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    Retreat Day 9 - A Closer Look At The Damaging Effect Of Sin

    in Christianity

    Lent is a time for turning away from sin and moving closer to the Lord. Sometimes, however, we don't even realize just how many sins we commit each day and how much damage they cause. Join Catholic speaker and author Gary Zimak as he continues his Lenten Radio Retreat by taking a closer look at the damaging effect of sin. In addition, we'll read and discuss the daily Mass readings using the ancient practice of Lectio Divina. Don't miss it!

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    Is Uptick in NFL Game Penalties Damaging or Enhancing the Game?

    in Sports

    The core show panelists will examine the early-season uptick in penalties during 2014 NFL games We will determine if this trend is enhancing or damaging the game.  We will also preview 2014 NFL week 3, college football week 4, check in on the MLB playoff chase plus much more.  

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    The problem with the me generation

    in Christianity

    On this episode I will be talking about our current society and isses that we are facing. Also I will be giving a Biblical perspective of different issues that people do not see as an issue but are damaging to Christians. 

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    SavannahBlack's Conscious Attack Presents: LIONS AND TIGERS AND LGBT'S! OH MY!!!

    in Radio

    On This Episode I'm Gonna Talk About The Courts Recent Decision To Make It Legal In All The Land For Man To Marry Man And Woman To Marry Woman. Now....I Was'nt Gonna Touch On This Too Much But.....Y'all Sodomites Done Went Toooo Far Again. It's Not Enough That You Have Been Granted The Wish To Be Reconized As A Union, But Now You Want Me To Accept That Gay Shit? It's Bad Enough Y'all Flaunting Your UnNATURAL Behavior In Our Babies Faces But Now You Wanna Teach This Curriculum In School.....To The Babies! I Will Be Attacking The Very Fabric Of Your Agenda And Expose Your PROGRAM FOR WHAT IT IS.....DAMAGING TO THE VERY FABRIC OF AFRICAN EXISTENCE!!!!!! Let's Go In On This Family Because The Bullshit MUST STOP NOW! ....Please call in, I would like to have your feed back on what We can do to help build a better Youth for not just Today,But Tomorrow As Well!!! .The Call in Number is 1-347-850-8030....Tell Your Momma, Daddy, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Sons, Daughters, Nieces, Nephews, Freinds And Even Your Crazy Ass Homeboy Pooky Pooh, That Savannahblack Conscious Attack Is On And It's Going Down.....Oh Yeah The Theme Is.....The Victim Alway Becomes The Victimizer! 

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    Insulin Potentiation Therapy and Cancer - with Dr. Donato Perez Garcia, Jr.

    in Health

    Insulin Potentiation Therapy is an alternative medical procedure used to treat cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases.  Developed and researched for over 80 years, IPT works on curing the body without damaging the body’s natural defenses.  Unlike traditional chemotherapy, it does not leave the body in a weakened condition, defenseless and unable to undergo the deep healing process necessary for complete recovery.

    It started with the first Garcia, Donato Perez, Sr. a medical doctor and not in the best of health.  He suffered from anemia and malnutrition for a number of years, ignoring his own health to care for the many medical needs of his patients.  Until his condition affected his profession when he became sluggish and started losing weight due to loss of appetite and severe gastrointestinal problems.    He began to use IPT and within weeks was feeling better and regained his strength.    He began to explore how IPT could treat other chronic conditions and most importantly, how it could be used as a treatment for Cancer.

    We have the distinct pleasure of interviewing Dr. Donato Perez Garcia, Jr. a third generation medical doctor who specializes in IPT.   This treatment was invented by his grandfather and then developed by his Father.   He has applied over 26,000 treatments to patients worldwide over a span of 25 years.

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    Managing & Protecting Yourself From Energy Vampires

    in Self Help

    We affect others by our energy and they affect us with theirs. It is vitally important to understand the principles of energy, how they can be used for our own and others’ benefit, and how to protect ourselves against harmful energy. Negativity in any form can be damaging to the human energy field (aura). Fear, anger, depression, negative people/places, arguments and more actually create negative energy that can cling to you or build up in your body or home and cause problems over time. This is why Spiritual Protection is something that everyone should know how to do. It encompasses far more than just ghosts & spirits. AOL will be discussing ways to strengthen your own energy field and avoid taking on others’ negative energy, lets share our experiences and lessons with managing and protecting energy.

    Join The Angels of Light Freedom Broadcast for another amazing show. Your host Shelley Ro* Initiate Brian* Jamil* Jamie* Robert* Alexander * and Saied*


    Show URL:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/angelsoflight/2015/06/29/managing-protecting-yourself-from-energy-vampires

    CALL IN: (646)595-4385
    E-mail us @:angelsoflightradio@gmail.com

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    Why Do I Keep Picking People Who Treat Me Badly?

    in Self Help

    Why Do I Keep Picking People Who Treat Me Badly?  This is the most common question I am asked in my counseling practice.  Although the majority of my clients come to me to heal from a damaging relationship I am fortunate to be working with so many people who are seeking to understand the deeper patterning that keeps them continuing to choose those toxic, dysfunctional and abusive relationships.  

    In Episode 6 of "From Self Loathing to Self Loving" we are going to talk about relationship patterns, what causes us to unconsciously choose what we choose and how we can change those patterns.  

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    Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed & 'A City Herbal' Maida Silverman

    in Health

    Susun Weed answers your health questions followed by an informative 30 minute interview with Maida Silverman. Maida was born and has spent her life in New York City. The fantasy of a garden of her own, overrun with fruit trees, nut trees, flowers, berries, vegetables, and herbs has not yet come to pass. Because of this she turned her attention to wild plants that grow in the city and found them rewarding and engrossing.

    Herbal medicine in the sidewalk? Yes! Edible, medicinal and useful plants grow in the city as well as the country. With this book--A City Herbal by Maida Silverman--you can locate, identify and learn to use dandelion and clover as well as some more mysterious plants. You will find line drawings for identification; botanical, historical, and magical lore; information on how plants can be frozen, stored and preserved; and wonderful recipes.

    this episode Q&A includes:

    • astragalus to repel lyme disease..

    • ovulation itself is damaging to a women's body and the role of birth control pills..

    • breast cancer, breast tissue, progesterone and estradiol..

    • personality disorder/ depression- medication can be an ally too..

    • I am not okay, you are not okay and that is okay..

    • liver, hormones and cholesterol- stinging nettle and red clover infusion..

    • nettle helps every organ system..

    • celery seed tea and uric acid..

    • multiple cesareans- rotating nettle and red raspberry..

    • releasing fear..

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    How Do You Repair Self Esteem After A Prison Experience?

    in Women

    When our sense of self worth is determined by how others treat us, no experience is more damaging than that of being incarcerated. Prisons are designed to reinforce the notion that you are a worthless human being, worthy of the worst punishment. You are locked in a cage, spoken to harshly, called bad names, given bad tasting food, made to perform personal body functions in public, denied physical love expressions with the opposite sex, periodically physically assaulted by guards and other inmates, sexually assaulted, denied medical attention when wounded, denied regular contact with family and friends, and forced to remain in this state of confinement for a significant amount of time to convince you that you really are worthless. How do you regain self esteem after such an experience that leaves you emotionally broken and incapable of functioning in a healthy relationship? Queen mother Rev. Helen Sinclair discusses her upcoming workshop this Saturday during the international PUSH convention, when she'll be facilitating a panel discussion with those involved in the healing process.


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    Why I left church: An Interview with Demetris "Big Meach" Taylor.

    in LGBT

    There are a lot of reasons why people who grew up in the traditional church system just up and say "I can't do this anymore" and walk away from it. Actor, Singer, Playwright, Director, Producer, Author, and Internet Radio Talk Show Host 'Big Meach' is one of those people and his explanation why is enlightening and empowering. He and I will discuss many of the factors associated with why the church (African-American, especially) is at a standstill and what needs to be done to break the stagnation.

    Listen in as we breakdown many of the hypocrisies plaguing the church and why shows like The Real Preachers of L.A, The Real Preachers of Detroit, and most recently PREACH (the new reality show on LIfetime) are hilarious and damaging at the same time. You DO NOT want to miss this uproarious exchange of thoughts. 

    Check out Big Meach on FB: https://www.facebook.com/DDTakaBigMeach/timeline

    "As entities, representatives, examples, ambassadors, and definitive echoes of the Almighty Creator, it is up to US to live up to our birthright!!! It is up to US to utilize the gifts and talents which have been bestowed upon us at our inception. It is up to US to MAKE and BE the Culture, Population, Humankind, and World we want! It is up to us to STAND and continuously, boldly, and FERVENTLY PROCLAIM...


    -from "Awakenings-Epiphanies Along a Spiritual Journey"

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    "Rape: From Crime To Culture"

    in Lifestyle


    Rape is a crime that is improperly addressed and handled all the time because of the catch-22 mentality of society. Mixed signals and distorted interpretations of what "real men do" and the purpose of women are the damaged pipelines that lie beneath the murky waters of what is now a rape culture. Reality TV shows, political minimzing, idiotic candidates making controversial misguided remarks, and even some doctors coming up with "facts about the truly raped body" send damaging messages that rape is not in fact an existing crime at all...it is just the victim not being able to let go. Join in tonight as we discuss the contributing factors to the manifestation of th rape culture.