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    the ladies of crypto currency

    in Finance

    Kristina is from Australia and Linda is from New York, Winter to Summer. Listen to the ladies share their knowledge and views on Crypto Currency. They are very excited about Global Coin Reserve.

    You are in the company of millionaires

    You are in the company of millionaire

    Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock announced on the 1st day of accepting Bitcoin that they saw 130,000 in sales.


    Bernie Han, COO of Dish Network is excited to announce their company will be accepting Bitcoin.


    John Donahoe, CEO of Ebay is going to integrate Bitcoin into PayPal, while


    MasterCard applied for a patent to add Bitcoin to their Global Shopping Cart.


    You cannot ignore the trend.  Did you miss out on Bitcoin?  New York Times, Forbes and CNBC have great articles that will help us understand how important this topic is.  Right at this very second, the largest transfer of wealth in the history of humanity is underway.

  • The NEW Currency Is Here !!!

    in Entrepreneur


    Hear A Reality CALL with Our Friend  John Austin  530-881-1399  Pin  478932  Pre Recorded


    It's A Mining Operation And It Puts A Whole NEW Meaning On THE TERM "Making Money".


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    Patrick Speaks about Global Currency Reset

    in Current Events

    The globe is now in the strangest shift ever known to this civilization. With extraterrestrials at our doorstep and rumors of a huge shift in currency and the wiping out of poverty, everyone is waiting on the edge of their seats. Patrick will cover the latest on the RV and call out the bullshit that is runnning rampant and causing many to lose everything and completely shirk responsibility. If you are holding foriegn currency in hopes of a huge payday, listen to this show.

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    Don't Resort To Manipulation Romans 12:10

    in Christianity

    1.)  How can manipulation become a sin?

    2.) Is what you want worth having if you had to manipulate to get it?

    3.) When we love genuinely what will we do?

  • The Ultimate Currency: Trust with Jayc Ryder

    in Motivation

    How many times have we been encouraged to "trust the process," or to "trust ourselves," or to trust that everything is going to be ok?  Trust is one of those buzz words that always perks the ears of anyone focused on personal development and growth.  Trust really is the ultimate currency!  It is the pathway to everything we desire.  There are several levels of trust and we will be digging in deep to discuss all of them.

    Host, Jessica Nevins is joined by co-host Therese Tucker and their special guest, world-renowned psychic-medium, Jayc Ryder.  After a recent near-death experience, Jayc returned with a deep level of trust and appreciation for loving it all!  Jayc has many stories to share, so you'll want to listen in.  You can learn more about Jayc here: http://jaycryder.com and http://intuitivelifeleaders.com

    And it wouldn't be a true Divine It Girl show without plenty of fun, magic and playfulness, so expect that too!  

    This show is brought to you by our AWESOME mailing list.  If you want all the deets as to what we are working on when we are not on the air, click on the link ---------->  http://www.jessicanevins.com/digradio/  We love to DIG deeper into our topics as well as fun extras we don't have time to share on the air!

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    The Currency Of Life

    in Culture

    Hosted by Amen Re MenetHoupe. The Neter Sesen Book 18 Verses 29-30: Then, having summoned to these regions of ether the souls of every grade, He said to them: " O souls, beautiful children of my breath and of my care, you whom I have produced with my hands, in order to consecrate you to my universe, hear my words as a law:--Quit not the place assigned to you by my will. The abode which awaits you is heaven, with its galaxy of stars and its thrones of virtue. If you attempt any transgressions against my law, I swear by my sacred breath, by that elixir of which I formed you, and by my creative hands, that I will speedily forge for you chains and cast you into punishment

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    Tom McMurrain - The Rise of the Digital Currency Billionaire

    in Entrepreneur

    Tom McMurrain, best selling author of “The 7th Disruption: The Rise of the Digital Currency Billionaire”, does a fantastic job of breaking down the issues and opportunities around Digital Currency, such as Bitcoin.

    An expert and pioneer in the field, Tom explains Digital Currency in a commonsense way and how it is being used in the real world – right now.

    Tom shares how simple it is to get started setting up an e-wallet account, buying a percentage of a bitcoin and making a purchase anywhere in the world where many businesses accept bitcoins in person and online.

    All this is done without paying any fees, such as the PayPal and bank fees we’re all familiar with.

    Major companies and players in the financial world are invested in Digital Currency. It’s here to stay and it’s turning the banking and financial industries upside down.

    As Tom says, the smart money is in Digital Currency – and we should be too.

    To learn more:


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    How to address Manipulation and Control

    in Motivation



    Many of us have encountered people who are controlling. In this episode I hope to uncover some of the dynamics and how to address them in a healthy manner.

    Meet us here (646-716-5171) Wednesday, November 25th at 10pm.

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    TPC STAN Reserve Currency Change

    in The Bible

    Are you ready for the coming reserve currency change away from the dollar? When it comes, it will change the lifestyle of America dramatically. Stan discusses this soon coming change, and possible timing.

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    in Religion

    When we look closely at human decisions and human behavior, we can easily see that what counts in human life is not who is right, but who is winning. Those who possess power in the form of wealth, property, and weaponry are those who decide what truths will be trumpeted around the world and what truths will be ridiculed, silenced, or suppressed.

    IN THIS WORLD OR WHIRL, those that win are those that manipulate! The mass media of the world generate an unending glut of messages that continually sacrifice truth to “spin.” When we reach beneath the surface of things, we find a world in which the word ‘communication’ and the word ‘manipulation’ collapse into virtual synonyms. 



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    8 Signs of Relationship Manipulation pt. 2

    in Romance


    Get ready for part 2 of this great topic.  Are you giving in to what he/she wants out of feelings of guilt or because they have made you feel responsible for the way they feel? Have you given up what YOU want because they’ve made you believe that you should want something else? If you have answered “yes” to any of those questions, you might want to reconsider the relationship.  All they are doing is taking advantage and Manipulating you.


    Join me,  Zeke Bolden, Life, Relationship and Spiritual Coach for another episode of Truthful Tuesday