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    Healthy Matters: The Radio show-Whole foods

    in Health

    We hear the term whole foods a lot these days but, what are whole foods? Moreover, if foods are not whole what are they? Join myself Dennis Jefferson and my co hosts 'The Ever knowledgeable' Verna Hair Brown and the lovely Dana Pitts as we discuss whole foods and how foods affect your health.
    Join us each and every Monday @ 8:00 central time. Bring a pen, a pad & a friend and, start your week with... A Healthy Matter.

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    Fighting the Tyranny

    in Current Events

    Fighting the Tyranny is a show that is rough in design and deep in research. While globalism and the New World Order are always discussed, we break apart the individual fights and drive the research home. Chemtrails? G.M.O.'s? Forced Vaccinations? Undeclared wars? The Fed? Yes, we cover all them and more. False falgs aren't off limits. Want to talk about Gulf of Tonkin? what about the Boston Bombing? Got comments on Sandy Hook, Waco with David Koresh, Ruby Ridge, J.F.K., or even the mother load of all false flags, 9/11? Join in the broadcast and we will discuss all of them. 

         Fighting the Tyranny often has guest and has been blessed to move to the new network, Christian Patriots Network. Looking forward to some exciting news coming in the very near future. The show starts at 6:00 pm central or 7:00 eastern and has been expanded from one to two hours. Same night as always. Every Wednesday only on Christian Patriots Network. Look forward to spending time with you and taking your calls at a place I like to call the virtual round table. 

         Pass around the show information and as always, thank you for your continued support and look forwad to hearing from you. If you would like to be a guest on the show please contact me at fightingthetyranny@chrisitanpatriots.org. Also, please contact me with show ideas or comments or concerns. Participation is key at passing around the much needed, and often never reported news.

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    Wild Horse & Burro Radio: The culling of the Canadian wild horses

    in Current Events

    Hosted by Debbie Coffey, V.P Wild Horse Freedom Federation

    Tonight, our guest will be Gail Fagan, spokesperson for Help Alberta's Wildies (HAW), a group of concerned Canadians who have been fighting to save the remaining wild horses, called "wildies," in Alberta, Canada.  The Alberta government's Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) is their equivalent of our Bureau of Land Management.

    This group was founded by Darrell Glover, who flew over the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains and took aerial photos.  He was shocked at the loss of foals and yearlings he saw, yet last year, the Alberta government was going to capture and send to slaughter approximately 200 horses.  Glover exposed the lack of credible data by the ESRD.  The response from the public was amazing.  People volunteered, protested, camped out in -30 C weather, brought trailers full of hay, took bales on snowmobiles to the starving horses to draw them away from the traps. 5 people were arrested.  But in the end, only about 15 horses were taken.

    Find out why things are so different this year, as another cull is currently taking place.  Could this happen here?

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    KFYB Episode 163

    in Politics Progressive

    It's not midnight, it's almost midnight, sometimes I just like to go outside and look up at the moonlit sky and imagine what life would be if the stars aligned properly and the honey dew camp would open up and allow the pineapple crew to set up shop, thus allowing the 4th son of Mr. Peanut to rise from his long slumber and take his place as King and lord of the 8th circle of K where the rats eat the corpses of the old God's so that they can gain their knowledge, but it will never work, the rats are doomed to repeat the same circle until the beginning of the days of the empty turtle shell, what does that mean though to the Fish of the sea who only seek dominion amongst their own, they don't want to leave their world but their world is leaving them, what will happen when the peanut butter car runs out of gas and the long lost son of a long dead despot can not reach his destination thus further pushing back the destined time of the ordained, what will happen when you crawl but can't swim and the Sharks begin to move towards you, they smell blood, but you're blind and you have no arms, what will happen when you only sink down to the bottom and you're left with a circle of surrounding you, will the red dragon that lives under the moon's crator return to earth to begin the culling of the weak?  Maybe the mushrooms are ready, who knows, my jacket was black but time has made it grey, it's just as warm as the first day I put it on, but it's color has faded into grey, will the fresh juice made from the blood of the citrus Queen heal what time has done or are we all destined to walk a spiral staircase that leads into ??

  • The Awakening Liberty Show with Sean Caron

    in Current Events

    This week author Jeff Michael Thomas Hays joins me for a discussion of his book Rise of the New World Order, The Culling of Man! You can download his book for free at samaritansentinel.com

    Secret Societies, The Federal Reserve, 9/11, False Flags, and much more all from a Christian Perspective! Open Phone lines 646-668-8952 so join us!




    The Awakening Liberty Show is a hard hitting program focused of truth, freedom and liberty from a Christian perspective. Join Sean every Saturday night at 6 pm pacific time to explore world events. The show includes commentary, news and analysis of the New World Oder Globalist agenda and how it relates to biblical prophecy. 

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    Becoming a Cosmic Citizen - Guest Kimberly Braun - Meditation and Consciousness

    in Spirituality

    Kimberly Braun is an expert at meditation and a master of consciousness. She describes herself as: Explorer. Contemplative. Entrepreneur. Aries. Lover. Friend. Learner. Teacher. Guide. Guided.

    From a very young age, Kimberly found herself having moments she called unitive experiences. Time seemed to stop and veils seemed to pull back where the deeper essence of the moment came forward within and around her. These experiences happened in ritual, family, school, and especially nature. These occurrences inspired her and motivated her to ask deeper questions, finding that all our happiness and success is within us, we just have to discover it and surrender to it unconditionally and proactively.

    The first large surrender was to immerse herself in silence in a monastery, where she lived ten and a half years as a Carmelite nun. Later she obtained her Masters in Theology, concentrating on spiritual direction and psycho-spiritual development. Her hope was to share the Divine within… nurturing skills to hear the language of the heart.

    After three years on a ministry team, she plunged into the world as a woman, a spiritual guide whose lineage was the common essence of all people and all creation; independent of, yet bowing to all, traditions, faiths and practices, culling forth what can be shared with all.

    She studied with Rev. Laura Thornberry developing psychic and spiritual skills, culminating in ordination with the Church of the Creator; and also studying Reiki through the Diane Stein school, completing level 3 Reiki Master training.

    Now, she seeks expression writing books, offering keynote speeches to inspire all to experience their own inner Essence, teaching Essence Meditation class, and a large host of retreats and workshops.

    Call 646-478-3085 to listen, and press 1 to speak with our guest.

    Join Sierra and Don in Egypt in October. GalacticU.com/sacredjourneys.html

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    Was There a Palladian-Luciferian Sex Cult? (re-broadcast)

    in Radio

    The Hermetic Hour, with host Poke Runyon, will present a lively discussion of the great anti-Masonic hoax of the late 19th century, the "Order of the Palladium," allegedly founded by General Albert Pike, 33rd, and conferred, through secret sex magick rites, by the mysterious beauty Diana Vaughan. This French-based tabloid serial was the creation of a self-admitted journalistic "prankster" Leo Taxil, aided by his attractive female secretary Diana Vaughan, and a certain "Dr. Bataille". Working together they concocted the fantastic memories of the high priestess of an international luciferian masonic sex magick cult which sought to secretly initiate the leaders of the Western World in a demonic conspiracy. The repentant Diana Vaughan was said to have converted to Roman Catholicism and to be hiding somewhere in a undisclosed convent. When the Pope asked Taxil if he could visit her and bestow his blessing, Taxil knew that the jig was up. He called a press conference and made an outrageous public confession of the whole affair. The transcript of his confession -- complete with laughter and insults -- has been translated into English and would make a hilarious one-man stage show. Up until recently many anti-masonic conspiracy buffs still believed the Palladians were the real deal (David Icke still does) and there is even a Palladian Skull and Bones chapter at the University of Arkansas. We have a special connection to this mad adventure through our late senior adviser Louis T. Culling, who claimed to be "the Last Palladian." So, tune in and we'll unveil the secrets of the Palladians.

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    Flesh Wound Radio - Episode 24: News & Reviews - 5/14/15

    in Film

    Tune into Horror Society presents Flesh Wound Radio w/Todd Loya and Daniel Schein Thursday 5/14 at 9:30 pm eastern. On this episode we cover Arnold Schwarzenegger's new zombie film Maggie, in which he plays a loving father who sticks by his infected daughter as the plague ravages the nation. Also we break down the new supernatural slasher flick The Drownsman.  We will have reviews for Arrow's Blu Ray release of  Walerian Borowczyk's Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll & Miss Osbourne, as well as The Culling. All that plus Horror Hot Topics and all the scoop coming out of Philadelphia Wizard World Comicon. Don't miss it Flesh Wound Freaks and be sure to download us and the rest of the Horror Society family on iTunes as well.

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    in Current Events

    A hard hitting program focused on Truth and Liberty. The show includes news and commentary on the New World Order Agenda and the Global takeover by Central Banks. It also explores ways that WE the resistance can effect change in these Dark Times. The show will also look at historic events that perpetuated the rise of the New World Order, who is involved and what their agenda is! Join us LIVE and be sure to check out the Freedomizerradio chat room!!!

    This week on the show we will be joined by Jeff Micha-el Thomas Hays author of the book "Rise Of The New World Order The Culling Of Man"! This is the most important book I have read in the last 10 years. A thorough, well researched and informative book. It documnets the tyrannical plans the world is facing by the upper echelon of the Elite! A Complete look at the history of the Occult, and the dawn of the Great Plan aka The New World Order! Don't miss this special 3 hour show and call in for a chance to get a free signed papaerback copy of the book!! 


    Join Sean for an enlightening evening!

    Call in at 347-324-3704 or Listen Live or join us in the chat room!!

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    TRUTH SERUM with Lone Wolf

    in Current Events

    Tonight’s topics:
    Black Cops, black C.O.s, day straw bosses. “Why blacks who work for the system are in many cases worse than whites.”
    The systematic “Culling” of black men continues. “Freddie Gray dies of his injuries inflicted by PIGS.”
    “Enemy Forces” “adversaries.” Document’s reveal covert war on blacks.
    Love and embrace the Caucasoid and slay their own. The worldwide KNEE-GROWISM. “Rash of black on black killings in South Africa.”
    The difference a headline makes. “The American media’s complicity with American foreign policy agenda.”
    The fallacies of the “New Black.”
    The white man: “The bain of planet earth’s existence.”

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    Jack Parsons - Rocket Scientist and Magus (re-broadcast)

    in Radio

    The Hermetic Hour for Thursday with host Poke Runyon, will present a discussion on the life and times of America's most famous and notorious ceremonial magician John (Marvel) Whiteside Parsons. You don't have to be "a rocket scientist" to understand the secrets of magick -- but Jack Parsons actually was a rocket scientist, and he not only established the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA's JPL) in Pasadena, but also ran the Agape Lodge of the O.T.O. from a mansion on Orange Grove that members called "The Ghastly Gables." Parsons has a lunar crater named after him -- on the dark side, of course. We will trace Jack's fantastic career from the depression years through WW II, and the the post war era. Our references will be John Carter's (Warlord of Mars?) book "Sex and Rockets" (1999), our own conversations with Lou Culling and Cameron Parsons, our own 1976 Seventh Ray publication of Parson's "Freedom is a Two-Edged Sword." We'll discuss the "Babalon Working," and the Cal Tech drama department's recent stage play "Pasadena Babalon." Launch time: 8:00 p.m. Thursday -- five, four, three, two, one...Blast Off ! (Io Pan !)