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    This week on SONG THERAPY Special Guest live in studio "DARRIN HENSON" Actor, Author, Choreographer, Motivational Speaker an Celebrity Trainer breaking down his favorite song "EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER" Topic: I've fallen in love an I can't get out.....

    “SONG THERAPY” is Today’s Hottest & Progressive Music Platform Created to Heal the Pain and Soothe the Soul. So Sit Back, Relax and Unwind as we take you on this Therapeutic Musical Journey. It’s Time for you to join the Crew on the First Ever Virtual Couch. Remember no one likes to go to Therapy, but they love to come to SONG THERAPY!!!!

    Call in / Listen every Tuesday @ 9pm est/ 6pm pst 347-855-8964. See you on the virtual couch!

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    JBlair Presents...actor DARRIN DEWITT HENSON!

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    Sure, you’ve seen Darrin Dewitt Henson in the films Stomp the Yard, Tekken, and The Great Divide; TV’s Soul Food, and Lincoln Heights.
    But did you know that Darrin Henson is also an award-winning choreographer? In addition to winning the MTV Award for Best Choreographer, he was also the choreographer for Britney Spears’ Crazy and Sometimes; Christina Aguilera’s Genie in a Bottle; Jennifer Lopez’ Love Don’t Cost a Thing and Play; and of course, NSync’s Bye Bye Bye, which garnered Henson the coveted MTV Award for Best Choreography.
    As a dancer, Henson has worked alongside Michael Jackson, Prince, Usher, Justin Timberlake, the Spice Girls, NKOTB, Backstreet Boys, and others. And somewhere along the line he found time to write a book (of poetry, no less).
    Join us on Tuesday, Sept 10 at NOON (est) when we find out what Darrin’s up to next.
    Dial in: 347.539.5805; listen online; and/or join us in the chat room during the LIVE broadcast (just make sure you’re registered with BlogTalkRadio.com – it’s FREE!).

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    Django Unchained Controversy and Actor, Darrin Dewitt Henson

    in Culture

    Listen to The African History Network Show, Thursday, Jan. 10th, 8pm-11pm EST with special guest, Actor/Choreographer/Fitness Guru, Darrin Dewitt Henson of the TV Show “Soulfood”. In our 1st hour:  We’ll discuss the controversy of the “Django Unchained” Slave Action Figures.  Have you heard about this?  What do you think? Is it disrespectful or just Capitalism?  Keep in mind they said slavery was just capitalism also.
    In our 2 Hour:  We’ll be joined by Actor/Choreographer/Fitness Guru, Darrin Dewitt Henson of the TV Show “Soulfood” who will talk about his new Fitness DVD and some other projects he’s working on.
    Also we’ll deal with how the Black Panther Party helped to influence the National Rifle Association (NRA).
    In our 3rd hour:  We’ll deal with some of the history of the Dogon of Mali and their Ancestry going back to Ancient Kemet (Egypt).
    E-mail us at TheAHNShow@gmail.com for a .PDF Copy of our DVD Catalog or visit www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com.
    The African History Network Show can be heard on Thursdays, 8pm - 11pm EST.  For more information please visit www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com or www.youtube.com/mjrob1914 or give us a call at (313) 462-0003.  You can listen to the show LIVE at 914-338-1375.

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    Joy Keys chats w/ Actors Kali Hawk & Darrin Dewitt Henson

    in Movies

    In The Meantime, an UP Original Movie, airing on 8/17/13 and  8/18/13 at 7, 9 and 11 p.m. EDT
    In the Meantime Video clip: http://www.uptv.com/videos/watch-the-up-original-movie-in-the-meantime
    Special Guest: KALI HAWK (“JAZZ”) -One of Glamour Magazine’s “12 Funny Women to Watch,” Kali Hawk’s film credits include a starring role in Couples Retreat with Vince Vaughn; and supporting roles in the hit comedy Bridesmaids from producer Judd Apatow, and Get Him To The Greek  In addition to In The Meantime, Kali Hawk can be seen co-starring in Peeples from producer Tyler Perry.
    Special Guest: DARRIN DEWITT HENSON (“KWAME”) -Darrin Dewitt Henson grew to fame when playing “Lem Van Adams” on the Showtime series “Soul Food.”  Henson’s additional credits include The Express, Stomp the Yard, Blood Done Sign My Name, Salon, The Inheritance, After, Tekken (based off the successful video game) and the HBO film, Life Support. As a choreographer, Henson has worked with such artists as Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and ‘N Sync.  Henson is a two-time nominated Image Award actor.

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    Actor & Entrepreneur Darrin Dewitt Henson on Conversations

    in Current Events

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes actor and entrepreneur Darrin Dewitt Henson to Conversations LIVE to discuss his journey in acting, his book INTIMATE THOUGHTS, how he has been building his brand, what keeps him motivated and what's next.

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    The BYGP Locker Room Show (Darrin Chiaverini)

    in Football

    Tune into this very informative BYGP Locker Room Show, as we host university of Colorado co-offensive coordinator and recruiting coordinator, Darrin Chiaverini!

    Coach Chiaverini, was an amazing player at the university of Colorado and went on to be drafted in the fifth round, by the Cleveland Browns. He has since went on to coach at the junior college level, in various college all-star games and most recently with the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

    This will be a fabulous opportunity for players and parents to learn more about coach Chiaverini, find out his reasons for going back to the university of Colorado and receive key recruiting information. Don't miss out!


  • Happy Anniversary to The Darrin Russell Show

    in Sports

    It's are one year anniversary! So today is a special thank you show. What I mean by that is, I will say thank you at some point in the show. We will talk about week three in the NFL and I will discuss disrespectful fantasy trades. I will throw some college football in too if I have time.

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    E323: Stevie Jewel Darrin Morris Carrissa Sue & Jesse Cole James

    in Entertainment

    E323: Stevie Jewel Darrin Morris Carrissa Sue & Jesse Cole James 

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    David Gogo, Webb Wilder & CKNM from Wendy DeWitt with Kirk Harwood

    in Music

    SHOW # 298 - Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With "Musicians You Should Know"

    David Gogo is a Canadian blues guitarist, singer-songwriter and bandleader. Between 1994 and 2014, he released 12 solo albums. His latest release is entitled Vicksburg Call and we will explore David’s journey.

    Sam Butler was not able to make his scheduled appearance.

    Webb Wilder can sing you a song, or play a detective in a movie called Private Eye. And he does them both with a wiry grin.  Wilder has released Mississippi Möderne (he pronounces it Mo-Durn), his 10th album.  This is going to be a fun one me thinks…

    Couch Kid New Music brings good friends Wendy DeWitt and Kirk Harwood back to The Couch with their most excellent new album, Getaway.  The duo, who we last saw on the IBC Final stage, have brought in some friends to help out, but as always this is about the dynamics between Wendy and Kirk and how it can fill a room.  We’ll caht about their lives and music and more.



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    Strap Up : Special Guest Reggie Gaskins - Actor / Producer / Director

    in Entertainment

    Need an elixir for a broken heart? SOUL LIXS offers up a weekly doses : We promise, you've never had conversation like this before. Topics, Artist, Music and Introducing the "HOT COUCH" Tune in every Tuesday 9PM ET | 6PM PT Host - Darrin Henson, Monica Elam, Rose Bush, Mike McCary

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    How to recover from damaged and sore muscles after a workout!

    in Health

    We have all had injuries from working out or from work or from other trauma's.

    After 12 years of playing professional football Dr. John Dewitt has developed skills secret techniques to recover fast and heal injuries magically!

    You will be able to work harder with less chance of injurie with just a few simple steps!

    Don't miss this life changing episode!!

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