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    Jamaican In business Colin Forbes Promoter, Caribbean cuisine & WhiteSandTravel

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    Judith White has made significant contributions in Corporate America includes but is not limited to the writing/editing of training manuals and implementation guides, writing proposals, classroom instruction, quality control, and implementation of software. Judith has also developed her own course curriculum and skill assessments and has been instrumental in the successful implementation of healthcare software both domestic and internationally. Judith has also flexed her entrepreneurial muscles by starting White Sand Travel and has grown the company to a profitable status. Judith and White Sand Travel is known for outstanding service and making the client the number one focus. Judith is so committed to exceeding the client's expectations that her clients do not get an email quote but a customized PowerPoint presentation with detailed information about every aspect of their travel experience. 

    Colin Forbes a native of Jamaica who migrate to America as a youth. He develop as a promoter and entertainment businessman in this business of music at a early age.As a successor of his father Copeland Forbes who was well establish since the late 1960's with names like Robert Nester Marley, Peter Tosh, Mighty Diamond, and the late Gregory Issac, just to name a few. Colin {CAP) developed these ancropnims not only as a symbol of his dream of starting his own company but a simple remindence of him always with a cap on his head, then becoming found of Class Act production and promotion, Class Act Management group, Gospel in the Son Inc.Colin Forbes history in the music industry trends for over 35years.His passion now is to develop and introduce diversity in faith based entertainment by launching Gospel in the Son outreach


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    The Caribbean American Phoenix Association of Arizona / Kolumn

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    The Caribbean American Phoenix Cultural Association of Arizona is a non-profit Corporation in the State of Arizona. The Vision of CAPAZ is to create synergy amongst the people and cultural organizations that share our islands' art forms, music,dance and cuisine. The Caribbean American Phoenix Carnival Association invite all to embrace, experience and enjoy the rich cultural heritage and history of the Caribbean.

    I will be speaking with Mr. Auldric Pantin the President of CAPAZ Saturday May 17th about the goals of The Caribbean American Cultural Association. Listen in on my conversation with Auldric Pantin and learn how the Caribbean influence has benefited the Phoenix area.

    I will be bringing Patrick Miller aka Kolumn back on for an update on his upcoming new CD.

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    Nature Inspired: Edible Flowers with Chef Sebastian Oveysi (May 28, 2014)

    in Cooking

    Join host Christine Agro as she chats with Chef Sebastian Oveysi from Amoo's Grill, A Persian Fusion.

    Chef Seb is a Persian-American Chef who is passionate about showing the world that Persian cuisine is not just about kabobs and rice, but rather rich flavors, textures, creativity and innovation.

    In his culinary creations, Chef Seb demonstrates the complexity of Persian cuisine inspired from different regions of Iran: the spices of the Kurdish mountains, the tropical flavors of the Caspian Sea, and the rich aroma of the desert plains- a cuisine that has come out of the melting pot of the Indo Europeans, the Turks, the Kurds, the Afghans, the Jews, the Armenian Christians, the Mediterranean people and perhaps the Eastern Africans.  These dishes are comforting and flavorful!

    On today’s Nature Inspired, Chef Seb and I we'll be talking about using flowers in your recipes. From garnishes to main courses, edible flowers are a versatile ingredient that lend color, texture and an element of surprise to any meal.


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    Noir Unicorn w/Crys Watson Topic: Self love

    in Lifestyle

    Guest: Nickole Ross
    27 year old Nickole Ross born in Dayton, Ohio moved to Atlanta, Georgia  in 2008 to pursue her dreams as a songwriting. Establishing solid working relationship with multiple industry producers and executives she delevolped a unique sound with writing team Tha Novelistz. In 2010 she moved to Los Angeles,  California to further her talents as well as the development of pop artist Bemi Bel. Later in 2013 Nickole and two other partners teamed up to start a life style brand called 30 Thirty a private catering that specializes in infused gourmet cusine.


    Self-love is vital to every modern day girl trying to make it in the world. There are beautiful women all over Los Angeles seeking validation due to their insecurities and lack of self-love. Without self-love, we eventually succumb and conform to society's standards; which ultimately leads to self-destruction. Talking with truth's Noir Unicorn guest, song writer and creator of "30thirty VIP", Nickole Ross, and I will be discussing the true definition of what self-love means, how to apply it to your every day life, and the steps that it will take in order to live a self-loving fabulous life that every girl deserves!

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    Callywood Live at Scandal Finale Party

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    Theres much more to this evening than Scandal, we have live performances, dancing and we'll enjoy Marvafusion Cusine. So this event is the place to be weather you watch the show or not...smile

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    Callywood Live at Scandal Finale Party Part 2

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    Theres much more to this evening than Scandal, we have live performances, dancing and we'll enjoy Marvafusion Cusine. So this event is the place to be weather you watch the show or not...smile

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    Scandal Finale Party Preview with Marva King , Maya, Nady, Kevin Rouse & Avnah

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    Gladiators join us tonight for a special live broadcast for Scandal
    Season Finale Red Carpet Party jump off on the Callywood Nation tonight 8pm, pst. Find out what Kevin Rouse & Marva King have in store for us Thursday night. Live contest for the true #gladiator, al you have to do is call 347-637-3016 during show. Do you wear the White Hat?

    Theres much more to this evening than Scandal, we have live performances, dancing and we'll enjoy Marvafusion Cusine. So this event is the place to be weather you watch the show or not...smile

    Heroine December


    Twins have been with him since 2005 on and off and also executive produced highs latest music video....


    They are from Australia, been dancing and singing and making a living over there in the Sydney production of "the lion kind" and were in movies such as moulin rouge, son of the mask etc...


    Here in the states outside of Prince they have performed with Rihanna, Chris Brown, Letoya Luckett just to name a few..


    And now doing their own thing: album "target practice" available on iTunes now!


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    Enhancing your life

    in Lifestyle

    Host: Haneef Jordan
    Co-Host Daniel Blackburn III
    Guest: Pamela King ( Still Dating my Spouse)
    Guest: Chef Eddie G and Chef J.R From Coast 2 Coast Cusine
    This will be Great..

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    in Spirituality

    Host:  Pastor Roxy Very Special Guest On This Weeks Show: 

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    Chef Al: Cinco de Mayo 2013 special

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    On today's show I will be going over Cinco De Mayo 2013. I will also briefly go over Mexican food. I will explain all about mexican cusine and the history behind cinco de mayo. This should make for a perfect Sunday show to end the week and a great show to celebrate cinco de mayo. Feel free to call in with any questions on mexican food or to say happy cinco de mayo or to tell me what you know about cinco de mayo. Call in at 646-716-6458. Enjoy the show. I have a nacho recipe, taco recipe, and burrito recipe in store for you all in the end.
    BTR www.blogtalkradio.com/chefalexcardinale

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    Cooking and Food Origins

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    On this special epsoide I will be discussing the different foods and cookings that are known through out the world. As suggested by a loved one, I will be talking about some of the different recipes from that area and explain their origins. I will be talking about Italy, American, Spain, Southern USA, China. I will be going over the origins of chicken parm and marsala as well for my italian show. Also on this show I will be giving out my delicious baked ziti recipe as well as my spanish rice recipe. Tune in and call with your questions.You can call in at 646-716-6458.