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    When cupid goes wrong

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    Make sure you tune in to Underworldradio today  Ace Jay and host Hot boy Ronny as they discuss relationship problems and other stuff also exclusive music spinned by :Dj Twizzy Picasso on Underworldradio Today january ,16, 2016 5:00 pm est 4:00 pm Central time .You can sign up as a listener or call in to listen live 657 -383-1791

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    From Darkness to Light:Tainted Love Valentine's Day Exposed.

    in Religion

    Love is in the air – or is it? For countless men and women in relationships, Valentine’s Day is one of the most important days of the year. Flowers, Chocolates and Romantic Gift Cards are the order of the day. On average, Americans spend 14 Billion dollars annually on Valentine’s Day making it one of the top grossing of all so-called holidays. But hidden beneath the fragrance of roses – the sweetness of chocolate and cleverly crafted words on greeting cards is an ancient pagan evil that has survived till this day. Like so many customs of this age, Valentine’s Day shares the same pagan origins of Christmas, Easter and many others. In a world where Fornication is called a Relationship, Lust is called love and Lewdness is called Romance, it is easy to understand why this day is so prominent in our society. But those who understand the true Biblical meaning of Love will be able to break through the veil of lies and establish true relationships based on the teachings of Jesus Christ!  Join us today for another installment of “From Darkness to Light” as we expose the Tainted Love that is Valentine’s Day.

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    Essential oils for lovers

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     Hi angels, Today Donna will share with us the essential oils  for lovers.                              

    The show starts at 3 pm.   The call in number is. 760 890 7143.

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    Love Burns...with Charity Trueheart and Gwendolyn Lovequest

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    They're plucking Cupid's heartstrings...Love Burns style...tonight...9 central, 10 eastern...Live...your Valentines Day pre-emptive strike...love it or hate it...Charity and Gwendolyn are tackling the honorary holiday of love...one letter at a time. This week, they have a special guest...the queen of romance and suspense...author Nancy Naigle. No script...no net...flying alongside Cupid...minus the wings..

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    5 Money Saving Ideas for Shopping for your Valentine

    in Finance

    For today's MoneySmarts4u show, host Barbie O'Connor, shares with you the 5 ways to save money when shopping for your Valentine.  Learn what you need to know about buying flowers, your Valentine's dinner, whether diamonds are a girl's best friend, shopping before you buy before you pop the question, and other thoughts about unique and different ways to approach Cupid's special day. 

    For more MoneySmarts4u, buy the book on Amazon.  Subscribe to the show.  Like us on Facebook.  Listen in on Itunes.  Email any questions to barbie@moneysmarts4u.com.  Check out the website, www.moneysmarts4u.com. 


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    Freudian Stories: Sex and Aggression; Eros and Thanatos; Id, Ego, and Superego

    in Psychology

    While Psychoanalysis has evolved in many directions since being founded by Sigmund Freud, his theories, if understood metaphorically, are capable of shedding light on much human misery and our often failed attempts to find peace and happiness. Freud's thinking moved in several directions at once. First was his clinical theory which concentrated on the individual and the treatment of mental ills and suffering. Second were his speculations on society, human history and social organization.  Freuds ideas contained in the notions of conscious and unconscious processes, conflict, Id, Ego and Superego, Sex and Aggression and his notion of Eros and Thanatos which emerged from his experiences in World War One can all be starting points in figuring where we are and where we are going as individuals and members of society. Finally, his concept of mental health in terms of the balance between work, love and play are well worth understanding.

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    The Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine Do the Nasty!

    in Spirituality

    Join Rev. Goddess for a clear message on being the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine that you truly are! How we can and need to bring back our original merge of Oneness with the union/marriage of the Creative Principle of All Life as US to continue to evolve and save our blessed lives here on Earth! How this union is most powerful thorugh our sexual encounters and how we can remove the abuse and violence of our sexual past with this newly awakened realization that was once how we lived. Join the discussion. Learn to Love at a new Level and be nasty with your Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine Selves for the Spirituality of All! And So It Is......Goddess Blessings 

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    "Shape Up Your Love Life"- JUST THE TWO OF US on KLJN 107.7 w/ Katherine Brooks

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    Daniel Amis is a LOVE COACH and a MATCH MAKER who lives in the BIG APPLE, New York City!  Daniel and Katherine Brooks will explore the DO's and DONT'S when in a relationship! Daniel will also share valuable information about his healing group exclusively for women. 

    K L J N 107.7


    HOST: Katherine Brooks

    SPECIAL GUEST: Daniel Amis 


    LL Cool J—I Need Love

    Shalamar--Second Time Around

    Sam Cooke -  Cupid


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    Left of Str8 Show, January 19, Comedian Greg Scarnici & Actor Matt Wall

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to the "Left of Str8 Show," a fun talk show with celebrity interviews for our friends in the LGBT Community and all of our Straight Allies.  Join your host Scott Fullerton, as we talk about the week's current events, and have some great fun interviews with celebrities from the worlds of Entertainment, Foodies, and Books.

    Our first guest today is the very handsome and funny comedian, who is also a singer, author, and a producer at Saturday Night Live on NBC, Greg Scarnici.  We'll be talking about his great book of stories, "I Hope My Mother Doesn't Read This," his early life growing up in NY, and his current projects.

    My second guest is the very cute actor and "Finding Cupid," radio show co-host, Matt Wall.  He'll be talking about all the love advice his show is about and as we are getting closer to Valentines Day, is in full beast mode about, and his move to Los Angeles from Utah, to pursue his dream of acting.

    Be sure to join us in the chat room and call-in if you wish to speak to our guests.  Please click on the FOLLOW button to get updates of all of our new shows in the future.  The "Left of Str8 Show" is Live here on Blog Talk Radio, every Tuesday from 2-4pm PST / 5-7pm EST, and I have a second show every Monday at www.ubnradio.com from 3-4pm PST / 6-7pm EST, as well.

    The show is always looking for new sponsors and advertisers, so if you have a product or event you would like us to promote, please email us at info@leftofstr8.com 

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    What does Unconditional Love mean to you? Part 1

    in Christianity

    Getting an understanding of the different kind of names for Love, Agape; is an unconditional love that we all should have for one another, this is the love that Jesus displayed when He laid down his life for his friends, although He was betrayed by one of them. He still loved him enough to lay down his life for him. Philia; is an affectionate regard, friendship, usually between two equals such as girlfriends and two men as friends. Then we have Storge; which is love and affection shown especially between parents and children, it's a natural empathy. Eros; this is the love that a man and a woman share for one another stemming from feelings of erotic desire, sexual passion, emotional attractions etc. Out of all of these different types of Love there is but One that is True and should (will) last through the test of times, this love we all have an innate ability to transcend above all the rest from one to another. This loveL I'm speaking about is Agape Love! Find it inside of you, and embrace it never let it go!

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    Cosmic Contact with Pam and Deborah Stelfox Spiritual Love Guru/Numerologist

    in Spirituality

    elcome Everyone to the Cosmic Contacts Show with Pam. Valentine's Day is right around the corner and with love in the air we have Seattle's very own spiritual love guru, Deborah Stelfox. Deborah is the owner of Divine Matchmaker, a boutique matchmaking company that specializes in working with spiritual progressives. Not only does she love bringing people together for love but she is a great relationship coach and just happens to be a professional numerologist. So if you would like insightful and wise counsel on your love emergencies and challenges, or fancy the idea of a quickie numerology reading on yourself, or a compatibility on your relationship, please give us a call and join the fun with a real live cupid! If you have a question you must call 347-838-9142, Annie the Moderator will get you in. Deborah's contact info:stelritz@foxinternet.net 425-788-8187