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    Up Close And Personal with Dr. Daphne

    in Business

    Please join me as I give you a FREE gift to be up close and Personal with ME

    In this episode all callers to the Show can as Dr. Daphne any question about:







    Or other pressing issues....and receive a LIVE Coaching experience...

    Here is what some clients have to say about working with Dr. Daphne:

    Daphne Clarke- Hudson is one tremendous coach! Not only is Daphne Clarke- Hudson a great motivator, her keen insight and depth of experience allows her to help you hone in on exactly what it is that will help you propel your life and career to the next level of success. She did it for me and she can donor for you!     Wayne Winsley

    Daphne Clarke-Hudson brings to her clients a wealth of experience and wisdom

    as a life coach.  At a pivotal time in my career, she was instrumental to me in focusing and redirecting me in the area of my passion, strengths and gifting’s.  As I pursued my passion she counselled me to be all that I was called to be. And as a business person to become my own brand and never undervalue my services. She exudes a confidence in who she is and what she has to give to the world and encourages me to do the same.  I believe that she will help individuals at every stage in their lives.   Judy Handwerker

    This is your time for the BEST experience! Are YOU ready for a Change?


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    Marni Ali live on MyRealTalkRadio

    in Pop Culture

    Celebrating Over 100 Episodes!

    Hosts: Jamel, Derrick Dwayne and Flash Gotti

    #MyRealTalkRadio Interviews Singer/Songwriter: Marni Ali 

    Marnet "Marni" Ali, was born and raised in the Atlantic City, New Jersey Area. Marni discovered her talent abilities around the age of six. She participated in dance, drama, gymnastics, cheerleading & various other activities. Out of all of her talents and hobbies she loved singing the most. She discovered her singing talent while singing around the house and it became her undeniable passion. She performed in local plays and musicals. In her teen yrs. she became very rebellious and chose to live a lifestyle of sex, drugs & murder. She started dating Atlantic City's Kingpin Midgett Molley in 1988/89. She had a wake up call in 1989 when she got into a serious car accident and miraculously survived. Shortly after Midgett Molley was taken into custody & sentenced to 20 yrs. in prison. By 1991 she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Still interested in pursuing her passion to sing and becoming a recording artist she jumped from singing group to singing group and finally ended up with a singing partner. They became an urban R&B singing duo. They signed under "Darkchild Productions" with Freddie and Rodney Jerkins. In 1996 Rodney named the duo the "Shortiz" and they signed an exclusive recording contract with "Def Jam Records NYC". Shortly after that Marni received news that she had a celebrity sister, Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas of the Grammy winning group "TLC". Marni & Chilli appeared on the "Sally Jesse Raphael Show" in 1996. In 1998 due to artistic differences the recording contract with Darkchild/Def Jam Records was mutually dissolved. 



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    Judson Equestrians: Jennifer Hoggle/Daphne Arrington on Alabama Horse Talk Radio

    in Family

    Join Becca Salamone as she talks with Jennifer Hoggle, Equine Science Department Head/Equestrian Team Director and Western Team member Daphne Arrington about Judson College's Equine Science program and their Equestrian Teams.  Jennifer tells how she was attracted to Judson as a student and how she became involved in the administration there.  Daphne talks about her experiences at Judson as a student and what it's like to be on the Western Equestrian Team.  Listen to their horse stories on Tuesday, November 25, at 8:00 am CST on Alabama Horse Talk Radio.


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    Small Changes Big Shifts: Inspiring Others with Fitness Expert Dr. Daphne Bascom

    in Goals

    Joining Dr. Michelle Robin on this episode of Small Changes Big Shifts is Dr. Daphne Bascom, Chief Medical Officer, and Worldwide Consulting at Cerner Corporation.  Dr. Bascome is an International Federation of Body Builders Figure Professional, and a Certified Fitness Instructor at CE Nutri-Fit 24/7 Fitness Center


    For more information on the show's host visit http://www.yourwellnessconnection.com

    Visit Smart Companies Radio archives to hear more podcasts hosted by Dr. Michelle Robin



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    1pm- THE JUMAH KHUTBAH - IMAM MAAJID ALI - Masjid Jihad, Savannah, GA

    in Islam

    This Weeks Jumah Khtubah will be performed by Imam Maajid Ali from Masjid Jihad in Savannah, GA

    The Jumah Khutbah is the presentation (sermon)  given by the Imam (prayer leader) before the obigatory prayer service done by Muslims on Friday all over the world.

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    in Spirituality

    ALI MYER .... WILL DISCUSS the Extraordinary World of Mediums, Psychics, and the Afterlife."

     spirit contact is a deliberate visitation of someone who is familiar to you. They come and see us, ask questions, talk to us, and try to make us feel their presence. Sometimes it is a “feeling that you are not alone”, which is their Auric field touching yours.  It can be a scent that you actually smell, as in perfume or tobacco smoke that they manifest.  You can also see them and converse directly with them, or just hear sentences spoken inside your head. http://thirdeyeactivation.com/

  • Music and Moor with Latifa Ali

    in Religion

    Music in Moor is a talk show and Music show that looks to chime with the Music in You! The show is designed to use the medium of music as a way of reaching our youths of perpetual freshness to see that all mediums are at their beck and call for good.  It uses music and artists to tell the stories of who we are, where we have been and where we hope to go!  Join Hosts Arafat aka "Phat Free," and Latifa Ali as they explore the world through Music and the legacy of the Bilallian Experience. Every Wednesday from 9-11 PM the urgent Hours. Where we answer the call!

    Latifa Ali is Wife to legendary Muscian: Wali Ali and Phat Free is son of late Roxbury Community Activist Jaqueline Muhammad. Phat runs LightSpeed Entertainment of Boston, a Hip Hop Promotions Company and Latifa Ali heads up Nurrudden Development, A social Entrepreneurial Venture Firm.  Please tune into Music And Moor! American Muslim 360 every Wed. Night from 9-11!

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    Sister Shahrazad Ali

    in Education

    Shahrazad Ali (born April 27, 1954, in Atlanta, Georgia, US) raised in Cincinnati, Ohio is an author of several books, including an 180-page, $10, self-published paperback called The Blackman's Guide to Understanding the Blackwoman. The book was controversial bringing "forth community forums, pickets and heated arguments among blacks in many parts" of the US when it was published in 1989.

    Some passages of her book describing African American women—referred to as "the Blackwoman"—quoted in the media include:

    Although not lazy by nature, she has become loose and careless about herself and about her man and family. Her brain is smaller than the Blackman's, so while she is acclaimed for her high scholastic achievement, her thought processes do not compare to the conscious Blackman's.

    Ali has stated she "wrote the book because black women in America have been protected and insulated against certain kinds of criticism and examination." Critics complained that book offered "no factual data to substantiate" her views or information about how she came to her conclusions, and was essentially as a vanity press product that would have been ignored by blacks and others had it not been for the media attention its novelty and 

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    Ms Shahrazad Ali Interview On True Nubia

    in Culture

    Ms. Ali is BACK!! She Will Share Her Grace & Wisdom With True Nubia Once Again - Join Yaa, Lasuria & Jakzun As They Get Her Thoughts On What's Going On In These Times - And, Yes, She's Always Right...



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    How is Your Grade ? with Dr. Daphne

    in Lifestyle

    It is your time for a better GRADE..Do you AGREE?   

    Then take this opportunity to UP your GRADE by texting " EMPOWER" to 203-774-3733 because we have the tools to help you increase your GRADE.

    It coming up to a new year and you deserve to be a new you

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