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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Certified Life Coach Dr. Cyd Charrow

    in Motivation

    Apollo Beach, FL – Self-efficacy is a belief in yourself and your abilities. As the poet Virgil said, “They are able who think they are able.” If you believe you can do something, you can do it.

    The wonderful thing about self-efficacy is that it can be learned through small positive experiences. A little bit of success can go a long way, and that’s where a coach can really help. Coaching takes you from the present into the future. Now is the time to see who you really are and what you really want. So where do you really want to go?

    Dr. Cyd Charrow, CERTIFIED LIFE COACH is a Success, Motivation and Positive Life Change Specialist. Drawing from a variety of methodologies and techniques, Dr. Charrow helps people bring up their long-suppressed dreams, formulate them into goals, and provides a road map to achieving them. She helps her clients build on their personal strengths to achieve positive lasting change.

    ‘I believe very strongly in the power of the mind to make changes, says Dr. Charrow, “so I love to work with people in transition. I empower them to discover what they really want from life - and how to get it.”

    As a social cognitive therapist for over 30 years, Dr. Charrow would provide support and practical feedback, as well as insight, to help her clients address their current life challenges and issues. However, she has recently relocated to Florida to focus exclusively on building her coaching practice

    “The therapy I was doing was already a lot more interactive, positive psychology focused,” says Dr. Charrow. “Instead of focusing on what was wrong, we would focus on your strengths and build from there, so coaching has been a really natural progression for me. I love mentoring aspect of life coaching. I can help people in transition manage their anxiety and fear so they can find their passion and realize it.”

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    Exclusive Interview with Cyd Zeigler of OutSports.com

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    Exclusive Interview: Andrew Porter and Cyd Zeigler

    Cyd Zeigler is the co-founder of OutSports.com and contributes to Huffington Post, Out Magazine, and The Advocate. Zeigler was involved in the decision of Michael Sam coming out, and he wrote an exclusive piece detailing the process. 

    You can read the exclusive piece, via OutSports.com, HERE.


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    Psychic Cyd

    in Spirituality

    Cyd is back to take your calls

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    Outsports looks back at 15 years of sports stories

    in LGBT

    Outsports has been publishing for 15 years, ever since Jim Buzinski and Cyd Zeigler sat down at a coffee house on Cape Cod and came up with the idea. Since then they have covered gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues in sports like no other, carrying more coming-out stories in sports than any other publication in the world.

    We look back at some of the stories we've felt were more important over the last 15 years, the changes we've seen, and some of the key lessons we've learned.

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    MLB umpire Dale Scott comes out, Robbie Rogers headed to MLS Cup

    in LGBT

    Major League Baseball umpire Dale Scott did a "soft" coming out a couple months ago in Referee magazine, but it wasn't until we profiled him this week that most of the public realized what had happened. We'll talk about his story and the world of officiating.

    Plus, Robbie Rogers is headed to the MLS Cup as his Los Angeles Galaxy take on the New England Revolution on Sunday. We'll talk with LAG Confidential editor Josie Becker as she prepares for the big match and a possible fifth MLS Cup for the Galaxy.

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    Psychic Cyd

    in Paranormal

    Cyd is back again to share her gifts and compassion with us at Soul's Journey Radio. Call in lines are open for readings.

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    RG3's Christian shirt causes a stir - like the rest of the NFL.

    in LGBT

    Robert Griffin III tried to wear a T-shirt at a post-game Washington press conference until he was stopped by someone from the NFL or the team. The T-shirt said "Know Jesus Know Peace" and, simultaneously, "No Jesus No Peace." The reaction to our story on the shirt was strong, largely from Christians who took offense at Cyd Zeigler's distaste for the second message of the shirt. 

    Plus, the NFL can't seem to get anyone to focus on the games that are being played as stories of domestic violence encircle Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and others.

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    Gay former Minor Leaguer John Dellinger talks changes in baseball, MLB playoffs

    in LGBT

    Openly gay former Minor League baseball pitcher John Dellinger joins the Outsports podcast. He'll talk about life after baseball, any changes he may have seen in baseball for gay athletes, and of course the Major League Baseball playoffs that seem to already have everyone in sports talking.

    Also, we've seen some homophobic or crude comments and signs referring to Michael Sam showing up around football. Are these offensive? Distasteful? Is it just college "boys being boys"? And is that "excuse" even worthy?

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    Cyd Damian: Painter, Musician, Photographer

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    Visit www.cyddamian.com and you will be drawn into a virtual firestorm of creativity.  The vital energy of this multitalented young painter, musician, photographer embraces and transforms as you listen to original musical tracts with names such as "Orion Slave Girl", "The Ballard of Bat Dish", "New World", "Not About You" and many more.
    This edition of the Buff Brain, Easy Workouts for the Mind show hosted by Cay Randall-May, Ph.D., focuses on creativity.  I am excited to highlight the unique multi-sensory world of Cyd Damian in this episode.
    I first met Cyd at the ADT Studio in Tempe, Arizona, at an exhibition of his most recent abstract painints.  His painted guitars immediately caught my attention.  He explained to me that he was a musician who also painted. 
    He explained how he moves effortlessly from writing and performing his music to developing unique finishes for his guitars and ultimately to painting abstract versions of the guitars' finishes on canvas.  
    Cyd was naturally drawn to photography as an extension of his painting and music.  All of your senses are engaged when ou visit his web site to look and listen.  He draws you into his world of abstract colors, form, and shape with an acoustic feel that is trans-sensory.
    His major life goal is to open up the mind to explore new horizons. Musical theory and thoughts expressed in sound are the major driving force of his creativity, but anyone who gazes into the depths of his mystical guitars will be engaged by the colors and rhythmic forms which he incorporates into these pieces. 
    Listeners are invited to call into speak with Cyd about the many facets of his artistic career.

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    Iowa coach comes out as basketball coaches bar anti-gay discrimination

    in LGBT

    A junior high school coach in Iowa came out to a "homophobic" friend after a Hawkeyes basketball game and got quite the response. We'll talk about Evan Risk's great story and whether he's in "rural" Iowa or not.

    Plus, the National Association of Basketball Coaches created a policy that forbids discrimination based on sexual orientation. Openly gay high school basketball coach Anthony Nicodemo, who helped encourage the NABC to adopt a policy, will join us to talk about the great new step for the association.

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    Homosexuality in the Locker Room 2, ft Cyd Zeigler (ep 123)

    in Football

    Join us this week as recap a wild week in the NFL and look forward to this week's slate of games.  We'll take you into the NBA season as well and take the temperature of a few teams a month into the marathon.We'll also be joined by OutSports.com president and co-founder Cyd Zeigler about Homosexuality in the Locker Room and why this issue is such a polarizing one in the world of sports.You don't wanna miss this episode!

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