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    KBWomen Radio Launch on CWA!

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    KBWomen Radio has joined forces with the CWA Network! For this show, the KBWomen (Koinonia Business Women) Co-Founders, Krista Dunk & Tammy Redmon, will talk about being Christian women in business and give listeners more information about the KBWomen's organization.
    Visit our BTR Profile at www.blogtalkradio.com/kbwomen
    Visit our website at: www.KBWomen.com

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    Epi. 13: Interview with Handsome Jimmy Valiant- The Boogie Woogie Man

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    Join us for Handsome Jimmy Valiant, The Boogie Woogie Man, as he talks wrestling over his career and tells stories of his time in professional wrestling. Jimmy is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame class of 1996 going in as a member of the infamous Valiant Brothers. They held many Tag Titles over their career and Jimmy himself made another name for himself solo in his one mans army against paul jones.

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    Epi 12 :An Interview With Wrestling Legend Bill Dundee

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    Make sure you tune in tonight as Superstar Bill Dundee joins us live to talk wrestling! Bill has been all around the south with Memphis wrestling & Jerry Jarrett , mid south wrestling with Bill Watts, and NWA/WCW with the Crocketts. He has faced the toughest and wrestled with the toughest as and has probably seen more wrestling than any of us have forgotten! It's gonna be a great podcast so don't go anywhere else.

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    2D Sports Radio's PWR SLAM! W/CWA, SPW Featuring DJ Z, Kevin Thorn, & Gangrel!

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    Tonight is the night! Thanks to our friends at Smashmouth Pro Wrestling we have three top notch talents to present to you this evening. We will begin with Col. Tim Lawler and the Costal Wrestling Association. This weekend they will host one of the first Toys For Tots events of the season. We'll discuss the event and outreach for the toys, which is quite bold in scope. From there our friends at Smashmouth Pro Wrestling will be joining us. Their show Saturday will feature some of the top talent available and we will talk to three of them. Kevin Fertig, also known as Mordecai, Seven (not the Dustin Runnels version) and primarily Kevin Thorn has been a fixture on the scene from 15 years. We'll talk to him about his stints in OVW, WWE and the WWE version of ECW along with his current work in Europe and the American independent scene. Whether you know him as Zema Ion or DJ Z, the young man with the rainbow Mohawk has made his mark on the cruiserweight/X division scene. In addition to his work with TNA he has also worked for AAA and IWC. When you hear the sound of heavy breathing, you know the Vampire Warrior Gangrel is about to come to the ring. The veteran of WWE has also been a fixture on the independent scene since leaving the promotion, most notably with the West Coast based Territory League and can be scene almost weekly on Paragon Pro Wrestling. We willl also be joined later on by Big Daddy Yum Yum to talk about Main Event Pro Wrestling's event in Ruston Louisiana this weekend with a loaded card. We don't know what order the guests will appear so if you have questions we encourage you to post them on Facebook or in our chat and we will try to include them. You may also join Sean, Steve and Katie via Skype or phone at (347) 826-9418. Be sure to follow us on our social medias www.facebook.com/pwroundtable or on Twitter @PWRSLAM . 

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    Meet Miss DeeDee along with CWA Shopping and Pampering Day

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    For this show, you will hear Sacramento Native Dierdre Mayes story. An interested transition from a License Vocational Nurse to a licensed Insurance Broker, specializing in Financial Planning.

    The Bay Areas own Courageous Women Association is offering its 7th Annual “A Day Especially 4 You” on October 17, 2015.  It’s a Free Shopping and Pampering day for Women & Children of Domestic Violence, Homelessness, Rehabilitation & Impoverishment. Get the full story and details from their Board Member, Franque Bains.   

    This show is sponsored by our parent company, CHIIA Group’s website at http://hcofa.net/ and our host’s third book, entitled, The Episodic Thoughts of Hamp at http://outskirtspress.com/webPage/isbn/9781478746232


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    Epi 9 Interview With The Heart of Memphis Wrestling: Lance Russell

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    As the show title says, the "Heart & Soul of Memphis Wrestling" , Mr. Lance Russell!! Lance along with Dave Brown called the weekly shows for us on TV and in places like the memphis colisium & louisville gardens and such. You can't say memphis wrestling without thinking several names right off the bat & that would be Jerry Lawler, Jackie Fargo & Lance Russell. He brought a special life to the show and was very animated at times against the likes of Jimmy Hart or Downtown Bruno & even Terry Funk. I hope you enjoy the show tonight as I know I will, this should be a treat for us all, once again, LEGENDARY commentater Lance Russell!!

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    Ep. 8 BodySlam The Competition: Interview with Bobby Fulton of The Fantastics

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    Our guest in tonights episode is Bobby Fulton and we will be discussing his long career he had. His favorite places to wrestle, favorite pople to wrestle with & against as well as some good kayfabe time wrestling stories. If you watch sometimes you can find Bobby at legend events so watch for him in a town near you

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    Canadian Wrestling Association

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    To discuss the next paying it forward event for the Winnipeg 76ers and the heated rivalries in the CWA

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    Financial Grace: Do I Save If I Still Have Debt?

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    Do I Save If I Have Debt?

    Answer:  Yes, but…This situation requires you to prayerfully prepare an earnings allocation strategy and to implement some day-to-day systems as well as a contingency plan.  These might sound like big words, but it’s a lot easier to be pro-active than it is to make these decisions on the ‘fly’.  The enemy wants you to do ‘all or nothing’ and to create guilt and judgement around your finances.  This question can also invoke bitterness, comparisons, envy, scarcity, fear and a whole roster of other negative mindsets.  Yet the solution will help address the practical reality of these kinds of decisions as well as establish a framework to strengthen your relationship with the Lord, not give the enemy more control.  Dealing with money issues has taken up too much of our mental and emotional energy.  Decisions like this are very easily built in to personalized, manageable systems that then enable you to ‘have your money and live your life’. 

    Join me on the CWA Radio Network for Financial Grace Radio to learn how to break down the barriers that get in the way of receiving all God has for you.  This saving/debt dilemma is an easy fix.


    Links:  www.financialgrace.org


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    Financial Grace: Should I Cut Up My Credit Cards?

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    Answer:  This question requires you to look at the bigger picture and understand some economic logistics.  To start with it’s critical to know the difference between debt and credit.  One enslaves, the other empowers.  One expands, the other decreases.  In this way, both debt and credit are extremely powerful, but at opposite ends of the spectrum.  Access to credit is extremely powerful and has the potential to create exponentially positive results.  Misuse of credit is also extremely powerful and can exponentially create negative results.

    Cancelling a credit card and cutting up a card because you believe it’s necessary to get out of debt is ill-informed advice and will sabotage financial blessing.  It reinforces scarcity, fear and doubt which are not from the Lord just as much as the bondage from non-productive, consumable debt is.  Join me on the CWA Radio Network for Financial Grace Radio to unpack this huge, critical subject and learn how to manage and prosper from credit, despite a potentially ‘maxed out’ debt situation.