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    Soul Dancer: Author of Pay Me What I'm Worth!

    in Spirituality

    Author, Motivational Speaker, Radio Host and Guru - Soul Dancer (a.k.a. Soul Can-Opener!) joins the show tonight!  During this exciting hour of radio, you'll find out how to start getting PAID WHAT YOU'RE WORTH!  

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask questions and join the fun!   

    Soul Dancer enjoys a unique birth name as well as a life as a private spiritual teacher, coach, key-note speaker, live-talk radio show host and syndicated columnist.  Soul is the Founder of Soul University and author of Pay Me What I'm Worth.  His life journey includes earning a masters in social work and a bachelors in human relationships from the University of Minnesota.  His travels take him to 20+ countries to receive training and offer teaching as a social working, monk and shaman!

    Pay Me What I’m Worth is blossoming into local to global grass roots movement to reduce stress and increase confidence. (Heads-up!  Soul is hiring and paying people to teach the exercises in this book. Call for details.)  He produces live, Blogtalk radio shows focused on helping listeners and callers learn, laugh and grow with ease and grace.

    For more information on Soul Dancer call 312 268-0000 or visit his website here!   

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    Matthew Schaffer, dancer, choreographer shares life lessons

    in Lifestyle

    Matthew Schaffer, dancer, choreographer shares life lessons. 

    This show is sponsored by Life Lesson from Family Vacations, debuting June 15th from Rowman & Littlefield. To pre book your order, go to www.amazon.com.

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    Soul Dancer: Author, Motivator, Radio Host!

    in Spirituality

    Get ready for a wild ride in the next hour of your life!  

    Soul Dancer is our VIP Special Guest Star!  Call 323 657-1493 to ask Soul Dancer a question and join in the fun!  

    Soul Dancer enjoys a unique birth name as well a life as a private spiritual teacher, coach, key-note speaker, live-talk radio host and sydicated columnist.  Soul is the Founder of Soul University and author of PAY ME WHAT I'M WORTH.  His life journey includes earning a MS in Social Work and a BS in Human Relationships from the University of Minnesota.  

    His travels take him to 20+ countries to receive training and offer teaching as a social worker, monk and shaman.  Pay Me What I’m Worth is blossoming into local to global grass roots movement to reduce stress and increase confidence. 

    Visit Seal Beach Animal Care Center!

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    So You Want to be a Dancer with Matthew Schaffer

    in Lifestyle

    Life Lessons continued series...So You Want to be a Dancer with Matthew Schaffer is sponsored by Gracefully-Yours greeting cards and journals.

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    Q-on-1 w/Exotic Dancer, Chasity

    in Performing Arts

    On this special Q-on-1 podcast of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show, I will chat with exotic dancer, Chasity.  She joins me from the ATL to discuss a few things about the life of an adult venue dancer.  We'll discuss the following:

    How did she get started?
    Is she able to maintain her own personal relationships?
    What is the toughest thing to deal with regarding the clientele?

    These things and more as T2Q shimmies down the pole for yet another podcast.

    Show No. 517

    Scheduled for 20-30 mins.


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    Winner, BEST BROADWAY DANCER Saved Money & Bought Property - Elizabeth Parkinson

    in Entrepreneur

    "Stay open to what's possible without categorizing yourself." Elizabeth Parkinson talks about abundance and how she invested, saved and purchased property in NYC. 

    She has performed worldwide as a principal with Joffrey Ballet, Feld Ballet, Peridance Contemporary Ballet Company, Donald Byrd/The Group, Mark Dendy and dancers, and Twyla Tharp Dance. In 1999, she received tremendous praise as a lead in Fosse and later in Twyla Tharp/Billy Joel musical, Movin' Out, where she earned the 2003 Tony-Award nomination and the Astaire Award for best female dancer on Broadway.

    Films: Stay, Romance and Cigarettes, and Every Little Step. She has performed at Carnegie Hall with Clint Holmes and at the American Dance Festival with Martha Clarke. She teaches master classes worldwide. 

    My name is Laurie Johnson. I love talking to people. Can you tell? 

    Connect with me: LaurieJohnson.com  Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn  Instagram  Medium

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    Makaiya, the Dancer, with Liane Frederic

    in Entertainment

    Makaiya is a 12 year old school scholar, who loves dancing. She has been dancing since the age of 3. She has become a dedicated dancer who has accomplished a great deal. She trains in Pointe, Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap and her Favorite Acrobatics/Contortionist techniques. She attends Ms. Carol’s Center for Dance (formally Progressive Center for Dance), located in Philadelphia, PA.  The Children’s Dance Ensemble was originally created as a performance outlet for young children. It provides the opportunity for children to become stronger performers, and instills confidence in their dance abilities. She has serveral local performances under her belt throughout the tri-state area. Makaiya is an Acrobatics/Contortionist soloist and she also dances with her group. As a soloist she has won 1st  place and Platinum in regional competitions and placed High Gold in National competitions. She has danced in Starquest, VIP, Rainbow, Backstage and OpenCall and many more competitive dance competitions. She has received special recognition from Judges for her amazing talents. She has had the opportunity to work with an Amazing Lady in the industry, Ms. Debbie Allen. Makaiya preformed in the play Brothers of the Knight at the Merriam Threater. As, one of the few African American dance teams at many of these competitions Makaiya has shown the dance world her poise, talent and grace and she continues to achieve in the face of adversity. 

    And now, let's discuss Makaiya and her dance world, with her mother, Liane Frederic.

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    Dancer & Artistic Director Lori Belilove on Founding a Dance Company

    in Art

    What does it take to found and sustain an artistic institution? Join us as the Independent Artists & Thinkers Network talks to Lori Belilove, the celebrated Artistic Director and founder of The Isadora Duncan Dance Company & Foundation.

    Lori Belilove is recognized around the world as the premier interpreter and ambassador of the dance of Isadora Duncan. She is sought after as a unique contemporary artist who understands the essence of Isadora. Known as a solo dance artist for her interpretations of Duncan’s signature solos and staging of Duncan’s group masterpieces, she has also been recognized for creating powerful, contemporary works in her own voice. The purity, timelessness, authentic phrasing, and musicality of Duncan dance has been passed down to Lori through a direct line of Isadora Duncan dancers.

    Lori received a B.F.A. in dance, religion, and classical studies from Mills College. Since the age of twelve, she has pursued her passion for modern dance, training primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York. Lori Belilove is the leading dancer in the award-winning PBS documentary Isadora Duncan: Movement From the Soul, narrated by stage and screen actress Julie Harris. Lori has toured extensively both nationally and internationally in Brazil, Korea, West Africa, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. As a master teacher, she has held residencies at such distinguished institutions as Harvard University, The Juilliard School, Northwestern University, Smith College, University of Alabama, Ohio State, UC Berkeley, Drexel University and Franklin & Marshall, among others.

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    DCR Se3Ep1 - Interview with Exotic Dancer Turned Pimp, Katrina and more!

    in Comedy

       In this episode of Da Clinic Radio Show we interview exotic dancer turned pimp, Katrina. She tells all about her life & lifestyle as she answers our questions openly and honestly. We also ask the question, are money dependent spouses more likely to cheat? Can you have a lasting relationship with one sex partner? All on this episode of Daclinicradio  show.

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    The American College Experience with Brad Dancer

    in Sports

    The American College Experience is a show geared for the college tennis fan.  In this world of mostly professional tennis, we hope to give you some insight into one of America's best kept secrets.  We will explore all things related to College Tennis in the United States.  We will discuss diversity, schedule, facilities, education and recruiting.  We will tackle the tough issues that are facing many of America's college coaches today.  Each show will give the listener a different perspective on the college tennis scene.  So we invite parents, coaches, teachers, umpires and all-around tennis fans to tune into our program.



    in Youth



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