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    The Officially Too Cute Show

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    The Super Cute Show

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    All about fashion, Beauty and much more...just make it into a super cute night.

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    we goin be sittin cute

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    Cute vs Sexy..Can you be both at the same time..or is there a difference

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    Am I Cute ? or Am I Sexy ? You be the judge..Dating After Dark wants to know what you are and what you prefer. Is Sexy a state of mind or a physical attribute ? Join us tonight at 10pm CST call-in 347-637-3961. 

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    Ladies Night In-"You're Cute for a ______

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    Ladies Night In: Three women having girl talk on a variety of topics ranging from dating, parenting, careers and life experiences from three different perspectivies.
    Everyone has insecurities, whether they choose to admit it or not.  I can recall growing up feeling confused about why I wasn't blossoming like the other girls.  I grew up in the black culture so for us it has always been the thicker the better.  My confusion eventually turned into insecurity when I began high school still left to bloom. My mother and father would often tell me that I was beautiful the way I was.  However, the boys in high school had a different version of my parents belief.  Now before you get all sympathetic on me let me just say this, I have never had an issue grabbing the attention of a guy.  I would frequently hear, "Mai looks good....for a thin girl."  Although I appreciated the compliment, I couldn't help but think that it was a bit of a slight in the same token.
    Ladies, how often have you heard that you're pretty or cute, only to be followed by the dreaded "BUT?" 
    Which brings us to the first "Ladies Night In" discussion topic. "You're Cute for a ______."

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    Cute Crochet World Author and Expert Suzann Thompson

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    Her latest book, Cute Crochet World just came out, and she has two others:  Crochet Bouquet and Crochet Garden.  Her website has lots of information about her work:  www.textilefusion.com  

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    Baitul Salaam Network, Inc-International 2015

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    The Baitul Salaam Network, Inc. uses the BlogTalkRadio.com/baitulsalaam as a platform to educate people about domestic abuse/sexual assault and other related topics. We talk about the subjects that are not pretty, cute or sexy. We live in a world filled with pitfalls and if we do not arm ourselves and our children with knowledge we are going down a road that will lead to some harm directly or indirectly to us or family members. The month of January we are talking about the abortion industy and Planned Parenthood.

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    Live Chat: Loving our Mandingo MAN and selecting HIM

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      Live Chat: Loving our Mandingo MAN and selecting HIM loving our Mandingo man and selecting him. We need to go back to the basics you cannot eat the Orange then put it back because you don't like it. You must examine the fruit with limited senses not all is them then you buy. If the customer does not like own oranges maybe we did not grow them right or we picked them too early, or they just need to go to another store.

    We have to reach our young ladies to be more selective. How does he teat his mother, does he have children, is he taking care of them, does he go to work, would you hire him. Just because someone says they like you doesn't mean anything. They should like you because you are like-able. So there needs to be some more criteria than he likes me and he is cute.   www.crsradio.com and www.caribbeanradioshow.com or email caribbeanradioshow@gmail.com

     listeners call in during show to chat  on 661-467-2407

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    Bed Time Attire- Flipping the Script!

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    Kathryn Knight, 40, is a writer and lives in London with her husband Duncan Adams 30, a civil servant. She says:

    I gave up nightwear quite late. During my years of flat-sharing in my 20s I was a devoted wearer of incredibly unsexy nightwear: buttoned-up, long-sleeved, ankle-skimming PJs decorated with cute animals. They got discarded at the request of the first boyfriend I moved in with who was a fan of letting it all hang out once bedtime beckoned.

    I found I liked the sensation of clambering into bed unencumbered by clothing, of nothing coming between me and my crisp cotton sheets. And so, when the relationship ended, I took the habit with me.


    I’ve never gone back, especially since, when I met my now husband seven years ago, I discovered he also liked to sleep naked and was astonished at the very notion of sporting nightwear.


    'I adore being skin on skin with my man'

    Of course, I’m sure he would periodically like me to shimmy in to bed wearing a piece of satin sauciness — certainly, encouragement has been shown in that department, gift-wise — but while time has marched on since the early days of our courtship, he apparently remains happy enough with my naked form beside him.

    Long may it continue: skin on skin sleeping has a lovely intimacy about it, and I intend to enjoy it for as long as I can avoid the inevitable slide into flannelette. Going to bed in the nip is my last stand against the relentless approach of middle age.


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    Women hitting Men: It's not Cute, it's abuse

    in Relationships

    Join your host, Latifah Hameen, as we discuss women hitting men- regardless of the gender, it's abuse.

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    Jealousy - The Green Eyed Monster

    in Lifestyle

    Jealousy we all go through it for one reason or another but has Jealousy impacted your life in a strong way?

    We all get jealousy sometimes, maybe you want that cute bag your friend has, maybe you saw someone who can pull off a look you wish you could.

    Some feel Jealousy in a relationship; some are jealousy of anyone who has what they want.

    Jealousy can be anything from a small twinge when you see a stranger that has that new phone you want.

    (Damn I wish I could get that phone. SIGH)

    To an outrageous rage that consumes you and can be dangerous.

    (If I can’t have her/him no one can!)

    When it comes to Jealousy it can affect in many ways, you can miss new opportunities of meeting new people and making friends. You might prejudge people or circumstances due to your feelings and not reality. 

    Tonight we discuss how Jealousy can affect your life and why you should learn to understand this common feeling. Does the Green Eyed Monster control you?

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