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    Donnie Smith Custom Cycles

    in Automotive

    On this episode of Wide Open Radio, hosts Courtney Lambert and Dave Withrow talk with Donnie Smith of Donnie Smith Custom Cycles in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Donnie is a legend in the custom motorcycle industry and is actively keeping the sport alive in many ways. He is a founding member of the Hamsters, an organization of the most elite and who's-who in the motorcycle world. He is also the man behind the 29 years strong, world-famous "Donnie Smith Bike Show" held every April in Minneapolis. During this episode, listeners will hear about how Donnie got started in the motorcycle field, how he started his show and how he has remained successful over all these years. Courtney and Dave are sure to show you a side of Donnie Smith you've never seen before. Don't miss this show!

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    NAMZ Custom Cycle Products - Jeff Zielinski

    in Automotive

    On this episode of Wide Open Radio, Dave and Courtney talk with Featured Guest Jeff Zielinski of NAMZ Custom Cycle Products in Philadelphia, PA. If you ask custom builders what their least favorite part of building a bike is - 9 out of 10 usually say they hate wiring. Jeff's company, NAMZ, is the place to call when you need connectors, wiring and installation accessories for your motorcycle. They have it all! Courtney and Dave will talk with Jeff about how he got started and what drew him specifically to the electrical corner of the market. We'll discuss the day to day operation of his business and take questions from listeners - so guys, this is your chance to talk directly with an expert in motorcycle wiring. Listeners will get to know more about the personal side of Jeff Zielinski and the future of NAMZ on this episode of Wide Open Radio.

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    All About Custom YouTube Thumbnails

    in Marketing

    Today on Video Marketing Madness – All About Custom YouTube Thumbnails. Here are the action steps:

    Use a program to create the thumbnails:

    Insta Thumnbnail
    Instant Video Presence
    The Logo Creator
    PowerPoint and Keynote work as well

    Make sure your YouTube channel is verified
    Bright colors work best
    People connect with pictures of faces – use an action shot if you can
    Include some text
    Brand your thumbnails with a consistent look and make sure it’s relevant to the video

    Ask Ray segment – Ray uses SpeakPipe

    Got a question for Ray the Video Guy? Go to RaytheVideoGuy.com/Ask. Leave your question there. If Ray answers it, you’ll win all kinds of great video marketing stuff.

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    Curly's Custom Cycles

    in Automotive

    You've seen Curly's bikes in the magazines for a while. Now it's time to get to know him a little better.

    Curly's Custom Cycles is known as Northwest Indiana's premier motorcycle shop. Located in Hobart, Indiana, just 40 minutes east of Chicago right of I-94, Curly's is a one stop shop specializing in all repairs, services, custom paint, modifications, bodywork, stereo installs and other custom bike services.

    Listen to find out about upcoming projects and builds at Curly's Custom Cycles.

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    Ballistic Cycles - Tim McNamer

    in Automotive

    On this episode of Wide Open Radio, host Courtney Lambert talks with Tim McNamer of Ballistic Cycles in Wisconsin. Ballistic is known for innovative designs that push the limits in the custom motorcycle industry. Their builds are easily identifyable and rememberable. Who doesn't remember the 30" hubless bagger? Courtney and Tim will talk about how Tim and his brother Michael got started in the motorcycle industry, what's currently going on at their shop and what we can look forward to in the future from Ballistic. Also, listeners will hear about current events in the motorcycle world including the upcoming V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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    Watchmen On The Wall

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     Take a look at the Watchmen of America through the hearts and minds of active members and leaders of those who Stand ON THE WALL!!!! Interviews with people inside the Watchmen of America and others who help make the organization great!

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    Conversation with Hughes Who

    in Education

    We're a team of talented game developers, artists, animators, writers, musicians, graphic designers and inventors, each with over a decade of gaming, animation and advertising experience.

    Our Mission

    To be the sought after creative house that goes beyond the generic formula by catering to the unique and diverse tastes of existing and under-served audiences.

    Game Designs and Creative Services

    In addition to creating kick-butt art and animations, we also provide custom music, programming, and math models. We don't stop there. We offer marketing, advertising, gamification, graphic designs, Illustrations and writing services.; and an outreach program, Hughes Who Youth Studio,  for young people interested in pursuing a career in the creative field. http://hugheswhoproductions.com/

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    Redcoats And Rednecks

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    Come join us for this unique show from completely different perspectives.  You have the Sophisticated Austrailian Guy and the Country Redneck comparing their views on just about everything

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    Guest: Noelle Meade-Izzi

    in Culture

    This is a replay of our show with Noelle Meade-Izzi that originally aired on April 4, 2014.  Noelle is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, speaker, award-winning graphic designer and renowned Natu-journalist. Her book, The Hummingbird That Answered My Heart’s Calling, is a testament to the power of nature and its ability to teach, heal, and re-connect humans to their true human nature.  This gift book is filled with over 40 full-color photographs and a custom designed book cover and interior pages. To her delight, a segment on her experience with Artemis, the hummingbird, was featured in the United States Humane Society (USHS) publication, “All Animals.”  But Noelle’s commitment to nature goes well beyond her work as a Natu-journalist. She is leading a crusade to recognize and protect the four POWER POLLINATORS ---bees, birds, butterflies and bats.  As the Pollinator Queen, she is a special advocate for the pollinators, offering advice on how to build a hummingbird-friendly backyard habitant, ways to “give back” to the bee nation, methods for protecting and supporting these essential creatures that are critical to our food chain.  Noelle’s immediate focus is the bee population which has been decimated by a mysterious die-off not fully identified by scientists. Her goal is to help people see bees for the valued partners they are: harmonious, integrated, unified creatures working tirelessly for the greater good. She unceasingly works to educate as many adults and children as possible, using her company, Beenevolent® as a tool for funding more research; to serve and give back. Noelle perceives the loss of any aspect of nature a spiritual loss as well as a natural one. She spreads her message by Spiritual Pollination.

    Website:  www:bee-nevolent.com

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    In The Dog House

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    In The Dog House Show with your Hosts INDY Ranger and Bubba and Tab

    A different look at things that matter to you, from breaking news, History and  how to prepare for what's coming.  We'll even play some great music.  Please join us!