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    KBWomen Radio Launch on CWA!

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    KBWomen Radio has joined forces with the CWA Network! For this show, the KBWomen (Koinonia Business Women) Co-Founders, Krista Dunk & Tammy Redmon, will talk about being Christian women in business and give listeners more information about the KBWomen's organization.
    Visit our BTR Profile at www.blogtalkradio.com/kbwomen
    Visit our website at: www.KBWomen.com

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    Financial Grace: Do I Save If I Still Have Debt?

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    Do I Save If I Have Debt?

    Answer:  Yes, but…This situation requires you to prayerfully prepare an earnings allocation strategy and to implement some day-to-day systems as well as a contingency plan.  These might sound like big words, but it’s a lot easier to be pro-active than it is to make these decisions on the ‘fly’.  The enemy wants you to do ‘all or nothing’ and to create guilt and judgement around your finances.  This question can also invoke bitterness, comparisons, envy, scarcity, fear and a whole roster of other negative mindsets.  Yet the solution will help address the practical reality of these kinds of decisions as well as establish a framework to strengthen your relationship with the Lord, not give the enemy more control.  Dealing with money issues has taken up too much of our mental and emotional energy.  Decisions like this are very easily built in to personalized, manageable systems that then enable you to ‘have your money and live your life’. 

    Join me on the CWA Radio Network for Financial Grace Radio to learn how to break down the barriers that get in the way of receiving all God has for you.  This saving/debt dilemma is an easy fix.


    Links:  www.financialgrace.org


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    EAL Radio Episode 231

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    Seventy years ago, the Airline Stewardess Association was formed and began to pave the way for what is today the world's largest Flight Attendant union, the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA); A flight attendant was allegedly banned from flying because she exceeded the company's height-to-weight ratio requirements; The database is under development, the FAA said, and will contain the records of approximately 866,000 pilots; Airline Pilot Jailed For Being More Than Seven Times Over Legal Alcohol Limit; a mechanical failure that caused the nose of a jet to rise off the ground prematurely before takeoff, defying the crew’s attempts to push it down.  These stories and much more on this week's Episode 231.  See you at the Gate for the departure of Flight 231, Monday August 31st at 7:00 pm ET

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    Financial Grace: Should I Cut Up My Credit Cards?

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    Answer:  This question requires you to look at the bigger picture and understand some economic logistics.  To start with it’s critical to know the difference between debt and credit.  One enslaves, the other empowers.  One expands, the other decreases.  In this way, both debt and credit are extremely powerful, but at opposite ends of the spectrum.  Access to credit is extremely powerful and has the potential to create exponentially positive results.  Misuse of credit is also extremely powerful and can exponentially create negative results.

    Cancelling a credit card and cutting up a card because you believe it’s necessary to get out of debt is ill-informed advice and will sabotage financial blessing.  It reinforces scarcity, fear and doubt which are not from the Lord just as much as the bondage from non-productive, consumable debt is.  Join me on the CWA Radio Network for Financial Grace Radio to unpack this huge, critical subject and learn how to manage and prosper from credit, despite a potentially ‘maxed out’ debt situation.




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    A Musing: A Wife's Words

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    Today's Show:

    Today's scheduled guest, Kathy McBroom, was delayed returning home after a missions trip. So instead of speaking with her, I will be taking on the marriage theme with a look at some of the controversial wives mentioned in scripture. Tune in and learn from the good and bad of their examples. 

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    From Behind The Veil: Strength For The Journey

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    Today's Show: Life's journey can brings about many things; new experiences, new opportunities, a stretching of one's faith, and even the revelation that there's more to you than what you may have thought .  We all experience moments during the journey when we could use a bit of encouragement.  Not because things are going so wrong, but because it's important to hear that you're doing well.  On today's episode, Tanyka desires to do just that-provide you with strength for the journey.

    Links: www.btvministries.com


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    My Journey of Faith

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    Today's show at 1:30 CST:  with Guest Hosts Sarah Heringer and Carissa Hardage

    Join us today for exciting news about something special coming from My Journey of Faith.

    Links:   https://www.facebook.com/MyJourneyOfFaithRadio


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    Touch A Heart Talk Show

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    Today's Show

    Touch A Heart Talk Show honors fathers every where! We will be highlighting fathers out there that are doing an amazing job and have made an impact on the lives of their children.




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    Georgia Wrestling Now with Mikael Judas and Adam Cole

    in Wrestling

    As summer winds down, the Georgia wrestling scene shows no signs of cooling off with numerous major events taking place over the next few weeks. On this week's Georgia Wrestling Now, Wrestling with Pop Culture's Jonathan Williams and Southern Fried Championship Wrestling owner Charles Anschutz talk to two wrestlers that will be involved in some of these big events. Making his GWN debut, "The Priest of Punishment" Mikael Judas discusses being Anarchy Wrestling's first Iron Man, his recent trip to China to wrestle for Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling, Anarchy's Hostile Environment, upcoming matches at Champions With Attitudes and Dragon Con Wrestling. Then we talk to former Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion Adam Cole about his status with The Kingdom, his upcoming main event match at the Reloaded Tour stop at the North Atlanta Trade Center and more. Listen live every Monday at 7 p.m. EST and call 347-324-5735 for questions and comments.

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    Foundational Gifts: The Seven Domains of Health, Part 3 of 8

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    Being in good health is a foundation of life on earth.  Optimal physical, spiritual, mental and relational help enables us to minister to others most effectively; and to live the John 10:10 abundant life.  Join Coach Nicole as she highlights social health, the second of seven (7) domains of health, and the Biblical foundations of their importance to life, freedom, service and joy.



    7 Domains of Health, University of Utah:  http://medicine.utah.edu/obgyn/images/7domains.jpg

    Health Relationships, Kansas State University:


    Cultural Differences in Relationships:


    Fictive Kin:  http://www.ncsociology.org/sociationtoday/v62/fictive.htm

    Healthy People 2020:  http://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/topics-objectives/topic/social-determinants-health    


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