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    Actress Danielle Harris

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    The Movie Geeks speak with actress Danielle Harris (Halloween, The Last Boy Scout) about her latest horror film Shiver, which is now available on DVD.


    Plus, discussions on assorted movie topics, including the sequel to Blade Runner, the relationships between budgets, grosses and demographics, and how film history might have been different if James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and River Phoenix hadn't died so young.



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    Finding Yourself...The Danielle Forbes Show..LIVE TONIGHT!Sunday March 15th 2015

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    Hey Fans of The Danielle Forbes Show!! Join Danielle tonight for another Great Show!! Listen in Live as Danielle discuss Finding Yourself...Finding Your Center.... Being The Best You that You can possibly be!

    Also joining Danielle tonight on the show is Ms. Ebony Pharr, founder of Models in Color...Listen as Ebony tells us more about her newly found venture and this wonderful journey she is on to enlighten women and men of all ethnicities that have ever considered a career in modeling.

    So please join us tonight @6:30 pm EST for a fantastic Live Show...LIVE Calls, Questions and Comments will be taken on air.... call 347-826-7526 to ask a live question, or to just listen to the LIVE Show!

    Cant wait to Talk With You! 

    Don't Miss It!

    The Danielle Forbes Show

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    Charred Remains Danielle Harris

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    OCTOBER is finally here! To start the month long Halloween Celebration off right...Horror Host Char Hardin is excited as much is she is delighted to announce that DANIELLE HARRIS will be joining her for a special night and time Sunday, October 6th at 8pm Pacific/10pm Central/11pm Eastern to chat about her current and up coming films and to also answer questions regarding the October 8th DVD release of SHIVER. SHIVER stars Danielle (Hatchett 3) with Casper VanDien (Starship Troopers) and John Jarratt (Wolf Creek).
    Chat-Room will be open, so log in and join Char in welcoming Danielle Harris to the Charred Side of Horror Talk Shows!

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    The Joey Harris Show

    in Entertainment

    For Joey, one sage ends and another continues.

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    The Joey Harris Show

    in Entertainment

    Joey discusses his body image issues and his book.

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    Meet Danielle Marie & Mike Edel

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    Young singer-songwriter Danielle Marie from Cardiff Echoes, Alberta has always had a passion for music. She participated in early music programs and continued with music/band in school until 2011, when she decided to seriously pursue a music career.

    Heavily influenced by contemporary artists like Ed Sheeran and Adele, Danielle released her first EP in July 2013. While the folk/alt-folk offering attracted much attention – and even hit the #1 local spot on ReverbNation – she was convinced that musically, there was more. A month later, she headed to Nashville with 5 songs in hand, and recorded a full album, ‘More Than Just A Girl’, and shot her first music video. 

    Danielle's new single "What You Can't Have" is being released April 14th.



    Even the title of his latest album "India, Seattle" (released April 14th) feels like a story on it’s own. Victoria’s Mike Edel couldn’t have named his sophomore release more poetically.

    Part of growing a little bit older, a little bit wiser is the awareness that comes inside growing spaces. Nearing thirty, on the exhaust of a brutal four year touring schedule, Mike settled inside these spaces to create his finest work yet. There’s something about the way he presents personal experiences in a way that project universal understandings. Love and beauty, pain and confusion, the knowledge that all precious things are only precious because they can be lost. It feels a little bit like growing up - like the moment when everything that felt so close as a young person is all of a sudden so far away. It’s the comfort in finding that you aren’t alone. 

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    The Joey Harris Show

    in Entertainment

    Joey shares some lists he's found.  39 Insanely Stupid Things You Should Probably Stop Doing and 88 Important Truths I've Learned About Life.

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    The Joey Harris Show

    in Entertainment

    It's Bloodsport 3: Joey 0 as the blood donor saga continues.  Join Joey as he details the latest developments, and this time he has some people experience the things that happen to him every day.

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    The Joey Harris Show

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    The saga of the phone continues.  Joey shares his week in rage moment.  The search for corned beef hash commences.

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    Danielle Watson: Creator Of The Purse Process

    in Business

    Danielle Watson is a global provocateur, professional muse, choose your own adventurer, and the creator of The Purse Process®.

    As an anthropologist who doesn’t like digging in the dirt, she’s an expert at demonstrating how to unite conflicting circumstances to create something uniquely your own.

    Danielle’s knack for distilling heaps of data into life-changing insights, along with her affinity for purses, dresses, red lipstick, and all things girly, have made this unlikely anthropologist a pint-sized inspiration to women everywhere.

    Danielle’s Purse Process® is an evolutionary process that helps the smart highly-capable woman ditch the emotional baggage that has her spinning her wheels and deftly skirt the mental obstacles that have kept her boxed in so she can create fulfilling work, relationships, and a lifestyle way outside the ordinary.

    Website: www.purseprocess.com

    Twitter: @PurseProcess

    Instagram: @PurseProcess

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