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    PIC PODCAST Episode 2: Sustainability in HR and 50 over 50

    in Work

    Sarah Williams and Kyle Jones are back with Episode Two of the Performance I Create podcast. Guests on this show are: China Gorman, Paul Hebert, Mary Faulkner, and our own Keirsten Greggs.  

    Join us as we discuss HR Positive and 50 over 50 with Paul Hebert - followed by a HR Buzz Topics segment with China, Mary, and Keirsten. We welcome your feedback.

    Thank you for listening to the #PICHRSHOW.  

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    LIVE FROM OVER THE TOP CAMP - Women of Optum Pro Cycling

    in Fitness

    Recorded live from Over the Top Cycling Camp at the Borrego Springs Resort in Borrego Springs, California, we present a special evening with the women of Optum Pro Cycling. Each rider will be introduced (and their background) by moderator Janel Holcomb, team captain and former NRC overall champion (http://optumprocycling.com/team-member/janel-holcomb/).

    This evening also features Leah Kirchman, reigning National Champion of Canada concurrently of Road Racing, Time Trial and Criterium and recent podium finisher (third place) at the La Course on the Champs-Elysée (http://www.flare.com/uncategorized/pro-cyclist-leah-kirchmann-on-riding-in-the-tour-de-frances-first-ever-female-race/ ). 

    This evening also features rockstar riders Amber Pierce (veteran of European racing, http://optumprocycling.com/team-member/amber-pierce/) and Annie Ewart (http://optumprocycling.com/team-member/annie-ewart/).

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    Over the Top Cycling - The Boothby Challenge

    in Fitness

    A group of Seattle Randonneurs decided to create an unofficial challenge to honor the memory of one of their own, Don Boothby, who passed away before he got a chance to complete a 300k ride every month of the year, Hence the Boothby Challenge was created.
    4 riders completed it in 2014

    Randonneuring is long-distance unsupported endurance cycling. This style of riding is non-competitive in nature, and self-sufficiency is paramount. Participation in randonneuring events is part of a long tradition that goes back to the beginning of the sport of cycling in France and Italy. Friendly camaraderie and perseverance are the hallmarks of randonneuring.

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    Over the Top Cycling - Robin Farina interviews Ally Stacher

    in Fitness

    Ally Stacher is a professional cyclist with Specialized-Lululemon. She's a support rider who does everything she possibly can do to help her team succeed.  Stacher

    inherited a love of homemade juicing from her aunt, who bought her a Jack LaLanne juicer during her sophomore year of college. “I was instantly hooked,” she says. “My roommate and I started juicing like crazy.”

    It’s a habit that Stacher continues today—even while on the road. “I was traveling with a little Omega juicer,” she says. “It was perfect—it fit into my backpack so I never had to put it in my checked bag. Then the travel got to it and it died on me. It was an incredibly sad day. I now travel with a Breville juicer my teammate bought me for my birthday. It’s pretty easy to lug around. I will say, though, when you go through security with a juicer in your backpack it tends to set off the alarm.”

    Stacher claims to be a frugal juicer—“I don’t do too many add-ins…the occasional wheat grass, but that’s about it.”—but admits to being crazy for beets. And for good reason: Research show that drinking beetroot juice can boost a cyclist’s endurance. In one study, volunteers were able to ride about a minute and a half longer compared to when they drank a placebo. Ninety-two seconds may not seem like a lot, but in the world of professional cycling, it’s more than enough to separate the winners from the losers.

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    Aquarium Talk the Podcast on AVN: Setting up and Cycling your Aquarium

    in Pets

    On this episode of Aquarium Talk the podcast for beginners,  fish keeper Alex Cardinale and his co-host Donovan Barger are going to be discussing setting up your aquarium and cycling your aquarium! Are you a beginner who just picked up their first aquarium? Great! Alex and Donovan will help you set your aquarium up and we will help you cycle it! On our first episode of Aquarium Talk the podcast for beginners Alex and Donovan introduced the Aquarium hobby to beginners, now today we are going to discuss getting your fish tank set up.

    Topics for this show:

    -How to Set up a Freshwater and Saltwater Aquarium

    -Equipment Needed for Freshwater and Equipment needed for Saltwater Aquariums

    - The Nitrogen cycle and water parameters discussion

    -and much more!

    If you have questions or want to share advice please call 1 347-989-8142!

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    50+The Second Half Magazine's Sport Nation

    in Sports

    Coming to you live Fuzzy Q, Stephen L and Radar (aka) The Sports Doctor each and every Thursaday at 7:00PM except for Holidays. We too need time with our families- LOL. Turn in/Cal in at 347.539.5867.

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    TPB – EP 118 – TMNT Issue #50

    in Entertainment

    TPB Episode 118 is here! Mike and Joe return to Talkin' Turtles...  This dynamic duo go through issue 50 of the IDW TMNT ongoing and spoil everything, so if you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for???!!! We talk about Splinter and Shredder... where Mikey will go, and so much more!  So grab some pizza, and listen in as we continue the Tubular Turtle Talk here inside The Pull Bag!

     IDW TMNT Ongoing Series Chronology
    GCRN Universal Ratings System
    Check out Joe's Shredder Hand!


    Mike "TFG1" Blanchard

    Joe Reed

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    Download TPB_EP118.mp3

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    Sports Over Easy

    in Sports

    Demo for our new sports show coming soon working out the kinks


    in Sports

    Trent, Trace, and drew are here to entetain and rock your socks off! It's our season premiere together and we can't wait to talk to you guys about the latest sports and fantasy news of the world! Come in, sit back and enjoy the ride....WE'RE COMING IN HOT!!!

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    This week on OTTR~! Ed and his co-host return ater two weeks off where a whole jot of shit has gone down in wrestling and we are going to talk about all of it, WWE SS, putting the world title on a stuped looking geek, Romen crying, Undertaker, TNA some how lives on, and we talk what we did on Turkey day and Black Friday. All this and a who,e lot more on this weeks OVER THE TOP RADIO~!

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    The Guide to Starting Over

    in Lifestyle

    Many of us face a time of "starting over" in our lives. Maybe after a break up or a bad job. Whatever the reson may be, I'm here to help.