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    Using our D4Y series for Backyard Bible Clubs this summer

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    What is a Backyard Bible Club? It’s like having a children’s Bible study or Vacation Bible School in your local neighborhood instead of at a church.  Some children can’t, won’t, or would never be allowed to attend an event at a church building. A Backyard Bible Club is like taking the church to the community, it gives you the opportunity to reach a group of children and their parents who might not otherwise ever hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    That probably raises a few questions in your mind. What does a Backyard Bible Club look like? How do you make it happen? What would you use for curriculum? Does Precept have any resources available?
    Join David Lawson and his special guest Thesa Morgan, on June 6th and 13th as they discuss Backyard Bible Clubs and resources Precept has to make yours a success!

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    Taking the inductive Bible study to the kids!

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    We have the most amazing Bible study for children! Our material does not cover stories about the Bible, like so many others, but we guide the children into an actual study of the Word of itself. The kids love it, and the parents are amazed by it. If you have kids or grandkids who are 9-12 years old, you need to know about this series.
    Join David Lawson as he interviews Janna Arndt, the co-author, along with Kay Arthur, of our D4Y (Discover 4 Yourself) Bible studies. 

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    Cracking the Covenant Code, for kids!

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    What is a covenant? Is it important? You know that it is, but do your kids or grandkids?
    You know that God always keeps His covenant promises!
    This is the description of our latest study:
    Join Max, Molly, and Sam the great face-licking beagle as they crack secret codes, do crosswords, and solve puzzles to discover God’s awesome promises. As you travel around Israel, where Jesus lived while on earth, you’re going to explore the covenants God makes with His people and what they mean for you.
    Join David Lawson as he interviews Janna Arndt, the co-author, along with Kay Arthur, of our latest and maybe the greatest D4Y Bible study – Cracking The Covenant Code.

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    How to start and lead a Bible study using the Discover 4 Yourself Inductive Bible Studies for Kids.

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    We have known for a while, but I suspect we just did not want to admit it, that most of the youth sitting in your church will be gone the first chance they get. When they get their driver’s license, they leave the church. Why? Well, actually the problem started much earlier, when they were kids. When we teach children Bible stories and not the Bible, they grow up understanding the Bible is a story book but not really relevant. As older teens and young adults their lives are busy and complicated. Stories just seem to have no place in the real world. When we teach them to study the Bible, they encounter the living Word and the living God of the Word. They grow up knowing the relevant God who changes lives. The differences are important.
    The Discover 4 Yourself Inductive Bible Studies for Kids Series are designed to help you do just that, teach kids how to study the Word. Known around Precept by the acronym D4Y, this series is designed to challenge young minds with the Truth of God’s Word. D4Y teaches children good principles of study which enhance both spiritual life and academic studies. D4Y is ideal for students 8-12 years old, in small group studies, homeschool classrooms, family studies, and personal Christian growth.
    This week our special guest will be Marta Latham. Marta has been teaching children for over 20 years, and you will not meet anyone with more passion for teaching children the Bible and not just stories about the Bible. Marta knows the D4Y series intimately and has used it from its inception to train kids. You do not want to miss this program! Marta’s passion is contagious and you may learn things about children you never dreamed of.
    Join our host David Lawson as we explore ways to start and lead Discover 4 Yourself Bible studies.