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    Living Set Apart/Momma Cheryl's Opinions

    in Culture

    Momma Cheryl giving her opinions about things going on in the world. Tonights show is all about giving praises to The Most High with a quick review going on something going on somewhere in the country. 

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    Momma Joyce Messages of Hope Update on Heavenly Deposit Movie and Much More!

    in Spirituality

    Tonights episode , George Vincent will be sharing his update about this incredibly anointed movie Heavenly Deposit! 

    Please tune in and tell all your friends. Click on link below to like the facebook page and tell all your friends and family as well. 


    I will be sharing about what we can do as individuals as well as groups to help our precious Veterans and Homeless, Elderly, Challenged and Low income. Tune in to share your story and ask for prayer. I always try and leave time at the end fo the show for prayer time.

    Call in number is 1-347-850-1527







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    Momma Joyce Messages of Hope "Heavenly Deposit" The Movie

    in Spirituality

    Tonight's show will present the updates of this magnificently anointed film, produced by George Vincent and Rick Irvin." Heavenly Deposit"! We will hear from these brothers in Christ who absolutely are bringing to life, the Love of Jesus, and helping those of you who have questions about your faith and beliefs to realize the "Truth" this movie brings out and most assuredly will answer many of your questions you have had about God and His Son Jesus Christ. Please Tune in Tonight 6pm pacific time 9pm Eastern time, and listen to a very anointed experience that will add much to your life. Call in Number is 1-347-850-1527

    Please use link below to like the facebook page of Heavenly Deposit and let all your friends, family and co workers know to pass it along as well. We need to support our brothers and sisters who bring back Gods love and truth to our world.





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    Pre Record with Bigg Momma & Comedian E Love

    in Entertainment

    Pre Record with Bigg Momma & ELove

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    Momma Cheryl's Opinions

    in Culture

    Join your host Momma Cheryl for Momma Cheryl's Opinions. As she discusses the everyday things of life. 

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    Guest: Karen Maezen Miller, author of Momma Zen

    in Relationships

    This week on Relationships 2.0 my guest is Karen Maezen Miller, author of Momma Zen: Walking the Crooked Path of Motherhood.

    Combining humor, honesty, and plainspoken advice, Momma Zen distills the doubts and frustrations of parenting into vignettes of Zen wisdom.

    Drawing on her experience as a first-time mother, and on her years of Zen meditation and study, Miller explores how the daily challenges of parenthood can become the most profound spiritual journey of our lives.

    This compelling and wise memoir follows the timeline of early motherhood from pregnancy through toddlerhood. Momma Zen takes readers on a transformative journey, charting a mother’s growth beyond naive expectations and disorientation to finding fulfillment in ordinary tasks, developing greater self-awareness and acceptance—to the gradual discovery of “maternal bliss,” a state of abiding happiness and ease that is available to us all.

    In her gentle and reassuring voice, Karen Miller convinces us that ancient and authentic spiritual lessons can be as familiar as a lullaby, as ordinary as pureed peas, and as frequent as a sleepless night. She offers encouragement for the hard days, consolation for the long haul, and the lightheartedness every new mom needs to face the crooked path of motherhood straight on.

    About the author:
    Karen Maezen Miller is a wife and mother as well as a Zen Buddhist priest at the Hazy Moon Zen Center in Los Angeles. She and her family live in Sierra Madre, California, with a century-old Japanese garden in their backyard. She writes about spirituality in everyday life. She is the author of Paradise in Plain Sight: Lessons from a Zen Garden, Hand Wash Cold: Care Instructions for an Ordinary Life, Momma Zen: Walking the Crooked Path of Motherhood, and her writing is included in numerous anthologies.

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    Momma Joyce Messages of Hope The Power of Prayer and Love

    in Spirituality

    Tonights episode is one of great love and near and dear to my heart. I have had a Ranch Vision for many years now, and have been faithfully waiting for God's perfect timing and way. I also am promoting a new movie in production Called" Heavenly Deposit" with Producer George Vincent..Call In Number is 1-347-850-1527,Tell all your friends and family to tune in please like page when you arrive if you have facebook, tell your friends. Also in The Archives after it airs.

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    DEBT Consciousness 2

    in Christianity

    We'll close out our monthly series (July 2015) discussing how debt conscious you are about your debt (Q2). 
    We'll also discuss B2L ratio, D2I ratio, and debt repayment!!!

    Special guest:  Darold Carson will be delivering a powerful testimony!

    Discussion facilitated by: Dr. Nathaniel Dunlap, Jr., Shatara Sherwood, Adia Sanders, Mary Ann Williams (aka Momma) and Rev. Warren Feaster.     

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    SavannahBlack And Meshiha Ras Hu! Presents: Would You Ride Or Die For Freedom?

    in Radio

    What Are You Willing To Do To Be Free? I mean if you call yourself a Freedom Fighter and your for the Liberation of the People, Then This Question Is For You. We At Culture Freedom Radio Don't Advocate Violence Unless....It's Used For Self-Defense. We're From The Belief That A Self-Defense Beats The First Offense. I'm Quite Sure You Can See The Increase Of Voilence Towards Innocent Black Folks, Not Only From The Hands Of The System Of White Supremacy But Crazy Ass Zombie Nigga's As Well. Their Is A Fear Factor That Has A Lot Of Our Freedom Fighters Paralyzed And Lacking What You Would Call......BALLS! How Long Will You Allow These Heathens To Kill Your Woman And Children And Not Do Nothing About It? Arise, Asafo Warrior.....Arise! We Don't Have All The Solutions, So If You Do Help Me Out With This One Family..........Please call in, I would like to have your feed back on what We can do to help build a better Youth for not just Today,But Tomorrow As Well!!! .The Call in Number is 1-347-850-8030....Tell Your Momma, Daddy, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Sons, Daughters, Nieces, Nephews, Freinds And Even Your Crazy Ass Homeboy Pooky Pooh, That Mr.Savannahblack And His Brotha Meshiha Ras Hu Is On And It's Going Down.....Oh Yeah, The Theme Is....

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    The Circus Loves our Momma

    in Culture

    Tonight we discuss the hypocrisy behind the Mayweather hate. We also celebrate mothers by sharing stories of motherhood...or that time your momma embarrassed the shit out of you. 

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    Momma Joyce Messages of Hope Let Us Remember and Never Forget

    in Spirituality

    Good evening. Thank you for joining me tonight. I am hosting a show in memory of all our precious Military and loved ones who have left us, many far too soon. Tune in tonight for a evening of, love,fond memeories, music and prayer.

    Ask your loved ones, family, co workers, and friends to join us and call in if they like to share their memories and honor the ones who serve and have served our country. I support the links below

    Call in Number is 1-347-850-1527