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  • #54: On Being a Military Family with Courtney and Korinne Reese

    in Moms and Family

    The Reese's are a military family based in Washington state.  One this episode, moms Courtney and Korinne share about being a married military couple before and after the fall of Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) as well as the adoption of their daughter Aela through the fost-adopt program. 

    Follow them on Instagram at @courtreese817 and @korinnereese.


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    DADT and Now What?

    in Politics Progressive

    What does DADT repeal mean for civil rights...beyond the military. MassEquality head Kara Suffredini joins us to consider the affects. We're thinking DOMA and marriage equality and LGBT rights.

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    The Rainbow Project

    in Military

    Tiera Craig a veteran, entrepreneur, activist and community leader. Serving in the United States Army from 1995 to 2004, Tiera navigated through the Veterans Compensation Appeals process and after helping a few soldiers that were having issues with the process and the feeling that they could not openly talk about their issues of being gay to another VSA she began Rainbow Veterans Project. 
    The Rainbow Veterans Project aims to provide resource, advocacy, and training to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Veterans. We will ensure that LGBT veterans understand all benefits and entitlements due to them and their families. We will work with VA Medical Centers, Veterans Benefits Administration, Legal Aid organizations, Employment and Training organizations, and all other available resources to serve as the HUB for LGBT veterans and their families. We will also provide social outings and events to maintain and rebuild comradery among Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen in a safe and affirming environment.They model ourselves after successful Veterans' Service Organizations except we will cater to the unique needs of LGBT veterans in a Post-DADT society.

    The Rainbow Veteran Project seeks to be recognized and utilized as the premier LGBT Veterans' Service Organization in the country. They want to ensure that we are able to provide all necessary services/resources to any veteran seeking assistance.

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    Lez B Us DADT

    in LGBT


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    To Spill Or Note To Spill: Workplace Discrimination

    in LGBT

    Although the list continues to grow of of companies that have thrown their support behind the lgbtq equal rights movement. Still some companies remain steadfast in their desire to maintain the standard, "Keep it to yourself" mentality. DONT ASK DONT TELL yet lives in some circles.

    We use this episode to explore the  enviroment that forces many to hide who they are for 40 hours (in some cases more) of the week. 

    Also expecting a guest appearence by my main main Will from Father Teresa's Wine celler and many other stellar projects.

    Cop a squat and lets discuss what's T with corparate America!



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    Episode 33: The Other Side of Counter Insurgency and the fading of DADT

    in Military

    After a decade of conflict - is the impact and influence of Counter Insurgency (COIN) doctrine creating an imbalance in how we equip and train our armed forces?

    As we move towards the fall 2010 election, what happened to the push to repeal DADT?

    Join Sal from "CDR Salamander"and EagleOne from EagleSpeak this Sunday, August 22th at 5pm EST, as we bring on two guests to discuss.

    For the first half our will be Douglas A. Macgregor Col. USA, (Ret) , the author of USNI Press's "Warrior's Rage: The Great Tank Battle of 73 Easting," and "Transformation Under Fire: Revolutionizing How America Fights."

    For the second half of the hour, we are going to update a subject we last covered back in Episode 7 in February.

    Our guest will be retired Navy Reserve Commander Zoe Dunning, Board Co-Chair of the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network. With her we will discuss the lobbying efforts on behalf of repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" and a status report on where the debate stands.

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    Chaplain Klingenschmitt on Israel and on repeal of DADT

    in News

    Hear interview with Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt and what chaplains are facing.  Also hear latest news about Israel.

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    AGurlzGuideOnAir- Waiving Your Rainbow Flag At Work

    in LGBT

    Join us tonight on AGG On Air as we talk to Tonia Snell, the President of 925HIRE, LLC, 925HIRE is a full service staffing firm dedicated to helping small to large businesses create an equitable workplace by  building culturally diverse expert staffing and training solutions throughout the United States.  We will talk about the importance of being out at work and how one person living their truth plays into the bigger picture of corporate diversity. 

    Also Joining us is Retired Sergeant Major Vonn Williams, The first African-American female to deploy an active unit as the First Sergeant from the state of Tennessee.   She served before, during and after Dont Ask Dont Tell and we want her to talk about how the military has changed over time. Has the end of DADT changed military culture at all? 

    8pm, Est. Don't miss this show!



    A Gurlz Guide is a powerful collection of LBTQ writers who passionately share their hearts, spirits, personal experience and love for the community in an effort to bring love, reconciliation, healing and humor to some hard hitting topics; real people writing about real experiences.

    In July 2013, A Gurlz Guide On Air was launched on Back2Us Radio Network.  Give away that that which you need the most.

    Pull up a chair, put on your headphones, and join Michelle Alexander on Wednesdays at 8pm for a few hours of empowerment.


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    Stovetop Politics with Virginia Kruta

    in Politics Conservative

    Foreign Policy. How it's failing. Why it's failing. (Hint: when Iraq is burning, perhaps you should focus on Iraq. Golfing, blathering about Climate Change, and consulting Iran for help may damage your credibility.)

    Why the primary that ousted House majority leader Eric Cantor is both good and bad for conservatives, and why Democrats are twirling their mustaches and popping popcorn over it.

    After pushing for the repeal of DADT and demanding that soldiers be allowed to march in gay pride parades, the San Fran Gay Pride Parade is denying the National Guard booth space at the event.

    And the best book review in the history of the world. No, it's not about Hillary's book.


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    Fandom - Stargate: Atlantis

    in Entertainment

    Discuss Stargate: Atlantis -- characters, canon plot choices, and why I choose to ignore certain parts of canon outright. What would I have done differently in canon? What parts of canon do I feel were left unexplored?

    Rough Trade and Fandom

    And a surprise interview with Ladyholder

    8pm Pacific, 9pm Mountain, 10pm Central, 11pm Eastern

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