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    Is Cupid going to bring you true love?

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    Is the Roman God of Love giving you the right aim? Or does the Greek God of love have the authentic aim?

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    "The Dark Side of Cupid" author Eve Lorgen

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    Make sure you hear this one!  Lavandar gives two thumbs up to this masterful author.  Eve Lorgen, author of “The Love Bite: Alien Interference of Human Love Relationships, and “The Dark Side of Cupid: Love Affairs, the Supernatural and Energy Vampirism"  is a 20 plus year researcher and hypnotherapist in anomalous trauma. This spectrum includes alien/ET encounters, paranormal experiences, milabs, and other dimensional visitations. The focus of her two books reveal taboo aspects of how love relationships have been orchestrated, interfered with or disrupted by paranormal sources.  Eve also holds a B.S. in Biochemistry, as well as a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. Her scientific and intuitive skills have contributed to her success in understanding these otherworldly experiences. While research is important, her priority is in support, healing and empowered sovereignty for her clients.  Her inspiration into the anomalous started early in life with her own paranormal experiences, and also through the work of the late Dr. Karla Turner and the UFO and alien abduction researcher, Barbara Bartholic.  Check out her website: http://evelorgen.com

    Announcing the next Starseed Crystal Quest to Arkansas, May 10-16, 2015!
    Email crystals (at) starseedhotline.com for more details.

    Joyous Holidays from all of us! Lavandar, Arielle, Anastasia, Tammie, Fiona, Vania and Klaudija.  Let there be peace on Earth.

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    The ABC's of Finding Love

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    Barb Geisel, founder of Come On Cupid is a Dating Strategist who discovered through trial and error just how hard it can be to find a quality man at this stage in her life.  She has a lifetime of successful sales experience and realized her success came from creating very specific strategies for every product or service she ever sold.

    Being single and looking for her dream man on dating sites, one day she had an A-Ha! moment and realized that in order to successfully find the best men for her, she needed to turn dating into very specific strategies as well.  Now she helps other professional women over 40 to save time, frustration and heartache, and find the man of their dreams by and using her proven strategies.

    Barb can be contacted at http://www.ComeOnCupid.com

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    The Myth of Eros and Pysche with Judith Levy

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    Full Show notes:http://www.sacredearthpartners.com/passion-diva-radio/pdr-54/

    Show Topic: The Myth of Eros and Pysche. Finding, Building and and Keeping Love with Judith Levy

    Even though you are a very successful business owner or professional, have you had challenges with finding love? 
    Do you find yourself repeating the same mistakes over and over in relationships? 
    Do you want to get really clear about what they want and how to make it happen? 
    Do you want to learn how to build the relationship will last and bring happiness and fulfilment. 

    About Judith
    Judith Levy is Relationship Coach and Astrologer. She works with her husband, Howard using their experience and astrological knowledge to help their clients gain insight into their love lives and to change and transform their patterns.  Whether they are single and looking for a soulmate or in a relationship and looking to gain more understanding of themselves and their partner. They help them to find a deeper connection and more fulfilment.  They work with individual clients and by running group workshops and webinars both in our beautiful, rural retreat in Somerset, England and also through Facebook and online at Erosandpsyche.com

  • DaEmporessSpeaks.....EROS LOVE....

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    OT Show interveiw Cupid and actor Drew Stephenson

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    Actor Drew Stephenson has been attracted to the arts since a young age. Now you can catch Drew on shows like Vampire Diaries. Cupid is a R&B singer born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana. He released four albums and his biggest hit is the single "Cupid Shuffle"

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    Episode #7: the encouragement of light against being

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    Comrades, Lovers, Friends and Kin;


    Tune into episode #7, this Thursday, March 19 at 7pm. We're racing towards vernal equinox with a new moon and a solar eclipse for this part of the world to boot. Time to get all our generative, new life processes in order. Time to choose ease and love over struggle and separation. Go, team.


    This month, we're thinking about the incredible challenges that love energy presents. Are we ready for it? I mean, really ready? When love comes to town, it's easy to catch that train, but when love comes with vulnerability, pain, history and fear of loss, how do we dance with that? How do we dance with an idea/emotion/sensation we can barely hold? Spring in the Republic is all about Holy Insecurity; kind and curious, gentle and waiting. We're exploring all the forms of love that MLK taught makes us whole: Eros, Agape, Philia.


    Listen in for:


    - a conversation with artist, curator, thinker, speaker, writer – David Garneau about his latest project, Moving Forward, Never Forgetting, at the MacKenzie Art Gallery in Regina. Co-curated with Michelle LaVallee, the exhibition features creative strategies for decolonizing the museum with a deep and long-term perspective.

    - from the Archive – literally! In a recent treasure trove adventure at Toronto's Reference Library, your inquisitive host found 2 audio cassettes with stories by Marie Gaudet, translated from Ojibway by her mother, Rose Logan. Labelled “Equity and Women's Services Library”, I snatched them immediately. We'll hear Marie's story: Moo Iisikaag! (nii-psikaag)/The Cow is Going to Bump Into Me.

    - music from Priestess Holly Taya, Emperor Marcel Khalife and more

    - text from Rabbi Dennis S. Ross (with a nod to Martin Buber) and 15th century mystic Indian poetess, Mirabai

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    Multiple Sex ~ Your Ultimate Love Story!

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    "It's time we introduced the six varieties of Greek love into our everyday way of speaking and thinking." Eros, Philia, Ludus, Agape, Pragma and Philautia! "The Diverse Greek system of loves can also provide consolation. By mapping out the extent to which all six loves are present in your life, you might discover you've got a lot more love than you had ever imagined---even if you feel an absence of a physical lover." Join Rev. Goddess and explore your ultimate love story in the way you have expressed love in your life and in the way you have allowed others to treat you! NOW, learning about EROS and the many styles of MULTIPLE SEX, you can choose to enhance, rewrite, remove or evolve your story! Rev. Goddess will guide all listeners through a release ritual and calling in LOVE ritual! Goddess Blessings 



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    Interview R&B Artist Case and Cupid

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    Friday @ 7:15pm est I will be interviewing 90's R&B sensation @Case_Music . He is back with a new song,"Shook Up.  We will be interviewing R&B singer Cupid 

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    Toady's topic is social networks becoming the new form of cheating

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    Aaron Bebo is the of the critically acclaimed title Change For A Dollar. His debut. Aaron is a look into the urban terrain in a profound presentation of words. He spins tales so vividly that the reader is almost compelled to believe they are actually participating in every dialogue and location. His debut novel highlights the theme of transition. 
    Bebo delivers the story in fine fashion with his detailed wit, and slick character dialogue. Her uses his uncanny view of the urban structure, and the conditions of the people that live there, to draw out a vivid tale. His is able to translate into words a broader spectrum of the ominous shadows that seemed to be an ever present force in the urban structure where he grew up. 
    Aaron has also ghostwritten two novels outside the street fiction genre that have been published. One being a Non-fiction title on Cancer. He has also lent his time speaking to youths in the South Florida school system as well as juvenile detention centers. 
    Aaron is the author of Rat Hunters, Cupid’s Assassin, Bunches of Love, Author Wives; and the Long Story Short Series a collective of short stories which includes the titles; Accidental Nut, Area’s Grey, On The Green, Mischievous. Bebo has also published works under the name Sadie Morris and Unique Styles.
    Aaron recently signed with the publishing house G Street Chronicles. Bebo’s G Street Chronicles debut I Used To Love Her, was followed up by Til My Casket Drops. In April 2014. Most recently Bebo released The Last Don. Death To The Squad also under G Street Chronicles.
    Aaron Bebo currently resides in South Florida where he continues to write and connect with the people as a means of promoting literacy. You can connect with this autho@

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    ArrowTalk Podcast - Episode 63 - S3 Ep 17 SUICIDAL TENDENCIES

    in Television

    It’s celebration time as Diggle (David Ramsey) and Lyla (guest star Audrey Marie Anderson) get married. However, Deadshot (guest star Michael Rowe) interrupts their honeymoon and tells them the Suicide Squad has been given a new mission – rescue United States Senator Joseph Cray (guest star Steven Culp) from a hostage situation in the Republic of Kasnia. Amanda Waller (guest star Cynthia Addai-Robinson) breaks down the mission and introduces them to the newest member of the Suicide Squad, Cupid (guest star Amy Gumenick). Meanwhile, Oliver (Stephen Amell) learns about Ray’s new Atom costume and the two have a heated stand-off. Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and Ray hit a rough patch. Jesse Warn directed the episode written by Keto Shimizu (#317).


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