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    Bagels Lox and Laughs with host Dan Hochheiser and guest Alan M. Dershowitz

    in Entertainment

    The Jewish Fathers Comedy Tour (Dan Hochheiser, Adam Oliensis, Alex Barnett and Marc Kaye) will entertain you as the four comedians chat about issues of importance to Jewish fathers in particular, the Jewish community in general, and bring you interviews of Jewish thought leaders from the worlds of comedy, politics, activism, law and kosher deli meats. 

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    Liberal Dan Radio Stands With Planned Parenthood

    in Politics Progressive

    On the September 30, 2015 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

    A new set of medical codes is out, I will go over some of the more amusing ones.

    The Pope visited. Hear how he managed to ruin all his good will with just one guest.

    Planned Parenthood is still under attack. What has the GOP done now and how can they be stopped?

    Those stories, tweet of the week, headlines, and more this week at 8PM central on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That's RIght.

    Remember, if you are a fan of the show and want to see it expand, please contribute to the Liberal Dan Radio GoFundMe page.

    And finally, if you are listening after the live broadcast you can always leave comments on the show thread on LiberalDan.com.


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    Feb. 18, 2015 10pm (PST)- The Haunted World of Baseball with Dan Gordon

    in Paranormal

    The sports world is full of superstitions, and apparently, it's also full of spirits! We'll be joined by Dan Gordon, co-author, Field of Screams: Haunted Tales from the Baseball Diamond, the Locker Room and Beyond.



    Find his first co-authored book, "Cape Encounters: Contemporary Cape Cod Ghost Stories" here: www.capecodghosts.com.

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    Dan Wolken

    in Sports

    Dan Wolken

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    Development of the Lower Dan Tian

    in Spirituality

    On this week’s show we will be talking about the development of one’s lower dan tian. The lower tan dain one of the most powerful energy centers of the body and has been talked about in many cultures. Known by different names. The energy center of life just to name one.

    We will talk the dan tian and we will do some practices to either expand your dan tian if you have been developing it already or if not then you can start today by learning some practices to start developing   your own dan tian.

    I will also be taking your calls for readings and answering your questions.

    Whether you’re new or returning to the show welcome and thank you for visiting the Oracle Treehouse. I am the lady of the Intuitive Reader and Healer Shenice. On the show we talk about any and everything spiritual from healing to mediumship and soul communication.  I take you calls for free readings and blessings. I also one on one private readings via phone or in person.   

  • Talkin with Dan Hochheiser features Gregg Greenberg, writer of "The Stella"

    in Entertainment

    We will get a behind the scenes look at the writing and production of Gregg Greenberg's play "The Stella," a satirical dramatic comedy about the dark side of the Personal Injury Law business.  The Stella is showing this summer at the Fringe Festival in New York City.  Also will talk to Gregg about his work as a financial journalist at TheStreet.com.

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    The Ndustry Presents Community Advocate, Writer and Author LaKita Gordon.

    in Entertainment


    Author of "The Other Side of Addiction: From Terrified to Triumphant," LaKita Gordon was born and raised in Washington, DC. She has been writing since the age of 7. She knew at an early age that she wanted to write, but was afraid. She enjoys writing songs, poetry, and has a passion to share her story with the world. She was always interested in inspiring others to reach their full potential. LaKita was afraid to write her story because she came from a family that believed in keeping their business inside of the walls of their home. LaKita has written poetry, which was submitted to the National Poetry Society, she has assisted in writing school plays, yearbook committee entries in High School, and hopes to write an inspirational column for newspapers. Her book was published in February 2014 and was written with the purpose of being the voice of those who were abused, neglected, felt alone and in fear, although she was never an addict. She enjoys creative writing and was always told by numerous professor's, teacher's, friend's and family members that she has "a way with words," and can take a sentence and turn it into a paragraph. LaKita has a passion for words and for how they are used, and desires to write and publish numerous inspirational and self-help books.


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    REELTalk: JD Gordon, Jack Buckby from the UK & Sargis Sangari

    in Politics Conservative

    Joining Audrey for this week's REELTalk - Is the EU is choosing economic profit over national security when it comes to the refugee crisis? Why has Saudi Arabia offered to build 200 new mosques in Germany while at the same time refusing to accept any refugees? We'll discuss this and more with LTC SARGIS SANGARI! Plus...the EU is now facing a migration flood, posing as a refugee problem…and the only ones who are pushing back are Eastern bloc countries. What do they know that the rest of the EU is missing? Was Ahmed Muhamed, the Islamic teen 'clockmaker' a victim or a perp? How about his family...are they innocent or guilty of a scam that terrified a TX school? We'll find out answers with JD GORDON! And...we'll getting a better focus of the Islamic migrant crisis with JACK BUCKBY, Liberty GB's Press Officer direct from the UK! Top stories at the top of the show!! In the words of Benjamin Franklin, "If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately." Come hang with us...

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    Talkin w Dan Hochheiser on Iran Deal w Barry Mannis Pro-Israel Activist

    in Current Events

    Analysis of Iran Nuclear Agreement from nationally recognized pro-Israel political activist Barry Mannis.  Who are the key votes in Congress and where do they stand?

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    Former WWE and WCW Star Dan Spivey

    in Wrestling

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley and Rico Racosky will interview intervew Dan Spivey.

    Daniel Eugene "Dan" Spivey is a retired American professional wrestler who worked for World Championship Wrestling, the World Wrestling Federation, and All Japan Pro Wrestling between 1984 and 1995.

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    in Entertainment

    Tim McLean left Edmonton at 12 a.m. on July 30, 2008, on board a Greyhound Bus, destined for Winnipeg. At 7 p.m. the bus left one of the scheduled stops with a new passenger, Vincent Weiguang Li. Li, a tall man, with shaved head and sunglasses, sat near the front of the bus but moved next to McLean following a scheduled rest stop. McLean proceeded to fall asleep with his headphones on. Suddenly there was a blood-curdling scream and Li was standing over McLean stabbing him repeatedly in the neck with a huge knife. McLean struggled and tried to escape but couldn't as Li was blocking the aisle. The bus driver pulled to the side of the road as screaming, panicked passengers fled the bus. The driver and two other men tried to rescue McLean but were chased away by Li, who slashed wildly at them from behind the locked bus doors. Li then decapitated McLean and displayed his severed head to passengers outside. Li began severing body parts and eating McLean's flesh. By 9 p.m. Police were in a stand-off with Li, who taunted police, continuing cannibalizing and defiling the corpse. At 1:30 a.m. Li tried to escape out a window and was tasered and arrested. Body parts of the victim were found in plastic bags on the bus while one ear, the nose and the tongue were found in Li's pockets. McLean's eyes and part of his heart were missing.  Li, his face bloody, pleaded with officers, "I'm sorry. I'm guilty. Please kill me!"

    In March 2009 Vincent Li was found Not Criminally Responsible for the gruesome murder of Tim McLean in 2008. 

    In May 2015 Vincent Li was released from custody from the Selkirk Mental Health Centre and is now a free man living in a group home. THE GREYHOUND BUS CANNIBAL KILLER-The Definition of Insanity-Dan Zupansky