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    O.U.R. Advice Talk Show...Breaking the Cycle

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    Hello everyone, it's been awhile, but we are here. Today's topic is about breaking the cycle. All negative cycles from the past, can and will be broken, if you put effort into them. So today, decide to break the cycle.

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    The Open Source Report 08 February 2015

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    We cover the news in the Open Source Movement in software and hardware development for the good of the humanity.The people and ideas that make this Movement great.
    Cubrimos las noticias en el Movimiento de Código Abierto en el desarrollo de software y hardware para el bien del pueblo humanity.The e ideas que hacen de este gran movimiento.

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    Living Life Through The Eye of Source

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    Living life through the eye of source is a message that is conveyed to those who realize that they are on a spiritual path.  The spiritual path is used to cultivate the developement of the soul, so that one can live from a space of their divinity. It is our greatest intention to inspire all who are honest, open and willing to live an authentic life.  Only out of such a space can one begin to see themselves and the world as a place of abundance, love and peace. Come as you are with an open mind and a tender heart.

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    Father/Source' Soul Studies Continued

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    Sananda, Father/Source and the Company of Heaven take us a step further in our journey of understanding in tonights show. We will receive an update from the Temple of Light were waves of souls continue to receive help in returning to the light. We will also continue on our Soul Studies with Father/Source. 

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    Living Life Through The Eye Of Source

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    Living Life Through The eye of Source is created and produced to bring forth a message that will enhance and elevate the personal and spiritual growth of an individuals life.  It is not our desire to teach or pursuade the listener, however it is always our desire to remind the listener of who they are as source/spiritual energy beings having the physical experiences. So welcome all to come with ears to hear and a open heart.

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    Michael Drew: 12 Steps to Intimacy in a We Cycle

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    Join us in a conversation on how to apply the WE Cycle attributes to build lasting relationship for your products or services. Michael R. Drew, is a thought leader and visionary. He also with Roy Williams co-authored the book Pendulum. As maverick he has become the world’s most successful book promoter, having launched 82 consecutive books onto best-seller lists, many of them claiming the number one title. He found that a benefit of working with authors’, was gaining from their insights into social trends. He observed up-close the shifting dynamics of society and saw first-hand the rapid and long-term changes in the publishing industry and how content reaches today’s varied audiences. This prompted him to found, Promote A Book, which helps writers and authors, thought leaders, speakers and entrepreneurs build upon the essential components of continuing success with a platform for their writing and message, expanding their audience as they adapt to social shifts. 

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    Living Life Through The Eyes Of Source

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    Living through the eyes of source is a message that was derived form a burning desire to be the image and the likeness of source energy. We are here to shift the perceptions and bring order to the the misunderstandings of our true selves. It is our greatest desire to bring and leave the listener with a substance that is eagered to feed the soul part and bring unity to the body as a whole.  As spiritual beings we are created to be a co creator to all that is and all that will ever be.  We are eternal beings with gifts of the Source to bring about a new day and a new way of being.  So come as you are with a honest, open and willing heart to know thyself as the likeness and the image of GOD.

                                     May the lips of the wise be forever open to the ear that is ready to hear.

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    Solar Cycle Journey Preparing in Amen: Melanin Science Study

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    [excerpts from a Book In Progress called “The Melanin Body Universal Laws of The Creeation]

                "...Dr. Amos Wilson wrote this seminal book using, basically, information that white researchers discarded because they thought it was not relevant to white child development. But without a doubt it was extremely relevant to the Development of the Black child.

                This is the premise, or Preface into the little book I am sharing about my preparation for the next Solar Cycle Journey.

               Finally, Melanin Science. What is it and is it different from other science. Melanin Science is science without the addition of made up, false, politically drawn conclusions, notions instead of science based facts. No, it is not different from any other real science. It is called Melanin Science as a way to differentiate it from science that is called science when there are things about it that are already proved to be wrong.

                Basically it is to distinguish Melanin Science from the science that white people, for the most part, use loose facts to support and justify the suppressions and oppression of African people under a false ideology called White Supremacy.

               Serialization of the book is at www.black-e-book.com; it will be availabley in its entiret after serialization. It when it will be published in its entirety as a ebook. And later as a Trade Paperback.

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    Will and Thunder Welcome Burn Cycle

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    Burn Cycle was born in February of 2014. The instrumental pieces of Burn Cycle are no strangers to each other, or to rock fans in the Los Angeles area. Eggers and Sampson (Guitars); Torrey (Drums) and Boads (Bass) played together previously, playing well over a 100 shows together, headlining all over Southern California, often providing direct support for national acts. The resulting musical kinship and instinctive interplay between players, the kind only developed through intense sweat and unapologetic smiles, laid an incredible sonic framework for a talented inspired vocalist and lyricist to build upon. They found such a vocalist in Wreck (Vocals), whose vocal range matches the wide breadth and intensity of his lyrical musings. Wreck, who is Georgia born, is a previously-signed recording artist who has completed several national tours of the USA. The pursuit of new musical opportunities led him to Los Angeles, where he was excited to find an experienced musical unit with a true sense of collaboration just waiting for his talents and input. With Wreck on-board, the five crucial elements were in place, Burn Cycle commenced. Burn Cycle is not interested in simply being a good band; they are shooting for jaw-dropping. With this in mind, they spent their first twelve months together performing only select few shows and spending lots of time in the woodshed gelling as a unit. With the release of their four song EP “Ignition”, Burn Cycle is ready to make heads bang, feet stomp and to put some smiles on some faces. 

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    Amen Period Writing in Present in Preparation for the Next Solar Cycle Journey. Serialization of the Book: Melanin Body Systems of Universal Laws: A Introduction to MELANIN SCIENCE [PART FIVE]

    As we have stated many times before, in the very beginning only the Creator was present. The Creator created a being and inculcated all of the Laws that he used to Create into the Being. Or Beings, if you will. The only substance available in the beginning was The Creator Himself: so us were created out of the Creator Himself. All the Laws that are in the Creator are within us. We are made in His Image. As such all we need do is master the laws so we too can create even as we were created back in the beginning. Remember, the only known way to master anything is to overcome tasks through practice.

    The Key to understanding all of the KNOWLEDGE we have about anything whosoever is to UNDERSTAND certain degrees that we can do, say or be nothing without using/practicing Universal Laws. The equivalent degree of your understand equates to the WISDOM you will have to use the essence that is within the Knowledge.


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    The Cycle Is Over!

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    The Cycle Is Over! 

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