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    The Voices of DAC--The 48th DAC chair speaks out

    in Technology

    Guest: Leon Stok, IBM, General Chair 48th DAC
    Host: Rich Goldman, Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Strategic Alliances, Synopsys Inc.
    Leon Stok of IBM is the 2011 Chair of the 48th Design Automation Conference. He talks about how DAC has evolved, what’s exciting about this year’s DAC, what the future might hold, and what it’s like to chair a major conference like DAC.

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    Vong Quanh The Gioi - 6.17.15

    in Travel

    Chuong trinh gioi thieu ve hanh trinh tours di Tay Ban Nha & Bo Dao Nha cung nhu dac biet gioi thieu ve Tu vien Monserrat la 1 trong 10 tu vien duoc xep hang tren the gioi. http://www.avtravel.com/vn/listing/21-portugal-and-spain


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    Future Faces of DAC

    in Technology

    Future Faces of DAC - Guest Sachin Sapatnekar, Host Rich Goldman

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    Lloyd Welke "Honky Tonk Outlaws" Radio Host.

    in Entertainment

    Girl George & the Dragons Radio Show # 61..

    3-15-15..Interviews Radio Personalty  Lloyd Welke..Canada.

    Host weekly Radio Show.."Honky Tonk Outlaws"..


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    Danny Sheridan~ Girlgeo Radio~2.22.15

    in Entertainment

    Girl George & the Dragons Radio Show #110.

    2-22-15- Interviews Danny Sheridan~Songwriter/Producer-Manager/ Bass Player

    for David Allan Coe..Nina Blackwood..Bonnie Bramlett ~ The Bandaloo Doctors.

    DragonSlayerProductions..Berkeley ..#58.GGR.

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    Financial Nutrition:Find Out What Is Eating Up All Your Money

    in Self Help


    Financial Nutrition is a financial education company that specializes in financial health, empowerment, and money confidence. The primary focus of Financial Nutrition is teaching the basics of money management so women can achieve financial health and independence through investing, financial management, and money confidence.

    Contact information:




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    Writer/Social Media Strategist Deborah A. Culp stops by Good Deeds w/Dr. Sunday

    in Motivation

    Deborah A. Culp is a Freelance: with years of hard won experience. She is a professional Writer/ Photographer/Social Media Strategist with years of earned experience in this fascinating and ever changing Industry. 

    This includes Print & Broadcast and On-Line Media. She is a Correspondent to; The Tennessee Tribune Newspaper, DIVINE Magazine, The History of Jazz Music, Divine Caroline, Trinity Gal, Travel & Review Writer for The Divine Voice Magazine& Broadcast Media Outlets. "The Streets Don't Love You Back"- 

    Guest Blogger and her Blogs: “Debbie’s World” and “Recovery Via God’s Grace & Mercy” and formerly with the Michigan Black Press Association, the Detroit News: “On Detroit” Wilmington Star News Online.  

    She is a staunch Freelance Copy Writer, Photographer and Social Media Strategist too. Deborah was formerly the Parent & Family Expert for the Examiner.com, Wilmington/Fayetteville, "The Streets Don't Love You Back"- Guest Blogger, “Amazing Woman Network”, and Wilmington FAVS (Faith And Values) Life Transitions Writer & Gospel Music Contributor. “Deborah Can write just about anything there is to write!” Including but not limited to; Book Editing, Plays,Talent Coaching Scripts, Letters, (Some) Proposals and more. 

    Affectionately deemed “God’s Writer Girl”, it’s no secret that Writing is a blessing and a natural, therapeutic passion. A new resident of “Music City USA”. DAC is working on her first book; "Then there was laughter" and has a few business endeavor irons in the fire. She is a staunch volunteer and loves her family & friends

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    How to create value content for your blog with guest speaker, Vitaliy Dubinin

    in Self Help

    Vitaliy Dubinin, a rock star in his own right, helping home business entrepreneurs develop a rock star personal brand, generate more leads & make more money through the power of blogging. He is the Founder of Blogging Success Academy & Creator of Daily Inspirational Show.

    Introduced to MLSP around 2009 for the first time by David Wood he caught the vision. He tried to make it work for a couple of months & he failed again only because of one reason, he quit & gave up, He haven’t developed yet the right mindset to succeed. It was around this time his s1st baby was born, & from the pressure of all his family to go to University & get a degree like everybody in his  family had, for the lack of results & most importantly for the lack of belief in himself, he quit. He wishes he had stayed a member of MLSP all the way from 2010. For the next 4 years he hadn’t done anything online and he disconnected from the home business industry entirely.

    Have you ever felt deep down inside of you that you want MORE out of life? You want to BE more, DO more, HAVE more, CONTRIBUTE more to the world, SHOW UP more as your highest self, EXPERIENCE more of what life can offer, BECOME all that you can become, IMPACT thousands of people’s of lives and LIVE LIFE ON YOUR TERMS?

    That was him back in the beginning of 2014. SICK AND TIRED of working at LOW PAYING, BORING, SOUL-CRUSHING jobs (like being a bank teller, a waiter, ESL teacher, washing cars or selling VISA cards at the supermarket just to name a few) & settling for a mediocre life. He couldn’t look at himself in the mirror anymore knowing that he was wasting time & potential. He knew that after graduation, another job…he wanted to be an entrepreneur, to impact thousands of people’s of lives around the world, to speak on stages, to truly inspire other people to succeed. Listen in to hear the rest of his story....

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    Truckers DAC Report

    in Jobs

    Allen discusses the truck driver DAC report . . . who they are, how to contact, what they do and the importance of keeping your DAC report clean - as well as Truth About Trucking's plans to bring about changes to this agency, by going straight to Congress with the Stop False DAC Reporting petition.

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    The Wealthy Spirit with guest speaker Chellie Campbell

    in Self Help

    The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction

    Many people spend their lives searching for the means to acquire tremendous financial wealth. They look to external resources to give them what they want, and are ultimately disappointed when their dreams don't turn out the way they had planned. They either become incredibly wealthy at the expense of their spiritual well being, family, and friends, or they never acquire the riches they've aspired to, and in their disappointment, they discover they've lost all sense of self-worth.

    The Wealthy Spirit is the only book that offers an approach to achieving both spiritual and financial wealth. Through a series of daily affirmations that focus on the reader's internal strength and capacity for change, this book will set them on a path toward personal enlightenment and wealth in body, mind, and spirit.

    Using a day-to-day approach, readers will learn six keys:
    --Think positive. Like mind over matter, mind over money begins with believing you deserve it and can get it.
    --Send out ships. You can wait for your ship to come in, but if you don't send any out, it's going to be a long wait.
    --Count your money. Money is a game and you have to know the score. The money score will tell you how well you're doing at steps one and two.
    --Swim with dolphins. Being "in the swim" will depend largely on who you're swimming with. Find "your people" and avoid sharks.
    --Survive the storms. You must weather interior storms as well as exterior ones. Persistence is key.
    --Seek balance and enlightenment. Only from their perspective will you know when you have "enough."

    The Wealthy Spirit offers readers peace of mind to help them build financial muscle and a successful, stress-free life.

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    in Jobs

    It's time to bring change to the way the DAC report is used against our professional truck drivers.
    False reports by trucking companies and DAC's refusal to investigate fairly and according to law, has ruined many truck drivers' careers.
    Join Allen as he shares stories he has received from truckers about the abuse of the DAC system, and learn how you can help by signing the petition: Stop False DAC Reporting