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    EZ.ACCESS- EZ.ACCESS - Guest artist - "Db2 " & Topic -"Make up 2 Break up baby

    in Music

               Tune in Wed 9:00-11:00pm est EZ.ACCESS Live New Show,New Music & Fresh New Artist ,New York Native Singer "Db2" !!!.

    We listen, and we keep delivering Real Topicss !!

    "Did you and your boo take a break from each other and you found out they had a baby on the side? What did you do? Did you get back together and accept the child or did you call it quits for good?
    Don't be shy speak your mind !!

    Call us (347)996-5090 to share your stories or thoughts ,or email:e.zaccessradio@gmail.com


    New Fresh New Music : "Ain't Supposed to Cry " Music Artist  Shaliek @officialShaliek 


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    Database Security Best Practices for Databases and Big Data

    in Technology

    Caleb talks with Joe DiPietro about practical security controls for databases and big data environments.  The following aspects of security and compliance will be covered:

    - what to monitor
    - how to discover sensitive information
    - validating security controls & database policies
    - what role does the business owner play in the security framework
    - what to protect in a big data environment
    The Ready for IBM Security Intelligence Partner Program Webinar link reference in the show is as follows:   https://www-950.ibm.com/events/swgeer/swgeer06.nsf/signin?openform&seminar=kwoamoe8zkpv4&lang=en