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    in Romance

    Come get LIVE AFTER DARK!

    2015 winds down as a new year promises new opportunities...highlights and...pittfalls. This ending year certainly was chock full of twists and turns.

    As we go into the next year we will revisit the LIVEcouch. And address "What Women Want..." ...and the art of conversation.

    Tonight I introduce to you my NEW cohost....ONYX!!!

    RebeCoca will be sitting in the studio tonight sharing her new segment...

    "Conversations...with ONYX!"

    So don't miss out.

    Come on...

    Let's Get LIVE!!!

    After Dark.


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    Daytime after dark welcomes staci greason to the show for the frist time

    in Television

    Daytime after dark welcomes Staci Greason for the frist time she Played Issabella Black on Days of our lives and she was also in Friday the 13th and she will be taking you calls



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    LOVE!! Relationships & The Oscars Black Snub Debate - Let's Get LIVE After Dark!

    in Romance

    Talk Time Internet Radio, Tonight we get LIVE!!! After Dark on Love & Relationships. As Valentine's Dayeases upon us, tonight we will tackle the ups, downs and the down lows of dating.

    As well as.... touch upon the Oscars Black Snub debate. With the impending boycott, where will Black programming, film and television go from here? Promises of change, have been placed on the table... as snubs continue for the cast of Straight Outta Compton.

    How will we ...Black America respond to the backlash?

    Will the boycott affect box office sales? Or, will it blow over with the next great movie?

    Join us tonight, as we get...


    After Dark!

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    Let's Get LIVE After Dark! Relationships & The All About Me Factor.When 2 Let Go

    in Romance

    Welcome to LIVE AFTER DARK!!!

    Let's get busy! Dealing with clingy non-productive partners tht seem to literally drown the relationship.

    Does LOVE win out every time? can communication save a drowning relationship? Or, should one cut the cords, and save themselves?

    Do we take time to invest in our relationships these days, or are they disposable due to inconvienences in our current lives, or worth the re-investment when things get a little boring under the roof or the sheets?

    WE will ask the questions tonight that some are afraid to mention, and try to find a resolution to a time worn dilemma.

    Do we stay and play? Or do we make a get away?

     Call in with the answers! If you think you have the answers.



    YOUR HOSTS: DIAMOND RYAN & The ONYX! of Conversations with ONYX!

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    Daytime after dark welcomes Tony SingingEagle to the show

    in Television

    welcome to the show for First time on the show Tony Singing Eagle to the show on Daytime after dark it going to be a great interview

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    Daytime after dark welcomes Réal Andrews to the show for the first time

    in Television

    Welcome to daytime after dark tonight Guest is Real Andrews he has been on GH and Days of our lives and As the worlds turns and also Amc, also the Bay too and Born of the Fouth of July and please call in and ask qustion

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    GET LIVE AFTER DARK! Sitting In Studio w/ZACK! - Can We get Together? #ZNATION!

    in Romance

    Let's Get LIVE!!!!

    ...After Dark!!!

    It's FRIDAY Night, and we, the LOVELIES of the LIVE Mic, AMY GREEN! of Burlesque About Town, and ONYX!!!! of Conversations with ONYX, and of course... yours truly, Diamonds are a girl's BEST FRIEND!!! Diamond Ryan!

    ...have right here... in studio, none other than national touring artist, ZACK!... in the house!!!

    Zack has been working on some very exciting and interesting projects, this month, which he will share with us here tonight, as well as his completion of a HOT, NEW, SEXY Single... ummm, aptly named... "Can We Get Together"...

    We will be dropping a little sumpthin, sumpthin' ...a little later in the show... so, stay tuned, pull up a chair... get that call in number ready... Annnnnnnnnnd,


    YOUR LIVE HOSTS: Amy Green, ONYX & Diamond Ryan!

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    Daytime after dark welcomes Timothy D. Stickney for the first time

    in Television

    Welcome back to Daytime after dark for our frist show in 2016 we will be having Timothy D Stickey for the frist time on the show he played RJ On one life to life and he been in alot of good movies such as Copland and many more movies and he will be taking fan calls

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    Are we due for another "dark age"?

    in Politics Conservative

    Doug is encouraged by the present populist uprising in American politics, but doesn't expect it to deliver a swift or stunning reversal of affairs. 

    If successful, the populist revolution will displace the elites, or at least drastically diminish their grip on power.  Yet a populist uprising also holds potential to usher in deeper political clashes, perhaps even a sort of dark age until our civilization returns to basic, proven civics and discards the folly of political correctness.

    In an online discussion, Don responded along similar lines:

    Dark ages are required for the same reason as recessions and depressions. 
    Recessions and depressions are part of the normal business cycle. 
    Dark ages are part of the normal social cycle. 
    Populists are part of the normal cycle because they are the only ones who can form large groups in times of insanity. 
    Artificially preventing either the business cycle or the social cycle for an extended time only insures that when nature again takes hold, the snap back to the mean will be more powerful than if nature had been allowed to take its course.
     The new dark age will be especially bleak as it will almost certainly involve Internet outages if not a complete collapse. 

    In previous dark ages, people at least retained knowledge of basic things like farming, how to start fires, or how to take a leak or take a dump in the woods if need be. 

    Few of this generation, at least in the U.S. (and in much of Europe), have ever had an interest in operating at a more basic level, and have increasingly abandoned skills of both the un-mechanized world as well as technologies formerly embraced in the analog one. 

    Your thoughts?

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    An Hour With Johnny Dark

    in Comedy

    Johnny Dark, comedian, actor, singer, producer, may now be best known for appearing on “The Late Show with David Letterman.” Most recently Johnny created a mini series about Abraham Lincoln called “Johnny Dark’s Lincoln,” which he has now turned this mini series into a one-man show following the life of Lincoln from birth to his untimely death.

    Johnny grew up in New Jersey where he got his first taste of show business shining shoes outside nightclubs. It was there he shined Johnnie Ray’s shoes and got to watch his show at the Manor Supper Club. This sparked an interest in music.  Before getting into comedy, Johnny teamed up with Paul Lowden to create a music show. Together they got a 10-week gig in the Carnival Lounge at the Ed Torres’ Fremont Hotel in Las Vegas. Johnny would play the drums and sing while Paul played the organ.

    After his stint in Las Vegas, Johnny moved to Los Angeles to further pursue music. However, after a trip to The Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard Johnny fell in love with comedy. At The Comedy Store he got to learn stand-up along side his peers Jay Leno, David Letterman, and Robin Williams.

    Johnny began his comedy career appearing in feature films such as Rip-Off with Michael Benet, Night Patrol with Linda Blair and Pat Paulsen, Smart Alex with Steve Oedekerk. In 2006, he started as a regular on “The Late Show with David Letterman” where he appeared as several characters including the oldest CBS page, B.J. Twain, and President Abraham Lincoln. He continued this role as a regular for 4 years.

    Not only has Johnny appeared in many comedic roles, but he has also gone on comedy tours with other great entertainers, such as Shirley MacLaine, Ginger Rogers, Pat Paulsen, and Engelbert Humperdink. 

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    Chicken wings and beer the John Dark Walters show

    in Comedy

    Welcome to the John Dark Walters Show & The Church Of The Heavily Medicated.

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