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    (04/06/15) Darth & Broomy On Da Weekends!

    in Video Games

    Guess who's back!? Back again!!?? That's right folks Darth & Broomy Return after a few week layoff from MLA Radio with BRAND NEW CONTENT and many many things to discuss. Be sure to tune in and call up to get in the game as we discuss the following...

    MLA Quick Hits - Recap Of MLA Madden Leagues

    MLA Show Play Ball - Recap of MLA Major Leagues

    MLA Taking Shots - Line em up & Call em out!

    Raging W Wild Bill - Raging At It's Finest!

    Plus Call In To Talk...

    * NFL Rookie Draft

    * May/Pac Post Fight Thoughts

    * NBA Playoffs - Who's Your Pick?

    * DAYRIDE RITUAL! (Hi Jedi!)

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    Back to the Point w/ Darth and Donnie

    in Video Games

    Back to the Point w/ Darth and Donnie returns.
    The dynamic duo, the master of disaster and the bus driver return to discuss the ins and outs of the current VHL season. Season Premier is tonight as the puck drops for VHL Season 12 tonight. Darth and Donnie will be joined by long time contributer  Teach. Together again for the first time since Season 9.  Thats right the Band is back together.  

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    Back to the Point w/ Darth and Donnie

    in Video Games

    Back to the Point w/ Darth and Donnie
    Featuring DudleyDoWright 
    These long time VHL vets are back at it again with another ground breaking show. Special Guest contributer is back with another installment of the Gospil Reading from the Book of Hope with his eminence Prime Time Pope. 
    Darth and Donnie debut their newest bit Face/Off
    5,3,4 is also back along with a New Top Ten and a look into the Near Distant Future.

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    (03/07) Darth & Broomy On Da Weekends!

    in Video Games

    Come join us for another Edition Of MLA Radio's Darth & Broomy On Da Weekend! We recap our guest from last week (@Shopmaster) as well as jump into all things MLA. So be sure to tune in and dial up tonight to get in the game with Darth On Broomy On Da Weekends!

    Show Lineup:

    - Guest Recap - We revisit some key points from EA Sports Game Changer @Shopmaster's interview last week.

    - MLA Music Spot Light - New segment... new music... new horizions scaled!

    - MLA Quick Hits - MLA LGs... Full Recap Mode!

    - MLA Taking Shots - Trash Talk at its finest! Come & get you some!

    - Da Champions Roundtable - Elite MLA owners discuss being the best of the best!

    - Ragin W/ Wild Bill - New Audio! Shimmy & Shammy'n!




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    Darth & Broomy On Da Weekends (M16 #1)

    in Video Games

    Come join us as Darth & Broomy return from the MLA Radio abyss to bring you a 30 min JAM PACKED episode of Darth & Broomy On Da Weekends! Please tune in and call up to jump in the game to discuss many things regarding M16 tonight! We will have limited time and will keep all callers to a 5 min maximum on air! So be ready your debates, valid points & shit talk! Below are a few things on tap for tonight....

    * DBC16 Team Selection (Overview Of DBC Divisions)

    * GGFL16 Team Selection (Overview Of GGFL Divisions)

    * Madden 16 CFM Features - Are you excited about the new features? Aprehensive? Patiently Waiting? Let us know!

    * Madden 16 Player Ratings - Speed fell off of a CLIFF! What do you think of the Madden 16 Player Ratings thus far?

    * Mlamaddenshow.enjin.com (Overview Of MLA Website, What we offer & How to Sign Up)

    * Daddyleagues.com Announcement

    So please tune in and call up to talk some MLA Madden tonight! 25 days away from the release of M16 and about 30 or so away from MLA Leagues Kicking Off! Shit's getting real!

  • 01:25

    God's Message to the World, His People, & For Pastor Donnie McClurkin

    in Spirituality

    Prophetess Letitia states, “I woke up early this morning as God was downloading information to tell the world and His people. I have a special message to tell the world, His people, Pastor Donnie McClurkin and the staff of the Perfecting Faith Church.” This is SERIOUS!!!
    • God has been given His people warnings with the blood moons & others: God’s people needs to commit to Him fully NOW & this is His response: BODY OF CHRIST SOLEMN ASSEMBLY (B.O.C.S.A.)
    • Acts of Desecration Against God in America and International
    • Body of Christ to unite for 7 days for solemn assembly; sanctifying a fast & blowing the shofar is included as part of the solemn assembly as stated in Joel 1:14-15 & Joel 2:15-16.
    • Leniency will be given for those who tell the truth about the “secret” lifetime, generational involuntary or unwitting human subjects in America & International ends 2/7/2016. An “Army of People” from ALL walks of life (police officers, physicians, private detectives, secretaries, media, delivery people, postal workers, neighborhood watch, agents, believers, church staff, staffers, etc.) has LEVIED WAR & ENGAGED IN “CIVILIAN MILITARY ACTIVITIES” AGAINST LAWFUL, NON-COMBATANT MEN (and women),
    • The church leaders have forgotten that Jesus/Yeshua is the head of the church. He has sent prophets to His church. Some have been thrown out of His church. Prophetess Letitia was sent to Perfecting Faith Church to align the church with the Word of God and to clean out the church from the inside out. She was told to handle everything God’s way, but has the church always have by giving the. She always pose the question: What would Jesus do? Message to Pastor Donnie McClurkin and the staff of Perfecting Faith Church.
    The show will be archived at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/ISAM.

  • 01:53

    Donnie Smith Custom Cycles

    in Automotive

    On this episode of Wide Open Radio, hosts Courtney Lambert and Dave Withrow talk with Donnie Smith of Donnie Smith Custom Cycles in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Donnie is a legend in the custom motorcycle industry and is actively keeping the sport alive in many ways. He is a founding member of the Hamsters, an organization of the most elite and who's-who in the motorcycle world. He is also the man behind the 29 years strong, world-famous "Donnie Smith Bike Show" held every April in Minneapolis. During this episode, listeners will hear about how Donnie got started in the motorcycle field, how he started his show and how he has remained successful over all these years. Courtney and Dave are sure to show you a side of Donnie Smith you've never seen before. Don't miss this show!

  • 01:58

    2-3-16-Dr. Hildy and Dr. Kik-Chinese Year of Fire Monkey plus Donnie Yen Movies

    in Health

    Wednesday, February 3, 2016, 1:00-3:00PM Pacific
    (2:00-4:00pm Mountain; 3:00-5:00pm Central; 4:00-6:00pm Eastern)

    HOUR 1 - This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy welcomes to the first hour of the show returning guest Dr. Kathleen I. Kimball, Feng Shui geomancer, expert in world art, and better known as Dr. KIK, to discuss the year of the Fire Monkey and it’s impact on our lives! Monkeys tend to be smart, clever and intelligent, especially in their career and wealth. They are lively, flexible, quick-witted and....MORE CLICK HERE:

    HOUR 2 - In the second hour of the show, Dr. Hildy will discuss something that is near and dear to her heart: Chinese cinema! Returning guest Veronica Hendricks will join Dr. Hildy to discuss Chinese actor Donnie Yen, who starred in 2014’s The Monkey King, as well as Hero, and the IP Man series, and American films such as Highlander: Endgame, Blade II, and the upcoming Star Wars spinoff, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which will finally tell the story of the event in the Star Wars universe that started it all: the Rebel theft of the plans for the Death Star. MORE at the website - CLICK HERE: https://onecellonelightradio.wordpress.com/2016/02/03/dr-hildy-drkik-fire-monkey-plus-monkey-king/

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    P-Funk Writer, Producer, Performer, Donnie Sterling Live!

    in Music

    Join us this coming Thursday Janurary 7, 2016 at pm CT, 5 pm PST and for all our listeners in Detroit 8 pm EST. Back by popular demand P-Funk Alumni Donnie Sterling will be guest star on the show.

    Donnie Sterling a producer, writer, musician and live performer was brought to the P-Funk family by Parlet’s Mallia Franklin in 1978 as Parlet’s band leader and Bass guitar player. After writing three songs on Parlet’s second album, "Invasion Of The Booty Snatchers", Sterling and Franklin both left Parlet in 1979.
    Sterling became a P-Funk hit writer for music legends and Grammy winners George Clinton and Ron Dunbar respectfully. Topics of discussion will be:

    1. How he got started in the music business

    2. Pros and Cons of the music business

    3. How to become and stay successful in music the business 

    4. Current trends in the music business

    5. Upcoming events from the P-Funk music scene for 2016

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    Back to the Point w/ Darth Donnie

    in Video Games

    Back to the Point w/ Darth and Donnie returns for yet another GT butchering episode. This week Darth and Capt Interruption discuss the Conf Finals in each league. The Masters of Disaster also discuss NHL 13 and Season 10 of the VHL.  

  • 02:56

    Back to the Point w/ Darth and Donnie

    in Video Games

    The Masters of Radio Disaster are back in action. Darth and Donnie once again discuss the Virtual Hockey League in great detail. There will be NHL news, AHL news and breakdowns and perhaps a sprinkle of CHL info. These two former Blueliners will also discuss changes, both pro's and con's, that they feel the league should explore for upcoming seasons. The Phone Lines will also be open early for other members to call in and share their opinions on things they would like to see changed. WARNING! All calls are Screened and Those who violate League arena rules or the VHL constitution will be Booted from the show, Phone Number will be blocked and a Complaint will be filled on League Arena, please be on your best behavior. This show may contain Adult language, massive interruptions and occasional useless bits of info not related to anything Hockey . Listeners Discretion is clearly advised.

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