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  • 01:30

    SimNation Radio Show #77 Friday Nov 8, 2013

    in Video Games

    Join us tonight as we talk all things Next Gen basketall.


    1. NBA Live 14

    Blecher Report Preivew


    Hands on


    Live SoundTrack


    Dribbling and Defense


    Court Q









  • 01:23

    SimNation Radio Show #79 Friday Nov 22, 2013

    in Video Games

    Join us tonight as we discuss the lauch on ps4 and xbox one as well as NbaLive 14 and Nba 2K14.


  • 01:11

    SimNation Radio Show #76 Fri Nov 1, 2013

    in Video Games

    Join us tonight for show number 76.
    1. The state of current gen NBA 2K14
    2. Next gen… New engine vs Port and Patch. Which would you rather have
    3. 2013-2014 NBA Regular Season.

  • 01:57

    SimNation Radio Show #70 Friday Sept 6, 2013

    in Video Games

    Tonight we will re-cover our topics from last week when blogtalk trolled us and shut the show down.
    We will also discuss the new gameinformer article
    New stream gameplay of Lakers vs Knicks LD2k vs Ronnie
    There is also an interview with NBA LIve Producer Sean O-Brien on review fix.
    We will also be discussing the information and videos gathered from the Game Stop Vegas Expo. SimNation was in the building as Operation Sports own JasonWilliams55, Poloelite, and Lid had an opportunity to play a demo and capture a few videos.
    JasonWilliams55 has confirmed he will be on the line to talk with the SimNation and answer questions!
    You can read their impressions here
    Shout out to NBA2kdailyDOTcom for posting the videos you can see here.
    At the end of his impressions Jwill55 says Ronnie hinted to a game mode with this statement.
    On the NBA front we will discuss the retirement of Tracy Mcgrady. Does he deserve to be in the hall of fame ? Will he ?
    We are SimNation... Join Us!

  • 01:31

    SimNation Radio Show Friday Dec 21, 2012

    in Video Games

    Join us tonight as we talk about what is working right in NBA 2K13. What do you enjoy ? What aspects do you hope do not change ? We will also be talking hoops as we ask WTF is D'antoni doing and can Nash save the Lakers ?

  • 01:01

    SimNation Radio Show Friday Jan 25, 2013

    in Video Games

    Join us tonight an we discuss the pitiful Lakers AGAIN. I also want to talk about the Clippers of actually winning a title. NBA AllStar tickets have been punched. Who got the shaft and who made you laugh ?
    On the gaming front we discuss 2k removing the Acrobat sig skill

  • 01:31

    SimNation Radio Show Friday Dec 28, 2012

    in Video Games

    This week we want to discuss passing in video game basketball. What has worked in the past and what do we want to see in the future ?
    We will also discuss the article written by Jason Schreier of Kotku on a developers admission of arrogance and beign blinded by the early success and quick growth of his game War Z. We will discuss that in relation to the recent rant of former madded dev AJ Dembroski.
    On the NBA front we will definitely be talking about the firing of the little general Avery Johnson. The clippers win streak, and has the torch been officially passed in LA.

  • 01:31

    SimNation Radio Show Fri Mar 8, 2013

    in Video Games

    Join Czar and the panel tonight as we discuss the essence of SIM gaming. What is it ? What is it not ? Can there be more than one definition ?
    We will also discuss the SIMCITY debacle and wether the decision to use always online as a Digital Rights Management strategy is good for gaming.
    In our Friday Night Lights segment we will be talking about the 2 games on ESPN tonight ATL vs BOS HOU vs GSW and Miami's Hot streak. How long can they keep it going ?

  • 01:01

    SimNation Radio Show Friday Mar 1, 2013

    in Video Games

    Join us tonight as we discuss a fantastic article by by Wright Thompson called Michael Jordan has not left the building.
    We will also discuss Coaching Sliders in Nba 2k13 Are they effective ? Should they be changed ? How do YOU use them ?
    We will also discuss a couple big matchups that follow the show Friday Night on ESPN. The Griz vs Heat and the Thunder vs Nuggets.

  • 01:00

    SimNation Radio Show Friday Feb 22, 2013

    in Video Games

    Join us tonight as we talk Playstation 4 and what that means for sports gamers.
    We will also talk about All Star weekend and the Lackluster trade action as the deadline recently passed.
    Shamefully we must also talk Lakers AGAIN. LOL

  • 01:31

    SimNation Radio Show Friday Nov 30, 2012

    in Video Games

    Were back this week after a short hiatus. Tonight we want to talk about Nba 2K13 roster updates or the lack thereof. Is this a big issue for gamers ? Should it be ? Would competition help ?
    We will also discuss the Most recent patch for NBA 2K13 and get your thoughts.
    We will also discuss Royce White. Is he blowing this precious opportunity ?
    On the NBA front we will discuss the latest Lakers incarnation with No D'Antoni.
    Also want to talk about the Thunder and how they look post Harden. Have they lost their pop ?
    Finally, should Stern be able to fine a coach for resting his players in the best interest of his team ?