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    Local Culinary Events Showcase

    in Dining

    During this live-on air show, the focus will be to identify, discribe and promote Taste HistoryCulinaryTours that Veronica has been invited to attend.  Other topics will also be discussed.

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    The Instruction Manual For The Human Mind and Soul

    in Lifestyle

    I would like to welcome Rene Hamilton (aka) Power of The Soul to our show! Rene will be speaking with us on the instruction manual for the human mind and Soul. He will be explaining exactly how the matrix we are living in operates. Lastly he will share with us what is currently happening to Earth/Humanity and all of Creation! Did you know there was an instruction manual for the human mind and soul? Do you know what the matrix is and how it operates? Have you been feeling different? Have things happened in your life that you don't understand why? Well then you won't want to miss this show! Tune in to www.blogtalkradio.com/conscioustalkradio to listen in or you can call (347) 850-8423 to listen in as well.

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    New Orleans Flavor: What Makes The French Quarter So Special

    in Food

    New Orleans Flavor: How Creole/Cajun Cooking inspired a nation.What is it about New Orleans food that makes people fall in love?  Some of the best food in the world comes from New Orleans and the French Quarter.  We'll spend an hour today exploring The French Quarter's food, people, history, culture, jazz, pizazz and love.

    My heart is in Nola. I'm a die-hard-Saints fan, rain or shine, I talk about that city like I've lived there my whole life. Whenever I have ever walked down the streets in the French Quarter it felt like I was home. Even as a tourist I never got lost. It just seemed like I knew where everything was and I automatically knew where not to go. I never could explain that and that's the only city that has ever done that to me. If I had an opportunity to work and live in the French Quarter, I believe I would do everything in my power to make it happen. It's the food, the people, the architecture, the soul of the French Quarter that draws me in.  People have said they were eaten alive there.  New Orleans never chewed me up and spit me out. I felt embraced and comforted. I felt like I belonged there. It felt like home.

  • Understanding the Paleo Diet

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    On this episode, we will break down the current dietary specs of Paleo.  There is a lot of information about the Paleo Diet.  What is it, how does it work? Is it dangerous?  Is it healthy?  What can you eat?  You must you avoid?  It is possible to stay on the paleo diet while dining out?  We will explore these questions and more on this Episode of The Culinary Show with VLO.

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    Commissioned by Submission with Principal of Instruction Teresa Sayles

    in Christianity

    Commissioned by Submission welcomes Akron Digital Academy Principal of Instruction Teresa Sayles. 

    Teresa Sayles is a dynamic school leader who currently serves as principal of instruction at Akron Digital Academy in Akron, Ohio. Before arriving at ADA, Sayles served as the Founding Principal of Canton College Preparatory School, a member of the I CAN SCHOOLS Network. In the first year of operation the school achieved the highest rating of any school in the county with a 92% Passing Rate on Third Grade Ohio Achievement Assessment in Reading. Sayles believes in telling stories that shape school culture so she took advantage of countless opportunities to communicate the victories.

    A consummate leader, Sayles established academic and social tone as Founding Principal at I CAN; facilitated numerous community celebrations throughout the school year, engaged stakeholders by conducting regular school tours, and obtained feedback from surveys that were essential for monitoring mission effectiveness. 

    She has over 15 years of experience managing academic programs. Sayls is an advocate for implementing continuous improvement initiatives focused on raising academic levels of students, enhancing educators teaching skills, and encouraging community involvement. She is a visionary leader and collaborator who facilitates open communication with colleagues, students, stakeholders, and community members.


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    Thinking Outside of the Box and Making Your Food From Scratch

    in Dining

    The benefits of getting away from prepackaged food.  What is GMO, how are preservatives harmful and what the heck are we eating now days!?

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    Finding Flavor; Cultural Spices in Ethnic Cooking

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    How are herbs and Spices determined when creating an ethnic flavored recipe.  Where do some of these spices come from?  What are the flavor profiles associated with certain Ethnic and Cultural foods?  Thinking outside of the box, what YOU create using self designed recipes.

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    YouTube Cooking Channels: Real Talent or Chef Wanna-Be's?

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    YouTube is inundated with home cooks showing off their cooking skills and recipes.  Is this simply entertainment of bored housewives or are these real Chefs with real talent?  Does anyone ever try to make their recipes? Special guest host will be joining us!  Sheila Chadwick is the star of "The Ghetto Cooking Show" which is very popular among YouTube followers.  Other topics may also be discussed.

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    Does Smoking Cigarettes Alter Taste?

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    A discussion on the effects of smoking and how it impacts the taste buds.  How do Chefs who smoke determine that their food has the proper seasoning?  Does food taste different to a smoker?  I invite you to call in and discuss/debate this topic.  Other topics may also be discussed

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    Lisa Ekus - Supporting the careers of Culinary professionals

    in Food

    Join us today as we speak with Lisa Ekus and learn how to get into and flurish in the career of culinary excellence!! Topics include an in depth discussion about the agency and history,  how to break into the industry and how to become the culinary master that you have always wanted.

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    The Food Business School: Changing the World Through Food

    in Health

    Today, we will be talking to William Rosenzweig, Dean and Executive Director of The Food Business School, about what The Food Business School (FBS) is and what aspirations and goals they envision FBS to be. 

    William B. Rosenzweig has spent more than twenty-five years integrating the practices and perspectives of an entrepreneur, venture investor, and educator. He is regarded internationally as an expert in cultivating and transforming impactful ideas into thriving enterprises.

    Will was founding CEO (and Minister of Progress) of The Republic of Tea, an award-winning specialty tea company that is credited with creating the premium tea category in the United States. As an entrepreneur and investor, he has been involved in Odwalla, Stonyfield Farms, Trinity Springs, Winetasting.com and Brand New Brands, a functional food incubator he founded in 2003.

    In November 2014, Will joined forces with The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) to launch The Food Business School (FBS), the CIA’s new center for executive and graduate education. As dean and executive director of The Food Business School, Will is working with industry experts to create specialized programs that enable and empower entrepreneurs to design, deliver, and lead transformative innovations that address the world’s most pressing food challenges—and its greatest business opportunities.


    A little about FBS's mission

    The Food Business School enables and empowers entrepreneurial leaders to design, deliver and lead transformative innovations that address the world’s most pressing food challenges—and its greatest business opportunities