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    1.  In the News  2. Book Talk  3. Peter Singer provides an A-Z on the topics of internet security and cyberwarfare.  Mr. Singer  spoke about his book at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey.     

    Peter Singer is a senior fellow and director of the Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence at the Brookings Institution.  He is also a contributing editor at Popular Science magazine.  Mr. Singer is the author of "Corporate Warriors," "Children at War," and "Wired for War."  For more, visit: cybersecuritybook.com.

    4.  Listener Calls



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    Guerrilla Radio with American Spring

    in Current Events

    Today on Guerrilla Radio with American Spring:
    What threat does the Bradley Manning trial represent to journalism?  Are the American people the ''enemy'' he has aided? 
    Also, the Pentagon announced new cyber divisions.  One of the foremost targets of these new military operations:  the ''insider threat''.
    Plus:  The latest entry into the Franken File: 'Facts, Lies and Audiotapes'
    And, Keith Broekemeier joins us to talk about our 'Hypocrite Nation'.
    Call in and join the conversation. 718-664-6859

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    Guerrilla Radio with American Spring

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    Friday on Guerrilla Radio with American Spring:
    TIGER 5 grants, the Lake of the Ozarks Community Bridge Corporation, Schultz and Summers and Ameren.  All of this from the Franken File. Updates on Snowden and NSA files, cyberwarfare rules updated by the Pentagon and much, much more.
    Call in and join the conversation. 718-664-6859

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    Scared of China: Telecom and U.S. National Security

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    In this day and age of intense partisan rancor in Washington, one thing that brings Republicans and Democrats together is their distrust of China. And one Chinese company that both the left and the right seem to love to hate is Huawei Technologies, the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world.
    Just in October, the House Intelligence Committee released a report warning the U.S. government and private companies against doing business with Huawei. The Chairman and the Ranking Member of the Committee  pointed out that Huawei can insert malicious hardware or software implants into its equipment, and allow the Chinese government to wage cyberwarfare, conduct economic espionage, and disrupt U.S. telecom networks that affect everything from electric power grids to banking and finance systems to rail and shipping channels.
    Mr. William Plummer, Vice President of External Affairs at Huawei, disputes the accusations against Huawei and talks about the company's relationship with the Chinese government, the vulnerabilities of the global telecommunications supply chain, and the politics of the U.S.-China relationship.

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    PB411 E 10-15-12 Concussions Are Not Wing Sauce

    in Current Events

    .....And drones are not toy airplanes.
    On this episode of Point Blank 411:
    Let's look more indepth at Pro Football Concussions, some stats and insight on one of the most common hazards of the sport.
    Drones are becoming more and more relevant  in modern warfare. Could they be the prelude to total Cyber conflicts? I'll look at both on this episode.
    Bumblebee Tuna employee perishes after falling in a processor. The Story inside
    The American Family Association faces off with The Southern Poverty Law Center on Mix it up Lunch Day
    Those marquee topics and some tid bits of this, and samplings of that on this episode of Point Blank 411

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    Israel Under Cyber-Attack

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    Israel Under Cyber-Attack
    Cyberwarfare refers to politically motivated hacking to conduct sabotage and espionage.
    Erel Margalit, chairman of Jerusalem Venture Partners, a leading Israeli venture capital firm, has invested significantly in Israel's cybersecurity system but said more must be done.

    "Israel has the Iron Dome system (to intercept incoming rockets), but it needs a cyberdome," he said, noting the government just approved collaboration on the first-ever private cybersecurity incubator to further invest in the industry.

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    ep50 Welcome to World War 3 - Iran vs Israel, US, NATO

    in Technology

    Looks like the US & Israel had started a war with Iran. The first shot was cyber. Stuxnet, Flame then the offline assassinations of Irainian nuke scientists. Why doesn't this feel like a war? Oh, wait, NATO hasn't been dragged into this yet... // Tech news, commentary, music

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    Officials say the U.S. and Israel developed the Flame virus to slow down Iranian nuclear efforts (Se

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    Officials say the U.S. and Israel developed the Flame virus to slow down Iranian nuclear efforts. According to the Washington Post, the United States and Israel jointly developed a sophisticated computer virus nicknamed Flame that collected intelligence in preparation for cyber-sabotage aimed at slowing Iran's ability to develop a nuclear weapon. The massive piece of malware secretly mapped and monitored Iran's computer networks, sending back a steady stream of intelligence to prepare for a cyberwarfare campaign. The effort, involving the National Security Agency, the CIA and Israel's military, has included the use of destructive software such as the Stuxnet virus to cause malfunctions in Iran's nuclear-enrichment equipment.

    Religious violence leaves 80 people dead in northern Nigeria. According to Reuters, at least 80 people have been killed since Monday in clashes in northern Nigeria triggered by Islamists waging an insurgency against the government. The violence -- some of which was sparked by church bombings over the last three Sundays -- has heightened sectarian tensions in Africa's most populous country, which is evenly split between Christians and Muslims. 

    Iran and world powers remain stuck on nuclear negotiations. According to the AFP, talks between world powers and Iran to defuse the Iranian nuclear crisis face a tough future after the sides failed to edge any closer to a breakthrough at a meeting in Moscow. Negotiators from the six world powers and their Iranian counterparts managed to prevent the diplomatic process from collapsing completely by agreeing to a new meeting in Istanbul on July 3.

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    Trunews April 25, 2012

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    On today's program Dominique de Bailleu ask the question "Did German gold bail out Europe ?" and also discusses the recent cyber attacks of KWN interviews that expose to the public the extent of the JP Morgan precious metals manipulation scheme


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    The Perry Steele Show

    in US Government

    Are Republicans and Democrats killing civil liberties ?  
    Is the 1st and the 4th amendment of the Constitution in critical condition,and suffering from near extinion.More and more of the so-called "Free Speech" in this nation is under attack and penalized by legal and political correctness.Join me tonight as I present evidence that soon, the less you say,is better than everyone hearing what you want them to hear.The Police State is here ladies and gentlemen,and can explode at any minute.Americans may soon be sentenced to jail without trial,searched and property seized without a warrant.All in the name of anti-terrorism,and cyberwarfare.The Police State and internet control is here.Imagine being arrested and put in jail for attending a political rally,for years at a time.Or being spyed on because you disagree with the American government non-violently.The chat room and the phone await you.So call in and tell me what you think about the topic.Question of the night.Would you actually vote for a candidate that voted for or supported an invasion of your privacy ?

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    March 16, 2012

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    Former Senate candidate Joe Miller discusses the possibility of an Alaskan island give-a-way and internet expert James Lewis talks about cyber warfare and threats faced from the hacking group Anonymous, Russia, and China