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    Black Bag Talks with Armani Nejor Designs

    in Fashion

    Remember paper dolls and dress up? You could take the cardboard doll and pick a paper dress or even create one that you liked.  What if you decided to take it up a notch and you created dresses for people and you were only 6 years old when you started and you have won awards and clients? When you hear the amazing rise and story of this young lady you'll agree that her future is nothing short of fabulous! Join us to chat with Pittsburgh’s 2013 Youthpreneur who is a 12-year old certified as MWDBE Couture Fashion Designer. Armani Dolby and her mom, Tish Dolby, CVO for Armani Nejor Designs are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Her designs include everything from suits to evening wear to bridal wear.  The line is unique and on par with any of the major labels you find in stores. Get a second cup of coffee, a pen and get ready to join us as we talk with a rising star in fashion design, Armani Nejor.  Always searching for the innovative, creative, excellence and bringing it to you, Black Bag Productions.

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    From Banking to Freedom and Purpose

    in Work

    Carol Huntington is joining me for this episode of Conversations in the Zone. She completed her Bachelors degree in Finance at the University of Texas at Arlington and spent over 35 years working in the banking industry.

    No longer satisfied with this life choice, she applied law of attraction principles, took some time to do the “inner work” needed to decompress from years of sales in banking, and in 2011, she completed a Life Coach Certification and said goodbye to the banking industry to redirect her life to one of purpose. In addition to her focus on Health and Wellness Coaching, she is also a Level I Reiki Practitioner, President of the Pink Coattails Entrepreneurial Women’s Network – Norcross Circle, Tour Leader for Adventures for Singles, and the CVO (Chief Visionary Officer) of Global Hearts – a For Purpose organization.

    In 2012, which she calls her “Year of Travel”, she visited 13 new countries to reach a milestone for travelers of visiting her 100th country! She's also released 60 pounds and 9 inches, balanced her hormones, changed her outlook on life, dramatically increased her energy levels and is now following her passion to lift others up.

    You don't want to miss this conversation with Carol, she is one passionate and inspirational lady engaged in great work!

    Ready to begin designing and living your best work life? Sign up for a Possibilities Conversation and let's talk about your current work life situation and how to shift in a new direction. 


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    Episode 4: Sports-Drugs

    in News

    Sport athletes are worldy renowned for the open mind of athlecism, and the sport/s they support. But some players need a "boost", a drug to gain more of an edge. Is there a way we can stop these athletes from destroying themselves, and could we find a way to keep these types of drugs off the streets? What's the purpose of accuring this edge? And can examples be made to make this topic less dangerous? I will explain, here on Factual Evidence. The topic airs Saturday, April 7th, 1:30 PM ET. See you then ladies and gentlemen.

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    Episode 1: Racial Sterotypes

    in News

    This episode contains evidence and facts supported by racial sterotypes, listeners discretion is advised. How can racial sterotypes be defined? Is there a such thing has racial tension? Interracial Relationships? Are they a possible success or a recipe for distaster? How do the parents of teenagers related when it comes to love, discipline, and everyday sterotypes from the home to the schoolbulding and so on? Caleb discuss not only the possible success of these sterotypes but the conquences as well. This surrounds racial ethicnities in a surrounding spectrum.

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    Episode 6: Relations toward Brotherhood

    in Family

    Special Episode: Brotherhood is Special, yet Family is Legendary. How does it differ from family relations? Is it all related in an instance? How can connections from so far away wind up being so close? On this one topic, I share my brotherhood, throught both fake and phony relationships and a brotherly bond and the difference between them. I'll also ask a question to all my listeners to see if they would answer today's key question. All the questions will be answered tonight @ 6:30-ET. Anyone want to listen in or become a guest? Call 646-378-1359 to tune in or become one of my guest on this episode. Or tune into this episode's page to listen to the broadcast. Until then ladies and gentlemen!

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    Episode 1: Introduction and ESPN Topics

    in Podcasting

    This shows contains the Topics of ESPN, as well as a quick introduction

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    Episode 5: Power of Diversity inside schools, Man V Food????

    in School

    A good episode on tap for listeners and supporters. First, I talk about the Power of Diversity in schools. Doesn't matter if there is a race that majority-wise covers the schools, there needs to be color. Will the School System-Board of Education make a call for better relations of diversity Or Will they refuse, causing outgoing tensions among certain races like it has been for generations? Thoughts and Opinions are expressed through this questionable issue. Also, The TV Show: Man VS Food has people laughing, but how much can the man (or any man for that matter) take? Any opinions or thoughts from that are expressed into the show. Want to call in and listen to the discussions? Or maybe you even want to call in and become one of my guests on the show? Call, and become a guest or just listen. (646)-378-1359 Show begins: Friday April-6th @ 2:30-ET Until then Ladies and Gentlemen!

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    Episode 3: Relationship of Spring, Big Bang AYEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    in Fun

    What a good episode we have today! First, Spring has begun and so has relationships. Caleb shares some insights about relationships in and out-gentleman style. Then, the Final Four, The 2012 NCAA Basketball Division 1 Championships: New Orleans-Denver, Excitement all around the nation! They all start with a Big Bang-AYEEEEE!! Insights to tonight's Championships and the excitements that surrounds them will be on the show. Then comments and opinions before sign-off, all on tap today at 2:00! Want to call in, be a listener or even a guest? Call in on my show at: 646-378-1359, and enjoy the show! See you then ladies and gentlemen!

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    Episode 2:Aftermath of the Final Four

    in Podcasting

    This episode padlocks the highlights of the Final Four as well as the upcoming National Championship between Kansas and Kentucky

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    Episode 4: Finals: The Bigs and The Minors "Baby Daddy" Song

    in Culture

    Now that the 2012 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship is in the books, it's time to recap the events. Key Stats from the game will be noted as well as thoughts and opinions from both sides. Then, the song: "Who Dat? That Just My Baby Daddy" has caused some tension of the African-American neighborhood. Do those comments impact the African-American Community and if so, how do affect us-both men and women alike? Thoughts and opinions from the video will arrive. Would you like to comment or chat? What about listening or even being a guest? Call on my show: (646)-378-1359 to listen or become a guest. Show begins at 4:00 ET! Until then Ladies and Gentlemen!

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    Episode 3: Bullies Abroad

    in News

    Buses, School, Neighborhoods, Homes, Work Environments. No matter where you go, you'll always encounter someone whom thinks of higher of you. But my question for you, in this short episode, I ask my listeners this: We all know no matter the circumstances, it's wrong to bully someone. But why don't we take action, to grab thier attention and send out that "NO" message? I describe and explain not only the meaning of bulling but my message that shall hopefully inspire young children and teenagers out there in today's generation. Tune into the show and the message behind it in Saturday's short episode. Show shall begin at 2:30 ET. Until then ladies and gentleman, I'll see you then. On Factual Evidence.

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