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    Epiphany's House welcomes Hurrikane The poet and Chaeya and her Dark Secret!

    in Entertainment

    I love a double billed show..why? cause it is dope. You get alot of art in a short amount of time and then your heart is lifted for the rest of the day...I dig art.  I dig dope artists..you will absolutely dig my guests this episode...  Check it...

    Chaeya...Did some work for George Clinton..Went to England in 1988 and lived there doing work as a session vocalist for Island and EMI Records.  Recorded remixes fro Shriekback, Yello, and Pia Zadora that were issued in vinyl.  In 1991, worked on an AIDS record in Zurich, Switzerland with Melanie Thornton of LaBouche fame.  In 1993, recorded tracks for Warner Chappell Music.  Formed Electric Gentlemen Records and Studios in 2000, recorded my first CD, The Quickening in 2003.  Formed Chaeya & Her Dark Secret in 2011, had Theron Brison aka Thee Ram Jam from Bootsy Collins' Funk University as bass player who was murdered in 2011.  Took time off to grieve and released Rise on MLK Day in 2015.

      Hurrikane the poet... HurriKane the poet was born Steven Clark. HurriKane considers himself a community activist, artist and also a poet. He started doing art as a child in Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children. Truly influenced by the hip hop era he became an MC and later a poet. He has written a book entitled. Poetry for the people. Pairing forty four painting and poems. He considers his job to stand on the shoulders of the elders who remind us where we come from and as he puts it who we isum

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    Dark Mantis Talk - Special Guest the GPA (Greatest Poet Alive)

    in Entertainment

    Hosted by Jeanette Michelle - Cohosts Autrey and Dj Jappuck

    Special Guest Interview with the Greatest Poet Alive

    This entire show is all about the GPA an hour interview

    To know more about this artist go to www.iamdark.com and click on the link "on spotlight

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    Dark Mantis Talk - Special guest Author/Poet Jesse Owens II

    in Entertainment

    Hosted by Jeanette Michelle  and Co-host Djjappuck and Autrey Rice

    Author/Poet Jesse Owens II will talk about his second book of poems "Chronicles of the Heart". 

    Chronicles of the Heart captures the peaks and valleys of Jesse's journey that allows the reader to be vulnerable, and victorious over the growing pains that come from exposing fears and feelings in each one's own romantic experiences. This helps the reader and his or her partner to divulge difficulties and doubts. Ultimately, the book should freely open each other's minds, hearts and souls, helping each to experience and enjoy the journey together.

    Author/Poet Jesse Owens II is featured on Dark Mantis Enterprises website at www.iamdark.com.  Click on the link " On spotlight." 

    Dark Mantis Enterprises has updated the website - check out Dark Mantis Enterprises new look.

    Additional Topics

    Relationships, health, and  Ebola Virus outbreak in Africa.



  • 01:25

    Dark Mantis Talk - Interview with Author/Poet Jay Brown

    in Entertainment

    Hosted by Author Jeanette Michelle and Co-hosts Autrey and DjJappuck

    Author/Poet Jay Brown will talk about his new release "Gotta Make It" and his recent miracle VIA his interview.  Jay Brown says he has a testimony that he must share with the world.  During this show two poems from his book "Heaven and Hell? Growing up as a Youth in America" will air on this show.  Jay Brown says he is not a rapper, but a spoken word Poet. Jay Will also talk about his recent miracle.

    Author Jay Brown is featured on Dark Mantis Enterprises website at www.iamdark.com/onspotlight.html.

    Feng Shui Tips

    Gm Recalls


  • 01:32

    Dark Mantis Talk Show - Author/Poet Victoria Warren-Jackson

    in Entertainment

    Hosted by Jeanette Michelle

    Co-hosts  Autrey and Dj Jappuck

    Author/Poet Victoria Warren-Jackson will talk about her 3 published novels (Not Just Us, Can You Feel me & Untraditional Love in the Dark) writing experience and publishing experience.  Victoria Warren-Jackson is also featured on Dark Mantis Enterprises website at www.iamdark.com/onspotlight.html.  This page lins to Victoria's website and press release.

    Additional topics

    What happened in the Vatican?

    The importance of the cockroach

    Phadra and Apollo.

    For more information visit www.iamdark.com

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    Darks upcoming website Dark Illusions

    in Radio

    revolutionizing the net in a new way

    Dark Illusions is a website for all your needs

    weather wherever you are

    tickets to local music venues

    3 chat rooms with cam chat

    Free movies and VOD theater

    1 limited quantity accessories store

    1 huge variety store clothing and even items for discreet private personal needs


    3 news centers with articles related to the site, my interests, history and more

    astrology and tarot

    science and space info

    so much to talk about

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    Down & Dirty After Dark

    in Entertainment

    Down & Dirty After Dark  airs every Monday & Thursday from 930 - 1130 ET.  We talk about love, sex & relationships from all walks of life & NO TOPIC IS OFF LIMTS!!  Tune in for something new, funny & sexy!  For adults only.

    Tonight we will be talking about ways to spice up your relationship and much more.


  • 01:12

    Daytime after dark welcomes Billy Warlock

    in Television

    Daytime after dark welcomes for the frist time on the show Billy Warlock. He has played Eddie Kramer on baywatch also on Days of our lives as Frankie Brady and and  as A. J. Quartermaine on General Hospital.also Ben Hollander, on the young and the Restless. As the World Turns as Anthony Blackthorn and also
    One Life to Live as Ross Rayburn Dont miss this amazing interview and he wil be taking you calls.


  • 02:18

    Daytime after dark welcomes Kiko Ellsworth

    in Television

    Daytime after dark welcomes Kiko Ellsworth on the show. he played on port charles and and GH  . Aka Jamal Woods   and he also was on GH as  Stan Johnson and he was also in once and again and His frist movie was All or Nothing (2002). and then he was also in bad Bad Boys II,

    he will be talking you Calls and it will be be a good interview and then we will be talking about soaps and maybe playing a game

  • 02:38

    Down & Dirty After Dark

    in Entertainment

    Down & Dirty After Dark airs each and every Monday and Thursday from 9:30 - 11:30 pm ET.  We talk about love, sex and relationships from all walks of life.  There is no topic off limits here on Down & Dirty After Dark.

    Tonight we will be talking about 

    Does the size of the ring matter
    What if he proposed with a fake ring
    Position of the week
    Does size of the penis matter if you love him & he treats you good
    Fellas, would you allow your girlfriend/wife to go to Vegas for an all girls trip?

    347-838-8809 to listen or comment (press 1) earkandyradio.com

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    Author Paul DeThroe and Poet Coralie Rowe

    in Writing

    In our first hour we will chat with Paul DeThroe, dark fiction author hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. He’s been a camera/darkroom operator, film stripper, printer, production manager, and a soldier. His main duties now are raising his children and writing and then hustling his works of terror to an unsuspecting public. DeThroe’s novels include The Devil’s Prophet (2012), Suffer the Witch Chronicles Vol. 1, Rise of the Raven Knights (2013), Vol. 2, The Dragon-Wizard’s Crystal Skull (2014), and soon to released, Vol. 3, Quest of the Fire Dragon (2015). In 2015, DeThroe will release Darker than Black Horror Anthology, the first collection in what will be a series of dark fiction anthologies. Following soon after will be his take on dystopia & speculative fiction, Nightmare Worlds (May 2015). Wicked Witches, Devils & Dragons (Oct. 2015) will appear next haunting season, and the title says it all. Twisted Tech, DeThroe’s ode to sci-fi short stories will be published in 2016. DeThroe is currently working on a futuristic sci-fi/dystopia called The Last Demigod. Early plans call for a late 2015 release.

    Then in our second hour, Poet Coralie Rowe will be with us as we premier several of her Poems recorded by Viktor Aurelius. C. Rowe is new to the writing scene. Previously being a baker by trade, now a mum. Rowe found an interest in writing poetry, and has been published in several horror anthologies recently.

    It will be a GREAT show! You won't want to miss it!!