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    Cyber-Terrorism and Cyber-Security

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    February 25, 2015, 1pm CST

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    In recent years, the demand for cyber security professionals has grown more than 3.5 times faster than the demand for other IT jobs during the past five years and more than 12 times faster than the demand for all other non-IT jobs.

    Join us on CSUTalkRadio as we discuss the rise in cyber terrorism and the need for cyber security professionals in the workforce. We will also let you know more about one of CSU’s new degree program offerings, a bachelor’s in information systems security.

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    Do The Thoughts Of Security Breaches Keep You Up At Night?

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    Just in the last year alone, the world witnessed many unprecented, security breaches.  Many of these Cyber based attacks targeted well known retail chains, such as Target and Home Depot.  Then of course, was the drama brought by the Sony Corporation, with the security hacks it faced, and the threats posed to it by the launch of its movie, 'The Interview'.  No business entity is ever immune from being a target of a Cyber based attack, but there are preventative techniques one can take.

    One such proactive technique is that of the auditing of one's IT infrastructure, to pinpoint where the true security vulnerabilities and weaknesses lie.  In our podcast today, we intervview Mr. Michael Fimin, CEO of Netwrix Corporation, and learn more about the IT Security audit process.


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    Dealing with cyber-security

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    Join us as we talk to Merlyn Horton on the issue of cyber-security and internet usage when dealing with kids. We will try to get author Paula Todd to talk about her book: extreme mean.

     Liam Johnson returns to the show with a new science segment, and all our usual jazz..

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    Is Your Cloud Infrastructure At Risk From Cyber Based Attacks? Find Out More!

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    Up to this point, most of our podcasts on network security have been about learning how to protect the actual infrastructure of your business - both from the inside and the outside.  But, there is also another critical asset which is just as much at risk.  This is your 'Cloud based Infrastructure'.  In today's business world, many entities now outsource their entire IT system to the Cloud.  The benefits of it are very obvious, such as on demand software services, and low, predicatble costs.

    But, your Cloud Infrastructure is also prone to being the point of major Cyber based attacks and hacks.  In today's podcast, we interview Ms. Michele Borovac of HyTrust Corporation, and learn how a business owner can apply their security solutions in protecting your Cloud.

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    PODCAST: National Cyber Security Awareness Month

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    Welcome to the TechSource podcast series.  Today we are speaking with Paul Asadoorian, Product Evangelist, with Tenable Network Security, about National Cyber Security Awareness Month, as well as the “Internet of Things” and security.

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    Bird's Eye View: What I've Learned Working In Cyber Security

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    In this podcast Caleb Barlow speaks with Sandy Bird, CTO of IBM Security Systems, co-founder of Q1 Labs to discuss his recent appointment as an IBM Fellow, part of IBM’s elite "most exceptional" technical professionals. Sandy will explain what makes being an IBM Fellow so rewarding and will shed some light on the types of people that have been honored with this distinction. In addition, Sandy will discuss how his career and the security landscape have both evolved during his during a time that threats have constantly evolved for financial profit. He’ll also explain what it’s like to work in the security industry and why college students should consider a career working in cyber security. 

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    Cyber Security: Protecting Your Law Firm

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    FBI Director Robert Mueller has said it best, when it comes to cyber-attacks “There are only two types of companies in the US; those that have been hacked and those that will be hacked.”  The victims of cyber- crime come in all shapes and sizes, not just the big companies like Target. The US National Cyber Security Alliance found that 60% of small companies shut down within six months of a cyber-crime attack.  There are ways to limit the severity of cyber-attacks that partners, attorneys and employees of law firms must know.  Listen to this podcast and learn what you can do to protect your firm from cyber breaches.


    About Charles Bernier

    Charlie Bernier, Esquire, is principal professional liability consultant and in-house counsel at ECBM Insurance Brokers and Consultants. Bernier began his law career practicing insurance defense at one of the oldest law firms in the country. He then worked at one of the largest professional liability wholesalers in the country and in 2013 joined ECBM.

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    Cyber Security-Sonia Luna Interview John Livingston

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    In recent major headlines we’ve noticed a lot of bad PR surrounding cyber security. In this indepth interview, John Livingston, Senior IT Auditor at Medical Mutual, discusses what compliance professionals should do to stay on top of ever changing IT risks.

    John Livingston is a Senior IT Auditor at Medical Mutual. He has over 20 years’ experience in accounting, financial analysis, internal audit, enterprise risk management and IT operations. Previously, John worked for 8 years in IT operations for Rockwell Automation, a Fortune 500 company. He has extensive experience in designing, implementing and managing ITIL processes, including IT Change, Problem, Incident, and Configuration Management. John is a Certified Information System Auditor, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and holds certifications in ITIL and COBIT.

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    African Amercian Cyber Report

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    African Amercian Cyber Report Every Tuesday 6:30pm. - 7:30pm. Est. Log onto www.BuZzAboutitRadio.com or Listen LIVE from your phone by calling: 1-888-547-2899 (BuZz)

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    African Amercian Cyber Report

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    African Amercian Cyber Report Every Tuesday 6:30pm. - 7:30pm. Est. Log onto www.BuZzAboutitRadio.com or Listen LIVE from your phone by calling: 1-888-547-2899 (BuZz)

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    The Evolving Role of Cyber Security

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    Cyber Security is a growing issue around the world. On October 24, the International Cyber Threat Task Force (or ICTTF) will host the Cyber Threat Summit in a massive 24-hour webcast online. On this episode of Xerox Real Business Radio, we have two special guests. The first guest is Paul Dwyer, president of ICTTF and an internationally recognized information security expert with over 20 years of experience. We also have Chuck Brooks, vice president and client executive for the Department of Homeland Security at Xerox, with us. Both Paul and Chuck will discuss the upcoming Cyber Threat Summit, the evolving role of cyber security at the Department of Homeland Security and how public/private partnerships can support government security.

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