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    Mark Sargent - Is The Earth Really Flat?

    in Education

    Tonight our very special guest is Mark Sargent.

    Mark is the creator of the very popular Flat Earth videos called Flat Earth Clues which have taken YouTube by storm.

    Mark’s videos are the result of his researching and looking into the flat earth theory. His presentation of his findings represent his perspectives and he’s not aligned to any orthodoxy. He is simply presenting his ideas and thoughts on how a geocentric – or Earth centric - model might work versus the current heliocentric models that permeate our current understanding of Earth’s place in the cosmos.

    The conversation with Mark was wide ranging, thought provoking and a lot fun.

    Mark's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/markksargent

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    Wanda's Picks Radio Show

    in Art

    1.Interdisciplinary artist Lindsay C. Harris was born in Southern California in 1986 and raised in Santa Fe, NM.  Receiving her B.A. in Africana Studies & Art from Vassar College and M.A. in Arts Politics from NYU, she is an arts educator, writer, critical thinker, cultural worker, comedian, designer, and performer.
    Her Evoking the Mulatto is a multiplatform narrative and visual art project examining black mixed identity in the 21st century,  culminates Thursday, Nov. 19, at 6:30 pm in a screening of all four episodes of Evoking the Mulatto followed by a panel discussion featuring Harris, a project interviewee, and New School Director of Office of Civic Engagement and Social Justice Judy Pryor-Ramirez at the YouTube Space NY. The panel will be moderated by cultural programmer and arts administrator Maura Cuffie. The event will be live streamed on NBPC’s YouTube Channel, www.youtube.com/user/NBPC

    2. Malik Seneferu, internationally renowned artist, joins us to talk about "Home Coming," his current exhibition at the AAACC in San Francisco, opening Nov. 20. Home Coming showcases several of Seneferu's explorations into art making. Mostly known for his paintings this exhibition concentrates on Seneferu's ballpoint pen drawings and miniature hand carved sculptures made from ivory soap and wood.

    3. Isaura Oliveira, respected and celebrated Brazilian choreographer and educator, brings Bahia to the Bay Area this month culminating with free programs this week.

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    Where is Heather Danyelle Teague

    in News

    Heather's mom will join me to discuss her daughter's case. She has been missing since August 26,1995. She was 23 when she was abducted from a Kentucky beach. http://whereisheatherteague.blogspot.com/ 

    There was a witness who at 1st did not think it was a real abduction. When he came forward he id'd a man who looked nothing like his innitial discription.





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    Relationship 101: Is your bae entitled to your social media password?

    in Romance

    MDR Radio will be chatting it up with guest relationship panelist Kourtney and Venom.

    Topic: Is your bae entitled to your socia media password?

    Audiance what are your thoughts? Do you have access to your significant other’s social media accounts? Do they have access to yours? Why or why not? Does not providing your password automatically mean you’re hiding something? Well be taking your questions and comments on this topic. If you dont want to chat about it please feel free to email your questions to mdrradio@gmail.com Subject: relation101

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    the new shadow amicusveritas

    in Current Events

    POLITICAL ANIMALS-Edward 7th  King of england friend of Edward Elgar-Paul Robeson--Singer-political activist-Communist dupe-Senator J(ames)William Fulbright(Arkansas) Fulbright Scolarships-Spiro Agnew disgraced Vice President Nixon Administration--Sargent Shriver--Peace Corps(Kennedy Administration)l1972 Vice Presidential Candidate-Heddy Lamar(inventor)actress--Charles De Gaulle(General & President of France)-J  ohn Mitchell Attorney General convicted in the Watergate Scandal(Nixon Administration)

    Coming Shows--The November Generals & an Admiral--More military geniuses born in this month than any other in history

    November 9th Births-Deaths & events relevant to US(a)


    New broadcast time for the Holiday Season--Thanksgiving through New Years 2016

  • Beauty and The Beat

    in Music

    Ms. Danyelle Radio is chatting it up about BEAUTY!!!! Come tune in and take a listen.

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    Joellyn Sargent: The Solopreneur School Project

    in Jobs

    Video version available at https://youtu.be/FW8gaMA_W4I


    Beyond The Launch Book




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    Star Wars - The Trailer, Star Wars - The Controversy, Star Wars- The Hype!!!

    in Film

    In this episode of Sitting Around Talking Movies hosts Neil Rosen, Bill McCuddy and Bill Bregoli are joined by guest Mike Sargent as they talk about the new and final Star Wars-The Force Awakens trailer. Why is there a controversy? How much money will the movie make? Then the guys talk about Spielberg's "Bridge of Spies" and the new Carey Mulligan movie "Suffragette." They also talk about movies on demand such as "Meadowland," "Trash" and the new documentary about "Back to the Future" called "Back in Time." Oh and Bill McCuddy says something he says may be politically incorrect but he says it anyway.

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    Valerie Sargent tells how she reads Akashic records & then she reads yours!

    in Spirituality

    Valerie is a certified hypnotherapist, Akashic Records reader and Intuitive healer. She has been practicing Reiki and other healing modalities for almost 20 years, and has been working within the Akashic Records for the last 4 years. "Akasha" is a Sanskrit word meaning "primary substance, that out of which all things are formed." The Records contain the record of your soul's existence; you can think of it like a library where all of the books are about you. Work done in the Records offers powerful soul level healing, and enables us to have a more conscious relationship with our own soul. 

    You can also schedule a hypnosis session with Valerie. She is a pioneer in working with hypnotherapy within the Akashic Records.

    Valerie holds workshops and seminars focused on conscious living and enjoys writing about energy healing and how it helps us to help ourselves.  Valerie is a member of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, and currently sees clients at Shala Center for Healing, Art & Community (http://shalacenter.com) in Charlottesville, VA and via Skype or phone. She travels to Northern VA regularly to see clients as well.

    More information about Valerie and her work can be found at: 



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    THE ROBERT DOUGLAS DRAKES III SHOW- Vincent Trilagee Sargent

    in Education

    THE ROBERT DOUGLAS DRAKES III SHOW- Vincent Trilagee Sargent