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    'America's Next Top Model' cycle 22 episode 15: Lacey, Mikey the final two

    in Pop Culture

    According to the synopsis for cycle 22 episode 15, the upcoming episode will depict a lot of drama when it is revealed that one of the cast members hooked up with one of the models. The synopsis further mentions that one of the contestants will have a breakdown when the news travels

    This week's episode will also capture a shoot for Zappos. The photoshoot, which takes place by the pool, features an extremely confident Nyle. We predict that he might win Tyra's heart in this competition.

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    Pain Meds: How to Break the Cycle and Still be Pain Free

    in Health

    Taking Pain Medications can become a vicous cycle of never quite getting rid of the pain and always having to adjust and/or change them. ome a vicious cycle of never quite getting rid of the pain. Dr. Bacilio Pace and Christopher Bump will focus on how to get rid of the pain without becoming addicted and/or dependent on ever-adjusting. 

    Dr. Bacilio Pace, DC:

    Dr. Pace is the Founder of Total Care of Union City,  He is also a chiropractic Consultant for Liberty Mutual Insurance, Crawford Insurance and the RP Medical and Rehabilitation Group of Hasbrouck Heights, NJ. He is Board Certified in the States of New York, New Jersey and Florida with a Masters Certification in Cervical Acceleration/Deceleration Injuries from the San Diego Spine Research Institute

    Dr. Christopher Bump, DC

    Dr. Christopher J. Bump is first and foremost a healer of the whole individual, offering a truly holistic approach to medicine, concerned with not only eliminating symptoms but also creating a total health and well-being plan for each patient.  His goal, to touch the lives of people and make them better, has led Dr. Bump on an interesting journey, resulting in his practice today of “functional medicine”—with a twist.

    Accepted into the “Harvard” of chiropractic schools, Palmer College, Christopher Bump studied with a mission, earning the distinct honor of being the Clinic Intern Director, which is a full scholarship position overseeing other doctors in the school’s health clinic, and graduating at the top of his class in 1982. Most recently, Dr. Bump has earned a Master’s Degree in human nutrition from Columbia University (2010). 


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    Astrology and the Angels check in with the Sagittarius cycle

    in Spirituality

    Elizabeth Pendleton joins me to discuss all things Astrology and Angels as we greet the Mutable Fire energy coming in with Sagittarius. I'm going to share the angel messages that have come through for us and Elizabeth will give us the 411 about what is happening in the stars. Find out how this Sag energy will work with the other Astrological Events happening this month and how you can work with these energies too. 
    Connect with Elizabeth

    Connect with Kristy

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    What Is The Hype Cycle?

    in Business

    You’ve probably heard of the Hype Cycle. But what is it, and how does it apply to long-term investing? David Gardner explains.

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    in Current Events

    There's been a push for years to have doctors, nurses, and health care folks to become more involved in screening and treating victims of intimate partner violence. There have been flyers taped in bathrooms, brochures stacked in waiting rooms, and once in a while a quesion about domestic violence on an intake form. But what are we really doing, is this the appropriate response, and what can we do better?

    Project Connect, a program funded by the Department of Human Serivces, has trained doctors and nurses about how to talk with patients about domestic violence and sexual assault, and that can be a tough thing to do.

    Lisa James, Director of Health at Futures Without Violence, has worked with experts in medicine, violence and policy to work out an effective health care response to abuse. She is a recipient of the American Medical Association's Citation for Distinguished Service for her efforts to train health care provicers on domestic violence, and she coordinates the biennial National Conference on Health Care and Domestic Violence.

    Join us as we discuss the role of health care providers in helping victims of sexual and domestic violence.

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    The Zoe Moon Astrology Show DESTINY & KARMA a new 18 month cycle begins!

    in Self Help

    A brand new Destiny and Karma Cycle kick in this week pointing us towards a new future direction of possibilities and helping us work out that next round of Karmic balance in fields that we have not visited since the years 1997-1998. Each sign will benefit from knowing where the promise and challenges lie in these areas. Not only do we enter into brand new fields here but Neptune is going to end months of being Retrograde and go Direct in the week ahead, affecting our artistic, romantic, spiritual, healing, addictive, hospital, research, and past life situations going forward. Tune in to hear how you may be affected and learn about it with Zoe!

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    Trading Systems & Strategy: Mean Reversion and the Importance of the Swing Cycle

    in Finance

    Co-Hosts Bret Rosenthal and Bill Jacobs discuss how to identify swing cycle trends and the importance of said cycles on the intra-day mean reversion trade. 

    Other topics covered may include:

    rcmFibonacci, rcmAverage True Range, rcmPoint of Control, rcmPrice Movement Porfiler

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    Navigating the Trade: Swing Cycle Update SPY DIA QQQ IWM Plus DayTrades revealed

    in Finance

    rcmTradingDesk - Your source for all aspects of trade navigation - From building trading systems to managing risk

    Co-Hosts Bret Rosenthal and Bill Jacobs breakdown in graphic detail actual trades occuring in real time and teachable moments of recent vintage. 

    Today's focus: Every Friday we share information right off of our trading desk about the current rcmSwingCycle position of the 4 key indecies: S&P500 (SPY), Dow30 (DIA), NASD100 (QQQ) and SmallCap Russell 2000 (IWM). All four strategies are in a cash position and today we will explain why. 

    Next, we will examine three day trades from this week executed on our trading desk using the rcmPriceMovementProfiler (rcmPMP): Long ILMN Short AAPL and IWM

    Other topics covered may include:

    An overview of our new website: rcmTradingDesk.com your source on the web for all aspects of trade navigation. You can click on the 'Breakout Session' tab to view charts and explanations of the trades we will be discussing today: Long ILMN Short AAPL & IWM

    Catching knives with the handle up

    Probability vs Absolutes 

    Risk management, Position management

    rcmFibonacci, rcmAverage True Range, rcmPoint of Control, rcmPrice Movement Porfiler

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    Food Freedom: How To End The Cycle of Bingeing

    in Lifestyle

    I would like to welcome Debbie Lichter to the show! Debbie will be sharing the #1 Reason why most women can't break the binge cycle, 3 keys to having a healthy relationship with food and the secret to feeling confident and making healthy choices. Do you want to have a healthy relationship with food and your body? Are you frustrated because in spite of all your knowledge and expertise, and everything you've done, you still can't break the binge cycle for good? Do you struggle with self doubt and shame? If you answered YES to any or ALL of these then you won't want to miss this call! You can stop the cycle of binging and body obsession, and feel empowered, confident and free. If you don’t have the healthy relationship with food you want, you’re probably just missing a few key pieces. Debbie will reveal her Proven Freedom Formula to getting free from food addiction for good. Tune into www.blogtalkradio.com/conscioustalkradio to listen or call (347) 850-8423 to listen as well.


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    Domestic Violence, Rape, Desperation, & Escaping the Cycle of Abuse

    in Self Help

    Join Radio Talk Show Host Robin Manley and her VERY SPECIAL GUEST --Author, Motivational Speaker, Psalmist, Ordained Minister, and Retired School Teacher----Hazel Blount as they discuss Domestic Violence, Rape, Desperation, & Escaping the Cycle of Abuse

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    Inbound Sales: Accelerate your Sales Cycle with Mark Coudray

    in Business

    Sales Expert, Mark Coudray, joins CallTalk to discuss the changes that have occurred with the advennt of the digital world and how that has impacted the sales channels.  We will look into the changes in communication, campaigns, and closure rates, and it's all good news!

    His professional activities involve the strategic planning, direction, and transition for companies moving from an analog marketing delivery model to a digital model. This includes the evolving changes to how goods and services are marketed, sold and delivered, as well as the analytics and metrics for how performance is measured. Mark is actively involved in the R&D of sales, marketing, and analytically driven social media technologies as well as the implementation into commercial environments.

    Prior to his current activities, Mark focused on developing and implementing digital technologies for the specialty printing industry. He is well known as a leader and strategist for industries disrupted by digital technologies.

    His work has been published globally in more than 400 articles, papers, and columns. Mark’s columns have appeared continuously in multiple industry publications for more than 25 years. He has worked with client companies in 41 countries. His implementations, products, and services are offered in the areas of digital workflow design, consulting services, software development, technical seminars, workshops, technical assessment, and expert witness testimony.

    Mark received a BS degree in Graphic Communications in 1977 from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, California.   He graduated Summa Cum Laude