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    MISSING PERSON: Dennis Banks Asks 4 Help to Find Granddaughter, Rose Downwind

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    AIM Co-founder Dennis Banks is asking for anyone who might have information regarding the disappearance of his 31-year-old  granddaughter Rose Downwind. Downwind, the mother of five children was reportedly last seen at the Target store in Bemidji, Minnesota on October 19, 2015. 

    Rose is 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighs 120 lbs. and has a light brown clear complexion.

    My daughter, Darla Banks, the mother of Rose, is distraught and very fearful of foul play. She is anxious to locate her as soon as possible. Rose is the mother of five children. Anyone with information regarding  Rose Downwind’s disappearance to please call the following numbers: The Rose Downhill Hot Line at 763-242-4242,  Darla Banks at 763-354-9434 or Carol Collins at 616-204-3624.

    Read more at http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2015/10/28/missing-person-dennis-banks-asks-help-find-his-missing-granddaughter-162251

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    Kaitlyn Barbee ... Country/Pop Singer/Songwriter

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    Today Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes the Country/Pop Singer/Songwriter Kaitlyn Barbee to the show!


    Kaitlyn is a 21 year old singer/songwriter from Hartland, Michigan. She is currently working with III Worlds Entertainment and Death By Lipstick Productions. 
    Kaitlyn recently celebrated the release of her first album titled “Blue”, which is available on both iTunes and Amazon.  In addition, Kaitlyn released her first official music video this summer for her hit single “Fire”.  You can view this video on YouTube which can be accessed from her website, kaitlynbarbee.com.  In September, Kaitlyn visited the city of Nashville where she had the honors of playing/singing some of her original music at the Whiskey Bent Saloon and the very famous Blue Bird Café.

    Media Inquiries: 
    Darla Barbee

    This episode is sponsored by 
    Chasing Your Dream Radio 

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    Finally-Hope for homelessness

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    Daria Jones is a tireless champion of human rights for homeless people,
    particularly women. She is a board member for the United Caring Services, an
    innovative, trauma-informed facility in Evansville, Indiana that provides shelter,
    job training, and access to medical and mental health services for homeless
    persons. Formerly board president, Daria is now committee chair for United
    Caring Services Ruth's House Women's Shelter. United Caring Services' policy is to
    refer to residents as guests, and Ms. Jones embodies the spirit of hospitality,
    inclusion, and inspiration as she facilitates quality meals being cooked for the
    guests, as well as a house garden, art classes, and book discussions for all who
    find shelter there.

    Ms. Daria Jones resides in Evansville, Indiana with her children ages 20, 18 and 17.
    She attended Ivy Tech Community College where she obtained her Medical
    Assisting Degree.Daria serves on the Ivy Tech Community College Alumni State
    Advisory Council and active in the Ivy Tech local Alumni Association. Daria was
    awarded the IVY Tech Community College Outstanding Alumni Award for the
    Southwest Region in 2014.

    In addition to her groundbreaking work at United Caring Services, Daria works for
    a community health clinic In Evansville, Indiana where she facilitated a
    prescription assistance program for patients who did not have prescription
    insurance benefits. She now provides professional skills as a phone nurse. Ms.
    Jones is always thinking of new ways to use her positive attitude to strengthen
    and benefit the community. 

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    A Powerful U: The Pregnant Entrepreneur with Darla DeMarrow

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    The Pregnant Entrepreneur is the first book on how to handle pregnancy’s physical, emotional and financial baby bumps while running your own business. The rules, norms and challenges are more complex when a mom-to-be works for herself. The book is a 'how-to" guide and a study of how mothers can change the rules by creating flourishing businesses while adjusting to and embracing motherhood. The book includes practical advice, critical questions at the end of each chapter and case studies from other pregnant business owners. If there is a way to take the stress out of one of the most stressful challenges of becoming a new mom – combining a work life with motherhood, you are likely to find it in this book written by a mom of two who also runs a thriving professional organizing and design business. 
    Have you registered for Power Up Weekend 2012? Don't miss early bird discounts! http://powerupweekend.com/

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    "Simply Magical" is a documentary about a theater troupe of largely disabled performers. The film's director Darla Rae is our guest.  People are talking about this film...

    "Simply Magical" is a heartfelt documentary that reminds us all that anything is possible as long as we believe. A must see inspirational film." Lynette Elliott - Assoc. Editor San Francisco Magazine

    "Simply Magical" documentary should not just be seen in theaters, but in schools and churches as well. It reaches out to a need that every community has: to help those with special needs and that these children and adults need to be seen as persons with inner strengths."  Fred R. Eichleman, ED.D., Editor of Point North Tidings

    For over 30 years Magic Moments has fulfilled a lifetime of dreams and memories for those who  otherwise would have never graced the stage, except in their own quiet whisperings. Magic Moments brings together a community of performers for a new original musical production year after year, with over 200 actors,100 crew and support staff volunteers to sold out audiences each night. Magic Moments productions are a unique blending of performers who are professional, amateur, and those from the special needs community who are the true shining stars. Simply Magical documentary chronicles the 31 years and its impact that it has had on the community and lives in Denver Colorado. The true purpose is to share this one of a kind volunteer theatrical production with others across the country and around the world.

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    Retreat and Grow Rich: Add 6-Figures a Year by Hosting Small Retreats

    in Marketing

    Do you love the work you do, but run into some of these issues?

    - You constantly find that people in your free strategy sessions are a perfect fit, but they ‘aren’t ready yet’
    - You are bringing in one client at a time and doing a lot of legwork to get them in
    - You’ve run out of personal, 1-on-1 time in your business to deliver your work, and you haven’t found that magic formula to leverage yourself

    Small retreats may be your answer! Darla LeDoux has consistently added 6-figures in revenue to her business each year, with one core strategy – hosting small retreats. Not only can small retreats help you reach more people, but they help your best future clients get to know you intimately, and trust you to be ‘their person.’ In this interview she tells all.

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    CSWE Listens and Speaks: Selecting an MSW Program

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    Monday, 23 February, at 9:00-11:00 PM EST (6:00 pm PST) , ‘CSWE Listens and Speaks’ offers a show on selecting a graduate MSW program from among the 200+ CSWE nationally accredited programs in the United States.

    CSWE President Dr. Darla Coffey leads a very experienced panel of graduate educators in discussing many issues and answer your questions. They will take calls with questions and thoughts all evening at 347-327-9168.

    The panel members joining President Coffey include:
    Linda Grobman, MSW. Editor of ‘The New Social Worker’.
    Dr. Bruce Friedman, Graduate Faculty California State University: Bakersfield.
    Terry Keller, MSW/Ab.D. Graduate Faculty at Michigan State University.
    Duane Breijak, LLMSW, Michigan NASW Student Coordinator.
    Dr. Dennis Cogswell, Graduate Faculty Emeritus, Radford University.

    Topics the panel plans to cover include: Importance of CSWE accreditation; What factors should I be addressing when selecting a social work program? What if the value of an MSW education above an MFT education? What are the different specialties available nation-wide? Is it really worthwhile to accumulate that much debt to earn an MSW?  What factors besides faculty make a good graduate social work program? Online vs. face-to-face programs; What if I am interested in both clinical and macro practice? Importance of location of school .  Do national rankings really matter? Background on the number of graduate social work programs, concentrations, etc.; What Do I Need to Know about Doctoral Programs in Social Work?

    From 10:00PM EST-11:00 PM EST,  February 23, Terry Keller and Duane Breijak will lead a panel of present and recent MSW students in discussing how they made their choose and will also be available at 347-327-9168 to answer your questions.

    Please spread the word to students and colleagues about this special show and opportunity.

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    Director Darla Rae: Award-winning Filmmaker

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    Darla Rae is an award winning Christian filmmaker & CEO of Film It Productions. Her 1st feature film, “The Goal” won 9 awards at film Festivals in 3 countries, & has screened internationally & received worldwide distribution. Rae’s doc “Dandy Kids” won awards & screened before Congress & was distributed by Film It Productions & continues to help the medical community along with children & their families around the world. Spirit of Love is her most recent success story. It was nominated against Warner Brothers 42 for an ICM award for TOP 5 Best Inspirational Movie. While the films have parallel moments their budgets couldn’t be further apart. While “42” was made for $ 40 million, Rae’s film came in under 40K & in 14 days. Spirit of Love, the Mike Glenn story is the 5th feature & 2nd sports film for Rae. The film has received numerous awards including the Inspirational Country Music associations Best Inspirational Family Movie. She's excited to be telling the story inspired by the Mike Glenn basketball camps for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing. Mike is a retired NBA player who played for the NY Knicks & the Atlanta Hawks. He was commissioner for the WBA. The story was brought to Rae by 2 coaches familiar with her work both who have coached at the camps for 20 yrs. Current projects in development are a narrative feature “Brian’s Story, Beyond the Grave” & a doc called “Simply Magical.” Rae started acting at the age of 8 & has written, directed, & produced stage, film, & commercial productions. She's an alumna of The Academy of Dramatic Arts. For info visit film-itproductions.com

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    Replay - Welcome Award Winning Filmmaker, Darla Rae!

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    Darla Rae is an award winning Christian filmmaker and CEO of Film It Productions. Her first full-length feature film, “The Goal” won 9 awards at various International Film Festivals in three countries, and has screened internationally and received worldwide distribution. Rae’s first documentary “Dandy Kids” also won awards and screened before the U.S. Congress and was distributed by Film It Productions and continues to help the medical community along with children and their families around the world.

    Spirit of Love is her most recent success story. It was also nominated against Warner Brothers successful sports film about Jackie Robinson for an ICM award for TOP 5 Best Inspirational Movie. The film has received numerous awards including the Inspirational Country Music Associations “Best Inspirational Family Movie of the Year" in October 2013. She is excited and honored to be telling the story inspired by the Mike Glenn basketball camps for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

    Current projects in development are  a narrative feature “ Brian’s Story, Beyond the Grave”, and a feature documentary called “Simply Magical.”

    Darla encourages people everywhere to follow their dreams and to use the talents God has given them to make a difference in the lives of others. She also wants to show how people’s faith in God can help overcome obstacles, regardless of what those obstacles are.

    For more information visit www.film-itproductions.com

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    FREEDOM’S GATE: Has Race Baiting Destroyed Martin Luther King’s Dream

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    In 2015 Rev. Martin Luther King would be thinking about America the legacy of his struggles and if his dream were still relevant today. The celebrations that are being held in his honor throughout the nation are sadly tarnished by what race baiting has accomplished over the past several years.

    Rev. King and the leaders of the civil rights movement of the late 1950’s and 1960’s did not seek out individuals of questionable conduct and attempt to raise them up as heroes of a movement to free black people from racism and prejudice.  If he and others of that time had done that, the civil rights movement would have been dead on arrival.

    Join Lonnie Poindexter, national civil rights leader and celebrated host of the Freedom’s Journal Radio Show along with Darla Sutton Dawald, noted Tea Party leader, and head of One Nation Rising. They will be discussing the impact and effect of race baiting in America and how Rev. Martin Luther’s King’s legacy and dream can be recaptured.

    Later in the hour the guests will tackle just where in the world the traditional family hour in American homes has gone.  Has the absence at the dinner table had a damaging impact in families and in America?  Who or what is at fault and has its absence destroyed the fabric of home life and traditional values?  Is Hollywood, Gangster Rap music and violent video games part of the problem?

    We will discuss possible solutions to help lay the foundation for recapturing family hour in American homes on Freedom’s Gate, live Wednesday at 6:30pm EST and then available on demand. A production of Communities Digital News

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    IndieReview Behind The Scenes Cultured Shock's spotlight Author Jessica McHugh!

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    Hello Everyone! Welcome to Culture Shocked with Culture Shocked host Author Jamie White!! Tonight Jamie will chat with Speculative Fiction Author Jessica  McHugh.

    Jessica McHugh is an author of speculative fiction spanning the genre from horror and alternate history to young adult. A 2013 Pulp Ark nominee, she has devoted herself to novels, short stories, poetry, and playwriting. Jessica has had seventeen books published in six years, including her bestselling thriller, "Rabbits in the Garden," and the first two books in her edgy YA series "The Darla Decker Diaries." More info on her speculations and publications can be found at