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    Beware of Dark Forces in Your Dreams | K8278

    in Paranormal

    Complimentary - Antidoteforall.com
    Host: Roy Masters
    Roy said, "Take care not to give into the dark forces while sleeping".

    Nicole says, "Satan comes in my dreams and it frightens me not to meditate".

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  • Daytime after dark welcomes Jordi Vilasuso

    in Television

    Daytime after dark welcoems Jordi Vilasuo to the show for the Frist time, He been on Gulding light and also Amc and and now he on Days.Also a lot of primetme shows as well

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    Daytime after dark welcomes Alica Wills on the show

    in Television

    Daytime after dark welcome Alica Wills back to the show. and she has been in alot of great shows and she another world and then she warm our hears as Courtney on GH 2001-2006 and then again last year for the Nurse ball to see her son spencer. and also She has been on Days and 7th heaven and alot more shows it will be a great interview and she will be taking you calls

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    Daytime after dark welcomes Thaao Penghlis

    in Television

    Daytime after dark welccomes Thaao  Penghlis  Back to the show and he been on days and GH and many primetime shows and it will be a great show Also he has Written two books The Journey of My Days, My Lives and also Seducing Celebrities: One Meal at a Time.


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    Daytime after dark welcomes for the First time Judith Chapman

    in Television

    Daytime after dark is welcome Judith Chapan to the show for the frist time it will be a great interview

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    Daytime after dark welcomes back to the show Robert Newman

    in Television

    Daytime after dark welcomes Robert Newman to the show for the 2nd time and he been so many good shows and he was it on Chicago Fire and he been in a couple of Played Josh Lewis on Gulding light for over 30 years

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    Breaking The Apron Strings. Parental Interference. "Let's Get LIVE! After Dark"

    in Romance


    Tonight we get in the middle of the relationship battles between spouses... that let their parents run their households. We are asking the questions, and hope you will join us with the answers.

    Ladies...Are you living with a mommy's boy?

    Fellas..are you married to a daddy's girl...

    Are parents all up in your relationship? TONIGHT we talk about... "Breaking The Apron Strings..."

    Do you share too much with your parent when trouble arises in the relationship? Are you suffering from the Kris Jenner complex? Where you find yourself a reflection of what your parents think is best...

    Was you mate just not good enough or wasn't exactly what your Mom envisioned for you?  Men and women both can suffer from an all to over bearing, busy body, all up in your business mom or dad?

    There are waaaay...too many people who run to the Mom or Dad.... every time something doesn't go right in the relationship...

    Grown folks... who are not being the man, or woman they "thought" they were... when they married...

    Suffering the relationship every time something goes awry...

    Like :

    Eating at momma's every Monday, through Sunday... because your wife or hubbie can't cook like your mom....[even though she/he is trying]...

    Or talking about the spending habits or problems with family members, instead of with their mate..

    Or calling daddy over for every fix it job, instead of trying to work through it and learn together?

    Are family members ruining your marriage? And are you inviting trouble by runnng to the parent?

    Well, put your big drawls on... because...

    It's time to get REAL about being adults in your marriage..

    Join us, as we get... LIVE AFTER DARK!! 

    Your Hosts: DIAMOND RYAN & Conversations with ONYX! 

  • Daytime after dark welcomes Devon Martinez to the show for First time

    in Television

    Daytime after dark welcomes Devon Martinez to the show for the Frist time she has been before you Eyes and also Shawn on The young and the restless and she is doing such job and she will be interview and taking you Calls. and YR need to keep her she doing such a good job

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    QSI Version Further On "The Forces Of Faith"

    in Education

    WDM on Unity of Man and Matter in A Spiritual Universe

    Everything that Allah created has an inclination to obey what he intended for that thing in its nature or its natural constitution. [Which means all things are] influenced by the law of G’d for them, that he established in their creation.

    Now spiritual is to be understood as influence. So because of influence on them on their entity they react and obey. [For example,] the sun's influence upon life on earth brings about obedience and growth, etc. right? Right.

    Now the world of science says that everything is interconnected and so everything is influenced by everything else. So this is a universal kind of gravity and more than just gravity but other influences.  This is universal influence; invisible forces working between things  and, therefore, the universe is a spiritual environment for those things.

    Yes so the creation shares with us then a spiritual nature doesn't it? But we're talking about influences. Don't miss that. Don't think about our human spirit. It also has a spiritual nature. It also responds to influences [It also it acts and reacts as a subject to the influence of the laws of G'd]. It [the material universe] has a spiritual nature and it is affected spiritually by the things all around it because it has its spiritual nature. It is affected by the spirit or the spiritual environment all around it or the influences all around it and all about it.

    02/25/1995 Athens, GeorgiaImams' Ramadan Session – An Excerpt

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    Daytime after dark Welcomes jason Thompson on the show frist time

    in Television

    Dont miss Daytime after dark on Friday at 4pm west coast time it will be a great show and Jason has been on GH as patrick Drake and now he on YR as Billy Abbot. he will be taking you calls

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    Hot topics and much more on Daytime after dark

    in Television

    Tonight show we wil be talk about the fact that pop tv will be taking of days of our lives of the line-up and how we feel about. and also we will be taking about Soaps and primetime stuff as well

    sit back and grab a glass of you favortie Drink and let enjoy The show