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    Helping Those In Need - The Lane Family

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    Here's the story


    Tone Lane of NBO Fitness and his family lost everything in the fire. Everyone knows Tone and his wife from the fitness community. THey need your help in these tragic times. I have donated to them and hopefully donate more in the coming weeks. It's getting close to winter time and I'm concerned. Please everyone, help this family. You can donate 1 dollar or 5. The links are above. PLEASE HELP

  • Your Masjid Security: w/RASUL NASIR of New York & DAWUD ABDULLAH of LA Calif

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    As-Salaam Alaikum! Join WORDS MAKE PEOPLE on Sun. Sept 27, 2015 for our discussion YOUR MASJID SECURITY with special guests, Soke (instructor) RASUL NASIR of Brooklyn, NY & DAWUD ABULLAH of L.A, CA.

    Are our mosques secure? What is the best way to secure a mosque? Learn these answers and other information this Sun, Sept. 27th from 1-3 p.m. EST. 

    Call in at (714) 816-4673 and press 1 to speak to the host and guest or listen online.

    RASUL NASIR began as a member of the legendary Fruit of Islam in 1974 providing security to Min. Louis Farrakhan and local ministers. He has trained members in hand to hand combative techniques. He has provided protective services to Imam W. Deen Mohammed. In 1990 Rasul joined Ninth Group; a security agency authorized with federal clearance to provide protective services to African Heads of State visiting New York City and the Tri-state area. He has trained provided protection to Rev. Sharpton and trained his security team members. He is the former director of Security at Masjid Abdul Muhsi Khalifah. Currently he is in charge of security at As Siraatul Mustaqeem Islamic Center. Rasul “Soke” participated in several security campaigns against drug sales in the community. Rasul is a prolific writer. 

    DAWUD ABDULLAH was born in Indianapolis, IN accepting Allah as God at 5 years old. He started Martial Arts at 16 years old, later attending martial arts schools at 19 years old before moving to Texas where he attended trade school and frequently attending Jumahs (Friday Islamic worship services). He also worked in security as a rover and supervisor. Next Dawud moved to Los Angeles, CA where he continued security work. He says, "When Allah blessed me to get serious in Islam, the Martial Arts and Security became a form of worship. Imeen (Amen)”

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    Men of Melodies w/ Singer Hakeem Romance & Singer/Songwriter Timorris Lane

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    He's a sensational singer, songwriter, and performer. His style is unique: soulful to a trending rhythm and sound. Timorris Lane is his name and talks to us LIVE discussing his great following, fan support, accomplishments thus far, and why you should hop aboard the Timorris Lane bandwagon.

    He's a gifted singer and songwriter looking to revitalize the soulful side of R&B. With his 90s-like style mixed with a new-school education of love and a good time, this young brotha is surely on an original path to mainstream success! Hakeem Romance is our "Fresh Face Artist of the Week" and he shares with us his journey, thus far, and what he has in-store for you all in the future!

    We missed him last week, but tonight, we get to talk LIVE with the legendary hip-hop artist Keith Murray.

    Shayla Courtney discusses style and fashion for the month of November as well as tips for all genders to be fly and flashy for the fall season.

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    "Primrose Lane" Director Kathleen Davison & Shari Belafonte discuss paranormal

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    The King of DC Media, William Powell, welcomes Director\Writer\Actrees Kathleen Davison of the paranormal-inspired movie Primrose Lane and her romance film Efflorescesce. Dial 347.884.8997 to speak with the guest or the host.

    If your friends and family went missing, how far would you go to find them? What if you had to travel lifetimes?

    Primrose Lane … time is of the essence.

    Primrose Lane was inspired by actual paranormal events that occurred in the circa 1885 Victorian mansion that Kathleen Davison and her family lived in for six years. Two paranormal teams (unrelated to the film) were called in to investigate the home and they not only confirmed it to have paranormal activity, they reported it to be one of the most active homes that they had ever investigated. We offer a paranormal panel discussion with Kathleen and the original investigators that has proven a hit at festivals. Primrose Lane is in development to continue as the episodic series, The Passage, along with the adjunct show, Paranormal Living, that will feature an variety of paranormal investigators (ranging from scientific approach, to spiritual belief, to quantum physics and beyond) who will discuss the concepts presented in each episode and relate it to famous actual investigations throughout history, illuminating and connecting a vast array of theories. 

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Nancy Lane!

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    First, let me say a sincere thank you to Kari Gaffney, who introduced yours truly to Nancy Lane.  Kari-On Productions has given "Hybrid Jazz" new breath - since the company is intent on fabulous artists.  To keep UP with the stable of talent that they offer is a formidable task.  But there's no doubt that we should cross paths with Nancy.  She's so beautifully natural in her delivery.  There's nothing staged or phony - she means every line in every song - but she's having a BALL while delivering the message :)

    Turns out that it MUST be hereditary, this musical talent.  Nancy's Grandmother was an opera singer - her Aunt was a Jazz entertainer.  Dad used to play sax at home as his enchanted daughter danced.  AND brother managed a record store in Montreal - which paved the way for many a musical style to be heard throughout the house.  

    To show you how intent little Nancy's heart was - at TEN - her dance instructor invited the class to perform any piece that they desired.  While classmates chose the latest Pop offerings, Nancy selected Stan Getz's "Reflections."  Can you just see them stopping in their tracks?  Hah!  

    At 18, a sound engineering student asked Nancy if she would record a Jazz standard for his final.  Unknown to her, he submitted her voice to "Downbeat" Magazine - who recognized the teenager publicly for her intonation and interpretation. So, you might figure that Nancy Lane's future would be bright.  And it IS.  She has done radio jingles, soundtracks, and has been the station ID voice for the now CKLX in Canada.  

    We'll talk about Nancy's songwriting, too, for sure - and this wonderful debut.  "Let Me Love You" is peppered with the kind of songs that we heard growing up - in a whole new way :-D  You'll LOVE Nancy Lane!

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    Lane Ethridge joining on iBloom Radio seeing God's people Bloom

    in Christianity

       Lane Ethridge, is using what God has given him to impact the lives He places before him. He will be sharing  .. It's time to change your lane

    The destination on the road to success is yours to create. Changing lanes is the road trip of a lifetime! Don't let life pass you by. Bypass the good life on the way to your best life

    Join us in seeing what the Lord is doing as iBloom Radio is all about allowing God's people to come on and share about what God is doing with in their lives. To bring Encouragement,Empowerment,Hope and Healing to you our listners. Be Blessed know God is Blooming you into His divine Purpose !

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    Timorris Lane Talks New Single 'Top Of The World', Living in NYC, + More!

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    “In life, you can either accept what you are given, or you can take it by the reins and make it what you want it to be. There is ALWAYS something you can be doing to push yourself towards your destiny.” For international singer-songwriter Timorris Lane, these are words to live by.

    In tonight's show,  R&B singer/songwriter Timorris Lane will be live discussing life as an artist, his brand new single, brand new web-series that he's acting in, and a whole lot more! 

    Make sure you're following Timorris all over social media - @TimorrisLane

    Check out his website: EverythingTimorris.com

    Thanks for listening to 'Keeping It Real With John', I love you for listening! 

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    Queen Petty

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    Tonights show is about being petty. Its also about why you will never win against a woman thats petty. I will recap the week in pettiness and pleasure. AND because I know that certain people are listening I will clarify some thangs.

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    MyNDTALK - Life In The Challenging Lane

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    Life In The Challenging Lane

    Jason Keene's life was complicated. Jason was on a trajectory that seemed like it would take him far. After winning a Dow Jones Editorial Fellowship in high school and after graduating from New York University Law School; after marriage and two children " Jason received a diagnosis he was not expecting. And then his life changed... in ways he could never have predicted and continues to fight.  How did he cope? What is his life like today?

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    DuB WyZe TaLk with MISS T. LANE

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    Tell the Truth Tuesday with guest Tommy Brown

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    Tonights show will feature my resident tea spiller Tommy Brown AKA @celebritu___prince We will be discussing Charlie Sheen coming forward and saying he has been HIV positive for 4 years. We will be talking Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. We will also be discussing sexuality and how to be safe. Tune in or call in!!