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    30JK -- EMAN JONES from DAYTON, OHIO!!!

    in Entertainment

    Straight-up! Keep it right here to "30JK" as we WELCOME an upcoming and VERY TALENTED rapper from Dayton, Ohio!
    His name is Eman Jones... known for the hit video gone viral entitiled "That's Love" featuring legendary Talkboxier TERRY "ZAPP" TROUTMAN!!!

    (Yes!!! **THAT** "ZAPP", man! "Computer Love"; "More Bounce" and all'a that... and YES!!! **THAT** Dayton, where ZAPP comes from!)

    If you like rap and you love it with a positive light, you'll wanna keep it locked to where you have me!
    If you love the ZAPP BAND and you love their old-school flava... you know we got yal; right here!
    Word to Dale DeGroat and Bart Thomas aka "Sure2B"... yeeeeeeaaahhh, baby!

    Want in on the conversation? Here's the number, yo! 347-857-2310 Again, that number; 347-857-2310!!!
    www.blogtalkradio.com/JKFX4LIFE -- miss me and you'll miss out! We can't wait to have you join us!

    "30JK" -- "The HOTTEST, HYPEST AND HAPPIEST Online House Party EVER in YOUR Life"... you KNOW that's WORD, yo!

    Fridays @ 4pm Central/2pm Pacific/5pm (US TIME)
    Saturdays @ 6am (TOKYO TIME) 

    JAAAAAASSSSOOOOOOOOONNNN KELLY -- that's right; ch'yeeeaaahhh!!! COME ON!!! LET'S GOOOOOO!!! ;)

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    Governor Mark Dayton assumes moral authority over NFL Vikings team

    in Football

    Fran Tarkenton is even asked to weigh in on Adrian Peterson scandal.  Is proper behavior set for too high a standard for NFL?  Corporate sponsors are fleeing the NFL under new controversy.  Peterson's child abuse case has exponentialized.   Another NC Panther player has similiar issues.  Governor Dayton may spite his hand and shoot his foot.  The Vikings sitll can't find right formula for winning season.

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    Kim Coates and Dayton Callie // The Matthew Aaron Show

    in Entertainment

    Actor Kim Coates (Sons of Anarchy, Goon...) & Actor Dayton Callie (Sons of Anarchy, Deadwood...) join us on a special episode of The Matthew Aaron Show this Monday (12/8) as we broadcast live from Chicago starting at 5pm PT / 7pm CT.


    Kim and Dayton make their second appearance on the show to discuss the upcoming series finale of SONS OF ANARCHY and their experiences working on the show over the last 7 years. Son's of Anarchy's final episode airs Tuesday December 9th on FX.


    Show starts at 5pm PT (7pm CT / 8pm ET). Stream it live from our website or subscribe for free and download the show on iTunes. You can also listen on the go on your Android/iPhone/iPad device via Stitcher.

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    in Entertainment

    This guy straight outta the (937)... Dayton, Ohio to you... he came here to 30JK NATION to FUNK YOU UP!!!
    His name is Brandon Sutton, and loves to GET ON DOWN...

    Join us for "The J" as we talk about how he got started in music, what made him rock the Talkbox... and also some surprise guests!
    Who?! What, and spoil it everybody? I don't think so... you gotta keep it locked so ya'll can really get your funky on!

    Here is the number: 347-857-2310 or blogtalkradio.com/JKFX4LIFE; we'll see ya right here... JASON... HOLLA!!!

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    Day Air is Doing Good!

    in Marketing

    Day Air Credit Union is celebrating 70 years of service to their members by Doing more good than ever! Betina Buscemi will join us to talk about thier recent donation to the Dayton Childrens Hospital and the Do Good Dayton Initiative. Day Air is engaging their community with a shared effort to supoort the local charities and non-profits in their local community and it is well done! Join us as we talk about the compelling role local events play in a robust social media strategy. This is conference qaulity information without the expense report.


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    My Life then and now!

    in Self Help

    Today I am going to talk a little about myself and how I came around to be the woman that I am today.  My life started in 1948.  At the age of three my birth father passed away and my mother married my now dad who back then adopted my older sister and myself.  There are many parts of my younger days that I don't remember - maybe I've blocked them out.....in the meanwhile two other brothers and a baby sister came around. Life seemed fairly "normal" until I was about 15....we had moved from Southern California to Dayton Ohio because my dad had a new job..O!  This is the other thing...I could never figure out why my mother would be ironing my dad's underwear at 3 o'clock in the morning and then watering our front lawn at 11 p.m.  I found out later on that she was hooked on diet pills....that was her thing and at 15 she kindly told me that it looked like I was gaining some weight (I wasn't) and "here, honey - take this pill.  It will help you"...trusting my mom I took the pill and loved it SO much that I asked her for another one the next day....little did I know this was the beginning of my addiction to everything!  I went on a pill rampage at 18 - water pills - then diet pills - I was really a pill head.....had to stay thin or I would never find a man - (my mom told me).....this was the late  60's early 70's.....hippie nation!  everything was in!  I was into uppers, downers, sidewinders anyway but straight, ok?  Then it was the pot and then the psychedelics - for three years straight - every day - I was over the edge one might say....but so was everyone else - through 4 failed marriages and hundreds of men I crashed one day.  I was probably 50 yrs old.....my then husband had been popped on a UA while we were truck driving - we longhauled for some years - and so he couldn't drive - 

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    We're ALL-IN: Local Music/Sports (Cincinnati & Dayton)

    in Radio


    Say hello to the ALL-IN Variety Hour. ALL-IN Entertainment & Productions is launching its weekly radio show dedicated to Local Music, Sports, Current Events, and Poker. All of our topics of discussion are tailored towards the greater Cincinnati and Dayton local metrapolitan areas. 


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    Celebrity Interview- Dayton Callie

    in Entertainment

    It is rare that the host of a radio show finds herself overwhelmed with excitement, but in this case, I find it impossible not to in reference to this interview. It is my utmost honor to be hosting Dayton Callie, actor and musician. He has a total of 30 film credits under his belt, as well as countless numbers of television roles. Some of the more notables include: Sons of Anarchy, Deadwood, Seinfeld, CSI, Law and Order, The Practice and the Closer. Additionally, he was a Screen Actors Guild nominee for his ensemble work in Deadwood. He is gifted, talented, humorous and overall, amazing. This is going to be one hell of an hour!

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    Local Emmys, Political Media's Uncertain Future & Will Dayton Serve Full Term?

    in Politics Conservative

    Bill and John survey the carnage of another week of failed leadership under President Obama and the suffocating progressive environment of Minnesota's one party rule under the Democrats. It's not pretty but they have guarded cause for optimism. Tune in to radio worth your time.™

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    Small Changes Big Shifts:Living Life-the Story of The Exceptional Entrepreneur

    in Entrepreneur

    Joining host Dr. Michelle Robin on Small Changes Big Shifts is Ed Mlodzik, Director of Leadership Development at BCA. Mlodzik calls himself a student of Leadership. After teaching high school in Dayton, Ohio, he joined the Bell System and later joined United Telephone Company in Kansas City as their Training Manager.  He has taught numerous courses throughout the United States, mastering the principles, techniques, and tools that strengthen the leadership skills of the employees and helped create an internal Executive Coaching program

    Dr. Robin and Mlodzik will discuss his first book,“ Living Life, the Story of the Exceptional Entrepreneur”.

    To learn more about the host visit her online at: http://www.drmichellerobin.com/

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    RTWFC Bible Talk - Episode #174 Help Thou Mine Unbelief

    in Religion

    On this episode Evangelist Lloyd Yearwood and his wife Betty is joined by Billy Keeler in Rocky Face, Georgia, USA / Sister Freida Litchfield in Thomaston, Georgia, USA / Evangelist Clinton Green & Evangelist Joanna Green in Springboro, Ohio, USA / Evangelist Midge Bowens in Dayton, Ohio, USA / Sister Robin Gresham in Thomaston, Georgia, USA / Evangelist Gladys Ditmer in Morehead, Kentucky, USA / Music by Timothy Dockery in Madisonville, Tennessee, USA

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