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    Daytime rocks!

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    Join " Daytime After Dark "
    as we discuss the latest on your favorite soap characters you love to hate to the storylines we can't get enough... of including baby swapping , recasts and possible exits and returns ?!

    If that's enough ..
    Enter to win a mystery grab bag ..
    Answer 3 trivia questions ..
    Good Luck ..
    ( Many will enter , 2 callers will win )

    Nov 14, 2014

    Dial : 347-850-8721
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    Willy Garza
    Hannah Carpenter
    Daytime Carly Brockl
    Maggie Dalton

    It's " Daytime Meets The View "

    7pm Pacific
    9pm Eastern



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    Daytime after dark on Saturday nigaht

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    Join Willy and Hannah for a great show tonight.

    Carly is on Hitus and she will be back next week. and there so much to talk about so please call in for a Mystery DVD and all the daytime happens.


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    Daytime after dark welcomes back Lynn Hering

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    Willy Garza

    " Daytime After Dark "
    Proudly Presents :

    Lynn Herring
    ?#‎LucyCoe? ?#‎Gh? ?#‎PortCharles? ?#‎Abc?

    Weds : Nov 19 ,2014

    7pm Pacific
    9pm Eastern

    «» Mystery #Gh Caller may pop in

    Pick #1-40
    Lucky # wins a kindle hd fire for the holidays !

    Dial 347-850-8721


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    #14: Happy New Years in Daytime

    in Television

    The daytime shows, The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful and General Hospital all rang in the new year this past week. Talk Soap hosts will touch base on what happened in each town including Adam finding out he is married to Sage when Constance died along with Adam masquerading around Genoa City still as Gabriel.  Kelly slams Phyllis, possibly causing her to be late for the New Year's Eve party in Genoa City.  Will Maxie make it back to Port Charles in time for Nathan to kiss at midnight? Carly kisses Jason (aka Jake) at midnight.  Ric Lansing takes Liz to bed. Everything and more on this new episode of Talk Soap.

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    pure drama and how to solve it!!!!!

    in Radio

    Pure Drama, Hot Topics and exclusive Music

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    Real Wives, No Drama

    in Women

    "He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord." ~ Proverbs 18:22 NKJV

    Real Housewives... of Altlanta, New Jersey, Orange County, you name it. 

    Reality TV has plastered our television screens with every version of a wife you can imagine. It's rare when you can find a group of women who are not trashing one another and/or the men they are (or were) married to.

    If you consider yourself a good wife and you're tired of the high-octane drama-queen image that the entertainment world upholds as the new norm, join us. Today, we're celebrating all you smart, beautiful, faithful, loving women whose husbands consider marrying them one of the best decisions they ever made! Let's give our daughters a future they can look forward to when it comes to love and marriage.

    Tune in as we chat with guest, Zandra Rutledge, a certified lay counselor who has been happily married for 27 years to her husband, Rev. Michael Rutledge. She's here to set the record straight about what it means to be a REAL wife in the 21st century.

    Call in with your questions and comments: 646-716-6910 or log in to our Javammunity chat room during the LIVE chat room.

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    ‎Daytime After Dark‬ Weekend Edition

    in Television

    Discuss Soaps & More
    * Pick #1-80
    2 lucky winners get chance to win ?#‎MagicMikeDvd?

    The Fun Kicks Off
    7pm Pacific
    9pm Eastern

    Call : 347-850- 8721
    Press #1 to Speak with Hosts :

    Happy Holidays!

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    Tired of the Drama?

    in Health

    Host Silvia Casabianca interviews Dr. Alan Godwin, psychotherapist and author of "How to Solve Your People Problems: Dealing with Your Difficult Relationships."

    Dr. Godwing believes bad conflict can be turned into "good conflict" if we develop certain skills that he calls "reasonabilities." Recognizing and countering manipulation in any context while setting healthy relational boundaries is essential, Godwin says.

    In this interview Dr. Godwin focuses on emotional manipulation, which takes many forms, and is often so covert that the manipulator’s target has difficulty articulating how and when it’s happening.

    During the interview Godwing explores the manipulator’s motivations for relating to others through drama, offering an inside-out analysis of the manipulation process.

    ALAN GODWIN, PsyD, is a licensed psychologist in private practice with 25 years of experience. Certified in Alternative Dispute Resolution, he serves on the adjunct faculty of the Graduate Counseling Department of Trevecca University in Nashville, Tennessee. He trains mental health professionals in the areas of conflict resolution, the therapeutic process, and dealing with manipulators.

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    Baby Daddy Drama

    in Entertainment

    We always hear about baby momma drama but tonight we will be talking about baby daddy drama. So yes ladies you will get a chance to vent about some of these crazy men. From child support to controlling women that they are with. So ladies if you have a baby daddy story the phone lines will be open just for you. Men if you are being falsely accused of being a bad father the lines will be open for you as well. Tune in from 7pm to 9pm tonight central time 

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    How To Successfully Free Yourself of Victim Thinking

    in Psychology

    Today the Heal Your Trauma Drama Show presents Success Coach Melinda Walsh. The following questions are explored: 

    1. In what ways do we unconsciously limit ourselves?

    2. What's the role of choice?

    3.  What does victim language sound like?

    4. What are some ways we can claim our Creator-hood?

    5. What role does self-talk play?

    Melinda Walsh's Website with Free Audio Meditation Gift  // Sign-Up for Weekly Show Updates Delivered To Your Inbox // Learn About the 7-wk Online Program to Begin to Conquer Trauma Drama //


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