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    Daria Justyn - Psychic Medium

    in Spirituality

    Returning guest Daria Justyn is a psychic medium who also has a radio show on BlogTalk. It is called "Medium in Our Midst."
    Daria is the author of a book called "Angels Whisper to Us" About her book Daria says,
    "With Angels Whisper to Us I have created a manual that teaches the reader how to access and understand the guidance, inspiration and acknowledgment that comes to us from Angels, spirit guides and loved ones who have passed on, via our daydreams."
    Daria still actively sees clients for mediumistic work, as well as teaching her students how to do psychic, intuitive and mediumistic work. She is a very multi-talented woman!
    Daria Justyn's website
    Toward the end of the show, we will take calls and Daria will do brief readings.

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    WideAwake with Melissa & Leanne welcomes back Daria Justyn

    in Spirituality

    After a holiday break, we are happy to be back for our first show of 2014.  We are excited to welcome back our special guest Psychic Medium Daria Justyn. Join us fdor an hour of insight and inspiration. We will be taking your calls and givng mini readings as well. www.DariaJustyn.com


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    Inalienable Right with Daria, Ellen and Zook

    in Politics Conservative

    Tune in to Inalienable Right on Thursday, November 21 at 8 p.m. Eastern with your hosts Ellen "The Conservative Diva" Snyder, Daria DiGiovanni, and WBTN founder/call-screener/chat room host Zook. Aside from a Zook Rant, this week they'll tackle many important topics including:

    The Racism of Oprah Winfrey
    The Bigotry of Arne Wilson and the Common Core Elites
    The Miosgyny of the Left, Martin Bashir Edition
    The Jeff W. Schrader Memorial for Gun Rights and Veterans Causes 

    Care to opine on these and other issues? The hosts welcome your calls at (914) 338-1458 and your participation in the live chat!


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    The Best of 2009 with Black Daria

    in Entertainment

    What happened this year? Obama was sworn into office, and soonafter, celebrities began running amok. I'm going to break it down, Black Daria style...special guest TBA.

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    06 - Daria Justyn, the Medium in Our Midst!

    in Entertainment

    It's Halloween time! So, who better to help us bring out our inner spooky-geek the show than Daria Justyn, an actual, factual Psychic, Medium & Clairvoyant! Danimator has been a long time fan of Daria's show, Medium In Our Midst here on BlogTalk Radio and she's also the author of Angels Whisper to Us ~ Decoding the Messages in Daydreams. We're pretty jazzed to have her on and can't wait to hear her ghost-hunting tales. Yeah! Ghost stories! She's sure to bring a few surprises to the show, too!But ... what does Biff think aobut all this? I'm sure he, like you, dear listener, will have more than a few questions. ("What about the Twinkie?")So, even if you're not a "true-beliver" (in the Stan Lee sense) you're sure to enjoy this one, promise!  

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    Writestream Tuesday: Happy First Anniversary CLFA!

    in Writing

    It's hard to believe that the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance on Facebook is celebrating its one-year anniversary -- and what a fabulous year it has been!

    Join author and Writestream founder Dariaanne for Writestream Tuesday when she welcomes CLFA founder Marina Fontaine to the show. Among other things, Marina and Daria will share their thoughts on the group, its purpose, its accomplishments, and its goals for the future. They'll also delve into universal challenges facing independent authors like choosing the right platform for you book, managing expectations, and using social media for success. Other topics to be discussed include how to write an honest but constructively critical review for fellow indy authors, and how the CLFA members manage to remain friends even when passionate thread topics become....well, passionate.

    The ladies may even add to some of the gift-giving suggestions from the December 2 episode. After the first hour, stay tuned for the Right Wing Riot with Scary Smart, Ms. Always Right, and The Prince of Whitebread!

    Got a question or comment during the live broadcast? Call us at (347) 945-7246.

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    Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss with Stacey Halprin

    in Women

    Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss covers women's issues from relationships, family, marriage, dating & health, to fashion, make-up & hairstyles. We air each Thursday at 7pm ET. Grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea & spend the evening with your  hosts, Daria DiGiovanni and Lisa Tarves and our expert guests. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for information on upcoming shows and other great information!

    This week LLL talks to Actress, Author and Motivational Speaker, Stacey Halprin.  Tune in to learn what Oprah wanted to talk to Stacey about so much, that she was on her show 13 times!

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    "Off the Hook" with Daria DiGiovanni & "Afterburner LIVE"

    in Politics Conservative

    Our Spotlight this week is on the lovely conservative author, blogger, radio host and new media DIVA, Ms. Daria DiGiovanni.  We will be chatting with Ms. DiGiovanni about all her exciting new projects, books, shows, etc.  You won't want to miss this show!
    Join us every Friday night at 9:00 PM EST --  for some American Culture Music.  It's a spectacular way to unwind and dust off the humdrum of the week with some amazing music and extraordinary company.  So grab your favorite beverage and snacks, kick off your boots, and be prepared to be blown away by  some multi-talented  grassroots artists who happen to be --- Conservatives and Libertarians  
    "Off the Hook" features original music by American Culture artists at BigDawg Music Mafia and a guest Spotlight artist each week.
    "Afterburner" is our LIVE listener request and dedication where we play songs YOU want to hear in our second hour.   Call in to request your favorite song, dedicate a song on the air, or let us know in chat.
    Hosted by Lisa Mei Produced & Directed by Lisa Day
    This show is simulcasted on our main radio site, BigDawg Music Radio

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    Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss - Find Your Life Purpose

    in Women

    Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss covers women's issues from relationships, family, marriage, dating & health, to fashion, make-up & hairstyles. We air each Thursday at 7pm ET. Grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea & spend the evening with your  hosts, Daria DiGiovanni and Lisa Tarves and our expert guests. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for information on upcoming shows and other great information!

    This week:

    Suzanne Strisower is a Life Purpose Expert and certified Life and Career Coach on the personal, professional and spiritual aspects of our lives. She shows people ways to incorporate their life purpose into their daily lives for personal meaningful and fulfillment. She’s an award winning author of three books including the international book competition award-winning workbook, 111 Inspirational Life Purpose Quotes and Exercises to Find their Purpose in Life. Academically accomplished, Suzanne has a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and numerous specialized trainings. She’s been featured on a National Geographic hit reality television show, National Public Radio book show and numerous radio shows and telesummits. Suzanne has been quoted as an expert in publications by the University of Phoenix and SheKnows.com among many others and she hosts the weekly Living Life on Purpose Radio show on the Living Well Talk Radio Network.. She is listed in the Who’s Who of American Women.

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    Squared Circle Cafe: Where Are The Brass Rings

    in Entertainment

    On this week's edition of the SCC, we review the winners of the 2014 WWE Slammy Awards. Which one were we shocked to see win? And why did Seth Rollins steal one? Plus, NXT had one of the most shocking special events in Network history. What made our host flip their lids? We give TLC predictions, discuss the latest in indy wrestling news, and find out who will soon make their debut in ROH. (Hint: Daria is VERY happy about that!)

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    How To Become Money - Daria

    in Women

    In this episode Curry talks with Daria about the co-creation, creating different possibilities and as always about so much more.

    What if creating different possibilities in your life with money is actually easy?

    If you want to learn more about Curry, How To Become Money, Right Riches For You and so much more, please visit Curry’s Website: www.curryglassell.com.

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