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    UJR Presents: Damien Mander of IAPF

    in Pets

    The world of wildlife poaching is an extreme one, and who better to lead the army against poaching than a former Australian special forces sniper turned conservationist?  Meet Damien Mander and he's just the man.

    UrbanJunglesRadio is thrilled to introduce you to Damien and the International Anti-Paoching Foundation which literally puts solidiers on the ground to protect Africa's dwindling wildlife due to the illicit and highly illegal trade for ivory.  IAPF was reecntly featured in National Geographic Magazine and Damien was also featured in a recent 60 minutes special on the was against the Ivory trade.
    Join Danny & Andy as we speak with Damien and you can learn what to do today to help out Rhinos and Elephants which desperately need the protection of IAPF
    !2012 will mark the highest mortality rate yet for Rhinos being poached in African parks, in less than a decade we will see extinction of some of the country's most iconic treasures...Rhinos & Elephants.

  • 01:21

    Nuggs Country Wresting Podcast Episode #6 Damien Wayne

    in Wrestling

    Joey Nuggs interviews current AIWF World Heavyweight Champion and Former NWA National Champion Damien Wayne...This will become a Pro Wrestling Podcast Classic 

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    Robbie The Rummy & Nappy J Show w/ Damien Quinn

    in Entertainment

    on this segment you'll be catching Lsp & Dark Half's own Damien Quinn on for an exclusive interview as he talks about touring with Twiztid late last year, his upcoming 2016 release, performing the gathering of the juggalos, influences, horror movies and much more!

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    Music Crush Mondays - Bizzy Bee, Frank Knight, Damien Crawford, Jordan Snipes

    in Music

    Tune into Music Crush Mondays with your hosts Shea B., Mel D, Derrick Bass and Ray McNeil!


    Tonight we'll live with music artists: Bizzy Bee, Frank Knight, Jordan Snipes and Damien Crawford!


    You don't want to miss this.

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    All About Life Show

    in Self Help

    Join us for Part 2 of our Youth Series of Our Voice Matters. Our co-hosts Jian Brown and Damien Buhler will be joined by DMV's own Stefan 'Step KingDistrict' Byrd for a lively and candid conversation about sex, drugs, money, love, racism, self-image, music, the future and much more!

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    What Will Be the Legacy of President Obama?

    in Politics

    Joining CAN WE TALK FOR REAL co-hosts Teresa M. Jackson and Michelle E. Brown on Wednesday, February 10th to talk about the Obama Presidency – its place in Black history, its impact on LGBTQ rights and preserving its legacy for equal rights – is Earl Fowlkes. President/CEO of the Center For Black Equity, Inc. (formerly the International Federation of Black Pride (IFBP). Fowlkes founded the IFBP in 1999 ago as a coalition of Black Pride organizers the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and South Africa formed to promote a multinational network of LGBT Pride and community- based organizations. Earl previously served fifteen years as the Executive Director of the DC Comprehensive AIDS Resources and Education Consortium (DC CARE Consortium) and Damien Ministries, organizations that provided services to person living with HIV/AIDS in Washington, DC. Earl attended Rutgers University with degrees in history/business. Earl resides in Washington, DC however remains a devoted to his hometown Philadelphia Phillies, Eagles and Flyers, and all things Pennsylvania.Call in to 347-215-8985 to join the conversation, show starts at 8:30 est/7:30cst,, Press 1 to speak.

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    in Sports

    Josh McLachlan, Shane Still, Damien Shavers and Trevor Abrams (our guy in the corner) break down the week that was in PITTSBURGH SPORTS.Tonight we wrap up the week that was with the PENS and PITT HOOPS. We will also discuss SUPER BOWL 5O and have ROUND 3 of the SEGMENT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR...SHAVERS VS STILL! If you like OPINIONATED and INFORMATIVE SPORTS TALK, TUNE IN!! CALL US (347)945-6946 with questions or comments, or sit back and get all the scoop on PITTSBURGH SPORTS!!

    YOU CAN FIND US ON PODCAST @ https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/hip-hop-is-not-dead/id942568719?mt=


    SPREAKER @http://www.spreaker.com/user/hiphopisnotdead.wordburgh

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    Manic Monday....New York State of Mind

    in Entertainment

    Tonights show will be a brief one. Im here to see Emmy award winner Damien Escobar play his violin tomorrow. But for now us 716 gals are going to have a bite to eat at New Yorks newest hotspot VANDAL.I am sure its going to be all they hashtag it up to be. Im excited to see my bud Kboogy and catch up on our usual ratchet behavior. Please know we have our red cups full of malbec bahaaaaaaaa

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    Arrow 4x10 - Blood Debts Review

    in Film

    WARNING: SPOILERS/NSFW - Buckle in, folks! We're gonna talk about Genesis! Corn! And what any of that has to do with Arrow and Damien Darhk.

    Why isn't Oliver hanging out with Felicity at the hospital? She's having so many surgeries... And what happens when Laurel learns that her dad is dipping Donna Smoak?  And there's Speedy... uh... doing stuff.  And Diggle needs to learn to interrogate his brother with playing cards!  And there's Anarky and island shenanigans, too!  Let's all have fun talking about Arrow, folks!

    DC on SCREEN # 091 - Arrow 4x10 Blood Debts Review

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    All About Life

    in Self Help

    Join us for Part 1 of our Youth Series of Our Voice Matters. This series will be hosted by our very own Jian Brown, Damien Buhler, and Chrisitan Matthews. Join them as they share their thought and dialouge about sex, drugs, money, love, racism, self-image, music, the future and much more!

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    Computer America - Brydge; News!

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Hour one: Brydge Keyboards. Toby Mander-Jones, Co-Founder and CCO.

    The Brydge is a keyboard worthy of an iPad, echoing its deceptive simplicity and rugged reliability. You wouldn’t put cheap wheels on a Ferrari – why would you clasp a plastic keyboard to the iPad, when you can bond it to a single piece of beautifully honed, solid aluminium?  Brydge aims to build a brand as durable as their keyboards, boosted by the enthusiasm of an already loyal fan base. Brydge has exciting plans to expand their range to fit all members of the iPad family, and delight a growing set of tech connoisseurs who want the best for their devices. The sky’s the limit, but a quality typing experience will always be their benchmark.


    Hour two: News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities!

    Craig and Ben do Computer and Technology News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities, the Official Optimization Software of Computer America, and answer your computer questions!