around and pass the savings on to you. so we are going to see how the blog talk radio works.

    Lastly, our schdule is as follows: Monday through Friday from 6:30PM to 7:30PM. Our first show will run approx: 45 minutes. Sometimes we may run over if we have customers interested in the items that we currently as selling during the show, how this will work is, each item that we are describing, we will have pictures of those items on the show. That way when you are listening to the description of the item, you will be able to put a picture to the item.

    Please by the end of the show we will ask you to like us on our facebook page at Best Deals KY. We look forward to seeing and/or hearing from you  at the show you may also dial into the show to ask questions about the items that we are talking about.

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    Tales From The Crib

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    On this episode, Windy your host, will be sharing the story of when she tripped on shrooms while she was out in the woods and the cops showed up. Find out what happened on this episode of Tales From The Crib....

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    What Vehicles Get You the Best Insurance Deals?

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    Laura Adams at insuranceQuotes.com runs down a new study showing the best and worst vehicles for insurance deals. The top vehicle may surprise you.

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    Tales From The Crib

    in Entertainment

    On this episode of Tales From the Crib, our host, Windy Lou Hoo is going to be sharing what happens when you get drunk and get on top of a roof. She shares her story about breaking both of her feet on the same night! Yikes! This episode is funny because it is true! Sit back and enjoy the ride....

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    Tales From The Crib

    in Entertainment

    On this episode, our host Windy will be telling a story about how she was propositioned for a threesome. Also she will be sharing an original song, if there is time. Tune in for Tales From The Crib...